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  • Brianna on Mark 12:30
    Mark 12:30-32 is really amazing and simple. It summed up the entire mosaic law In two simple commandments. These are the founding principals of God 's commandments. The law of Christ did. It have tablets in which it was inscribed, but it relied o. It being inscribed in people 's hearts. This was accomplished by using principles such as these.
  • Cynthia on Psalms 4
    I love Psalms 4 it 's a great chapter it lets me know to put my trust in God not man. God will never leave us.
  • This is such a great verse to remind us of the true importance of life. We have the living hope of Jesus to look forward to. We can always be reminded when things are difficult that Jesus is a prize we are guaranteed to receive! What 's done is done, we need to move forward and never live in regret or condemnation or what ifs.
  • Mushah Emmanuel on Matthew 11:28
    I so much love this passage. The bible is making us to understand that Jesus is the only solution to our problems and difficulties in life. Just come to Him just as you are, and He will carry the loads for you. He loves you, no matter how dirty you are and is free.
  • Igweike Raphael on 1 Samuel 30
    vs.21-25 They that went to war and they that tarry behind received equal reward through king David. This is to prove the scripture right that said: "one man planted, another watered it, God makes it to grow. " here David understood that victory comes from the Lord alone and no man should boast in his own power and achievement.
  • Blessed on Psalms 107
    GOD 's mercy endureth forever He greatness is forever before us O let us praise the LORD FOREVER LET US PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME
  • Archana.gowe on Genesis 1
    God creat beautiful things.
  • Audrey jackson on Psalms 27
    Praise the Lord this is such an encouragement just knowing that you have a savior whom you can lean on when the arm of flesh fails when friends are decietful abusive we have the Lord it is not necessary to wish anyone evil because our God reigns Peace abide in our hearts as we lean in His promises daily hourly all the time thank you my His and my King
  • Mark V on 2 Corinthians 13:2
    It says backsliders will be punished! So stay true to your oath you make to the Lord. Yes it takes a lifelong discipline, so keep the faith my brothers and sisters and pray for one another.
  • Kwabena Abukuri on 1 Thessalonians 5:18
    God, has given another day. And I will thank Him for that.
  • Toni on Psalms 16:5
    Psalms 16 vs 5 is very powerful. We should not be Worried about tomorrow because God is our support and stability.
  • Wayfarer on Genesis 1
    Answer to Word 's comment 01 01 2015 10:46 pm The book of Genesis is about the creation, how the earth was formed and how life begun here, its not about rejuvenating, the earth we know now will be perished it will not rejuvenate, because we Christians are waiting for the new earth that comes from God Revelation 21:1 . And you have provided wrong bible verses to support your idea: Isaiah 45: 18 take note the word TO BE INHABITED, meaning no one yet living there when it was created, Proverbs 8:22-31 - it tells about the Wisdom of God its not about the sons of men, verse 31 its not the sons of men rejoicing here, the one rejoicing here is the Wisdom of God Jesus Christ . Job 38:7- it speak about the angels of God, not of the sons of men, please refer to Job 1:6 and Genesis 6:2,4. Revelation 12- the stars here relates to Israel, it does not relate to all inhabitants of the earth. Jeremiah 4: 23 to 27 - it 's about the destruction of the land of Israel, its not about creation, please read from the beginning of chapter 4. What ever we do, the earth we know now is heading to destruction 2Peter 3:10, and will be replace with a new one from God Revelation 21:1 , thanks be to God who given us hope.
  • Enock Ateka on Proverbs 1
    wisdom and the fear of God are two things that compliment each other, to fear God simply means to understand who God is as your creator and redeemer. The knowledge of God which is wisdom.
  • Lyn on Psalms 91
    Yes the lord is King of Kings and lord of lords..I constantly pray that he will have mercy on those who take him for granted and so very thankful to him .Without him we are nothing..
  • Bill on Jonah 3:10
    Eventually, Nineveh felt the powerful judgment of God as proclaimed by the prophet Nahum 150 years later. But three to four generations benefited from this great revival at Jonah s time. We must cry mightily unto God as the people of Nineveh did Jonah 3:8
  • Maria Afangekung on Hebrews 4:12
    This Word is God,which is indwelling in me and at uttering,mountains are leveled,healing,roads opened,goliath defeated.This is my peace.
  • Ineba Ideriah on Colossians 2:14
    Paid in full. Yes, Jesus Christ cleared all our debts and gave us a brand new life.
  • Shirley woods on Psalms 91
    This Scripture keeps me encouraged, even in my hardest days this psalm it eases my pain. Wat else can i say " it just KEEPS me "praise the lord saints, for He is. WoRTHY to be Praised.
  • Creola on Psalms 95
    Thank you Father..Praise your holy name..my soul say yes Lord..can 't thanks and praise you enough...you are my rock..in Jesus name Amen
  • Carole Knight on Psalms 91
    Psalms 91 Psalms 23 Isaiah 54:17 John 3:16 Luke 21:36 Matthew 4:4,7,10. Christians should know by heart.as well as many others so that we can readily affirm our Faith and walk in the strength of Our Lord.
  • Dave Purdle on Proverbs 16
    Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established. Proverbs 16:3...I believe you are referring to this verse. Commit is the Hebrew word galal and means to roll them upon Him, as a burden too heavy to be borne by thyself. Thy works signify all that you have to do. So if you do these things, the Lord will bless you because they are done in His will and perfect plan.
  • Dave Purdle on Proverbs 1
    The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction Proverbs 1:7 . I think we have to define the word "fear " here. It is the Hebrew word yirah, which means reverence or devotion. I would say it is the type of reverence that a child would show to parents. It is not a fear of hell, punishment or wrath. The fear we should have is a starting point of who He is i.e. He is sovereign, holy, etc : This fear is the starting point of wisdom.
  • Andy on Revelation 13
    John 's vision here is proven to be relevant. Go to thethe U.S.Patent and Trademark office website and type in U.S. Patent Search 5,878,155. His warning is very real.
  • Joni G on Romans 6
    Romans 6 is one of the best chapters in the Bible! We are servants of Christ. Righteousness. We are free from sin. We were a slave to sin before we believed and were baptized into Christ 's death. We are free because He paid our debt on the cross and rose again. Hallelujah for evermore! We all should memorize this chapter!
  • Innocent Ufiegbe on 2 Corinthians 8:9
    We have seen known the richness of His mercy that christ 's all sufficient grace obtained unlimited wealth for us His children through His poverty by mingling with mere humans on earth though He had allthings in all sufficiency in heaven.
  • Joni G on Acts 2
    Just looked at Acts 16. Wow! How exciting! The jailer is on duty for the night never dreaming when he went to work, he would hear songs of praise, experience an earthquake, find his prisoners in their cells with unlocked doors, ask how to be saved, then believe and be baptized! What joy he must have felt that night! Now a child of God. Think of the impact he must have had after that. Praise God! The hymns too. I have an eBook of hymns of the first 3 centuries. Words of course . No musical notes. Those were added later!
  • Gary on Ephesians 5
    I have known for a long time the verse of husbands love your wives even as Christ loved the church, that is a large responsibility that should be taken very seriously . As men we are not to lord over our wives but to cherish them and take care of them and their needs.
  • Andrew on Psalms 95:1
    Our creator deserves the highest praise.
  • Opeyemi lawal on 1 Corinthians 13:12
    presently we do not fully understand what we are passing through now,but later we shall fully understand them in the future,when God has completed His work in our lives, we will now have the full understanding revelation of what we have been going through and why we went through them.
  • Evelyn rivera on Acts 16
    God is everywhere and knows everything, And his word is a sword discerning the heart and mind. The Lord is proving himself to be powerful and faithful no matter where we are.

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