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  • Beverley Johnson on Leviticus 9
    Jesus Christ 's Blood covers all our sins. No longer is animals ' blood necessary.
  • Felecia on Numbers 13
    This is a very powerful faith or not chapter! When you face dilemmas keep faith in God and don 't worry about it trust in God... There is a possibility in Him
  • David on Malachi 3:10
    This is really very simple give God 10 of your income try it and "test Him " to see whether you yourself then receive a blessing. It is all His to begin with if you think about it not yours at all. None of chose where we born, who are parents were, what kind of home we were raised in, or what our physical condition would be. But for the grace of God, we could not have the basic ability to work and earn money. We could face the daily trials of any type of disability or handicap and yet so mnay folks take their health for granted. A tithe means a tenth and was used in reference to money. Time, talents, abilities may be gifts above and beyond but please, if you believe in God, do not steal from Him or withhold your tithe. Beware your adversary and watch diligently for folks who say we are no longer under any obligation to our Creator. "Yea, hath God said.. " were the first words of the serpent in the garden and that has always been the enemy 's main tactic to make us doubt God 's word.
  • William on Philippians 4
    This chapter truly gives me strength to know that I can do all things through Christ.
  • Karon
    Waiting upon the Lord becomes a teaching and training session to learn how to pray and trust in the Lord. Praise the Lord for his teaching time because he is refining me as pure gold at the same time.
  • MockingBird on Psalms 55:17
    This tells me to always be in prayer Of course I cannot be on my knees at all times but I can have a prayerfull attitude toward my Lord God at all times even amongst people and in all else I do. The righteous cry and the Lord hearth and when I am praying in accordance with God 's will He hears me and answers me. The best advice that has ever been given to me for over the years is when a great man of God told me " When you do not know what to do " "Do nothing until you know exactly what to do " This has been of Great deliverance and victory in my life over the years and I will keep doing this till my Lord Jesus returns to pick me up !!!!!! Joy !!!! Joy !!!!
  • Donna on 1 Peter 5:10
    I think of when i was suffering became a single mom, grandma died,best friend died suddenly,lost my job, but then it propelled me to go back to school get my masters degree when i was told i wasn 't college material. I am so happily married now with a terrific job that pays extremely well.
  • Beverley johnson on Leviticus 8
    Leviticus Chapter 8 teaches many things. It teaches that during Moses reign rituals were constant. There were rituals for peace offerings, quilt offerings, sin offerings,burnt offerings,grain offerings. Blood from goats and sheep was shed to accomodate these offerings. Today these rituals are not necessary because Jesus Christ has shed His Blood for the atonement of all sins and blood sacrifices. He has paid the penalty for His chosen people and the Gentiles. it also teaches that Moses was obedient to God when he implemented all the offerings to the Lord. it is also to be noted that blood was used to sanctify the alter. Today prayer has been used for sanctification instead of the shedding of blood. The Lord Jesus has paid for it by His Blood.Thank you Jesus.
  • BARB on John 15
    John is saying that we should love one another because Christ first love us.... And He died for us so we can live abundant life.
  • Patricia Montaque on Psalms 56
    This Scripture Teach Us To Depend An Jesus To Fight For Us On Dont Take Up Di Battle On Our Own But Trust Him
  • Tim George on Zechariah 11:12
    Jesus was sold for thirty pieces of silver, which was the price of a slave, which in the Greek is dolous . Praise GOD the Son of man did not come to be served, but to serve and give His life a ransome for many.
  • Krista on John 16:20
    We walk this earth in sorrow without Christ. Once we find Christ believe we are filled with the holy spirit become full of joy in our hearts.
  • Davikah Bellinger on Matthew 10:41
    God Bless u
  • Ben on John 11
    yes I belive in him and know he will return in Jesus name Amen Brothers and sisters
  • MockingBird on John 11:26
    I believe that Jesus is the Son of God . I live and believe in Jesus the Son of God and know for a fact that He is my Lord and Saviour therefore I shall not die. "I believe. " I Praise God for His salvation that He has given me through Jesus Christ. My body will die but the real man in me will live forever with my heavenly Father and Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Josephine -kenya on Psalms 30:5
    this verse came anight when i came from the doctor and i was abit low but i read the verse and i understood God always ready to help us and there is joy when we wait on Him.no matter the problem joy is for forever
  • Word on Revelation 1
    let us not forget the day of the Lord will last 1000 years with Christ as King in Jerusalem and after the first lets say 30 minutes of hail stones and the cleaning of Jerusalem where antichrist sat Christ will be King of kings and His election will be teaching the christians who believe the religious traditions of men and followed antichrist in ignorance up until the end of that 1000 and Satan is let out a short time to see who will believe his lies and then Judgment.
  • Wayne Barnes on Psalms 22
    This Psalm has sustained me through many difficult events in my life. Recently I have been on a forty eight week Anti Viral treatment Chemo I read this Psalm every day then follow it up with Psalm 23. It helps me stay on the righteous path and to understand God. It is like drinking a refreshing glass of iced water on a blistering hot day! Divine medicine
  • Aura on Psalms 70
    I have faith when i read this psalm !
  • Marcella Norton WIliams-Ashe on Psalms 72
    Oh I read Psalms 71 72 as my devotional almost every morning. Confidence in having Faith and Trust in the Lord that will never allow me to be confused. AMEN
  • Blessed on John 17
  • DC on Psalms 34:18
    G d alone want 's close personal contact with us. This verse reveals this. Often we are sadened by life and knowing He understands and cares is so amazing. He knows our every worry and pain. Knowing that He wants to be with us when no one elsewhere does, gives us hope.... especially as we see him answer our prayers afterword. .. proving we can trust Him. He loves us most. How sweet is that...
  • Blackie on Psalms 103
    The LORD gave me this Psalm during the night andit is amasing that He forgive my sins and heel my body because I belong to HIM vers3
  • TinaH on Hebrews 1
    Jesus is Lord of Lords, Majesty , king of kings to all.
  • Ar on Proverbs 3
    Ferdy O s Proverb Ch 3 remark It s a matter of TRUST and Faith. Have in mind that God s Word is the absolute TRUTH. Old and New Testament are written under the Guidance of the Holy Spirit so, it is YES and AMEN In Isaiah chapter 55 it says For my thoughts are not your thoughts neither are your ways my ways, for as the Heavens are higher than earth so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts Many times in our lives we do things without even considering to ask the Lord if He agrees or not with our plans. Then we get a negative result and we wonder why. Specially when we are going through a difficult period of time, we have to bring our problem to the Lord and wait for His Guidance. That s when we have to Lean on Him with all our heart and trust, and not on our own plan or understanding. When you give your problem to by FAITH to the Lord , He will find the best solution. It will be completely different from your plan and understanding , but if you really Trust and lean on Him , the result will be beyond human understanding. Believe me , these two verses 5 and 6 In Proverbs 3 have helped me through very difficult times
  • Jorge Kachidza on Psalms 23
    The verse really blesses me .Will consider it one of my favorate
  • Blessed on Psalms 37
    The LORD has delivered me wholly.
  • Emmanuel Nwobodo on Psalms 23
    This psalm shows how faithful God is. Being a shepherd means whenever,whatever,wherever, whoever in any situation He is always with. Oh what an assurance.
  • MockingBird on Psalms 37:5
    Commit is to deposit to believe Deposit thy way unto the Lord Trust to have confidence to hope He shall bring it to pass When I commit trust deposit my way unto the Lord I must have His word also Stand God will bring His word to pass. God cannot and will not go against His own word . My God is Great and my God is Good and to be honest that only says it lightly. Through out eternity I will ever be learning of my Lord 's Greatness.
  • Ann on Esther 8
    God indeed prepares a table in front of our enemies. What a mighty God we serve!!!

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