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  • Thomasena on Psalms 48
    I never worry, I never am afraid. I know the 23rd Psalms.and i am a RN that has seen people past into another life while just the day before.the medical staff was worming on me and God delivered me. I know God had control of my autp, because I don 't remember the thirty minute drive to the Emergency Room. But God never left my side. Praises to my God. I am your witness
  • Kristy on Psalms 91
    Over 15 years ago the 91st psalm was introduced to me by my late pastor. He told us to read this scripture every day. Take it in , memorize it and let it in your heart. This Psalm is for protection. When u believe in ur heart that God is able the enemy is a non factor. It states that the Lord will protect u from evil, affliction, danger, that mean ole enemy, etc. Read it study it and take it in its powerful.
  • Patricia Davis on Philippians 4:6
    I want to thank the Lord for all that He is doing for me at this very second. His Word is food for my soul and reading the comments about this verse from all who believe is like the dessert. The sharing of personal tribulations and testimony of staying joyful throughout those times by keeping focused on Him is a testament to the power of His Word in our lives.
  • Dwight Lanfair Sr on Psalms 25
    Well,I cannot quote scriptures,But I do know what God has delivered me from... Thank you Jesus!! I 've been delivered from Drugs and Alcohol...10 years clean amen!...I 've been delivered from bondage of bad relationships... I have been delivered from disloyalty and bad intentions. I walk with God daily and he will keep me safe..I AM A LIVING TESTIMONY,LORD KNOWS I SHOULDA BEEN DEAD AND GONE, BUT JESUS LET ME LIVE ON...AMEN
  • Christian Nwator on Acts 14
    The kingdom of God is not about eating and drinking but persecution,trails and tribulation,but in the midst of all these we must endure with patient humility knowing whom we have trusted,that he is faithful and true.we must desire to preach the word first and the Lord will grant signs and wonders to be wrought trough you.Mark.16 20.Do not look for miraculous power elsewhere to do the work of God,preach his word,worship and praise him and He will confirm his presence with wonders.Don 't give up in the face of adversity for says "I will not leave you or forsake you
  • Diane Taylor on Psalms 91
    I read Psalms 91 for protection before bed for my family n friends. It really makes a difference in my life. Trials n tribulations storms don 't knock me down like they used too...because I trust in the good Lord to see us through.
  • Carmen loraine on Exodus 14
    Jesus in him will I trust now and forever more
  • Moses on 1 Kings 17:1
    I think Elijah spoke fearlessly in authority for God disregarding the king possession he let know that his disregard for God has caused the whole nation to suffer. God wants more men like Elijah and I wish I could be one of them.
  • Kimberly Michelle Lindsey on Jeremiah 17:9
    I trust God...not what I think or feel..
  • Kathleen on Joshua 10
    In response to Charlie Frank 's comment, I am very glad you brought up this comment. When I first read Joshua, I was shocked by the violence of the book until I realized that God did give these tribes the opportunity to turn to Him before He destroyed them. The five tribes here sought to kill Joshua and his people because their neighbors, the gibeonites, turned to God. They attacked for spite of the Gibeonites, not in self defense. All of the tribes whom God slew through Joshua were those who had hardened their hearts against God. They committed the unpardonable sin of Pharaoh hardening their hearts against God, who otherwise would have been merciful. The violence in this book should not make us question God, but fear Him. They should also encourage us, helping us to know that if God is on our sides, nobody can hope to stand against us. God does not wish violence on His people, but He also promised to protect those who turned to Him against their forsworn enemies. And so with the people of Israel under Joshua God protects His chosen, who turn to Him in humility, recognizing their weaknesses and placing all at His feet.
  • Patricia Thomas on Psalms 35
    This is a very powerful psalm,so many people have hurt me badly,Verse 11 15 related to my story.I read this psalm every day Thank God for every blessing
  • Shirley Abram on Psalms 91
    It is so good it strenght my soul.and it help me to go on with life.
  • Henry on Psalms 30:5
    2 Things 1 God is merciful 2 He can change ur circumstance, when you seek Him with ur heart and obey His word.
  • Mody on Psalms 91
    I love my lord he keeps me strong he help me with my problems. I need him to keep me near him. God encourage me and comfort me all the time. He bless my soul, he bless my job I thank you father.
  • Amen jay on Colossians 2:6
    Since we have received Christ as our LORD AND PERSONAL SAVIOUR,meaning we need open all our understanding to follow GOD commandments,in it we will find life favor
  • Jackob Zannah on Psalms 27
    Psalm27,35 91 is the courageous psalms that i love to read, either in battle front,sickness or happiness. when read it i feel extra strength in my body.thank Almighty God His son JESUS CHRIST our saviour.
  • Walt Dickerson on Hebrews 1
    After studying Hebrews now for about 10 weeks I can say it is my favorite book! The writer does a good job of clarifying very well about Jesus identity and purpose to include the major differences between the old covenant and the new covenant. As a new Christian I appreciate knowing much more that is covered by this wonderful book.
  • AUDREY GORE on Psalms 91
    It is written and True If GOD is for you Nothing can be against you and have the Glory!!! "
  • Djala malcolm on Acts 16:25
    Life is Warfare.The Spiritual Armour Against this Warfare is Effectual Fervent Prayer together with Constitent Praises to God
  • Blessed on Psalms 18
  • Miguel on Romans 6
    We are all born sinners, but when a person is sorry for their sins, asks Jesus for forgiveness, and is saved from their sins, we become new creatures. We turn away from sin. When we have Jesus in our lives, we can live a sin free life. The Bible says we are not tempted more than we are able to bear. The person that says you have to sin every day is really saying God is not big enough to keep them from sinning. I am not going to say we won t stumble, but it will be a rare occasion, not a willful daily sin. After salvation, we must stay in our Bible and on our knees. The closer we get to God, the more He will help us. Before a true Christian can sin, God pricks their heart and lets them know they shouldn t do what they are about to do. If you override that prick, you have chosen to sin, and you are telling God to step aside. A person who sins will not go to Heaven. If you believe that after salvation, you cannot lose out with God and go to hell, please repent, and let God lead you in a life of true holiness, a life of peace, and a surety that He can keep us free from sin.
  • Geraldine cole on Psalms 127
    Praise The Lord.
  • Tim George on John 10
    Denominations do not lead you to Jesus. The Cross, and the Empty Tomb, are what leads you to Christ. He is risen just as He said, and is the door to eternal life. All who came before Him, were thieves and robbers. Go to what ever Church that teaches the Word of God, and follow Jesus, and He will lead you by the Holy Spirit to life everlasting.
    I love your website, please keep it up by spreading the word of GOD online. GOD will bless you people in JESUS NAME AMEN.
  • Joan kisakye on Ephesians 5:33
    I thank God for my Husband... I will respect him because it is my role.
  • Dominique Carson on 2 John 1
    I think This Book Is Truly Blessed as all Scriptures are , To the New Testament Christian. Our Salvation is given freely !!Not earned. Living our Lives according to his WORD THE BIBLE . Our Spot In Heaven is waiting. Glory Hallelujah Praise JESUS!!! GOD BLESS you all Brothers Sisters in the Spirit
  • Otis L. Lucas on Isaiah 53
    I was raised and taught that God was a forgiving God. And that God knows all and sees all. Yet because of God 's love for us he gave of his only begotten son in order for us to have ever lasting life. Because of his selfish acts he bore all of our sins and down falls in order for us to have a chance at everlasting life.
  • Pastor vail on Romans 8:18
    Wow this one of my favorite scripture,whatever condition we are in it 's not over yet God has the last Word.
  • Blessed on John 15
  • Bea Roland on Psalms 23
    One of my favorite verse in the Old Testament being that when I was young we had to recite this scripture every Sunday morning before morning worship.

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