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  • Rob on Matthew 5:6
    GOD is amazing. Imagine sitting with Jesus for this sermon and walking away amazed at the truth that the Son of God is with us.
  • Seblewongel Alemu on Psalms 127:6
    I should have to praise the Lord always,because He is my life,my everything.More of that He has given me eternal life by the suffering of His dear Son Jesus Christ. Now i am righteous just as if i have never sinned.Praise the Lord!
  • Frenz on Psalms 34
    Praise our Lord Jesus Christ Almighty! This is the only things God wants from us, whatever happened, whatever circumstances we faced TRUSTING GOD ALWAYS WILL NEVER DESOLATES US! Proverb 3 5 6 Godbless us all
  • Evangelist sophia on Psalms 25:14
    I think the psalm is encouraging us to understand the blessing t of living a righteous life and the duties the reward from righteousness is revealed to those who fear him by his joy in favor and blessing that ungodly men will never know as he keep his covenant God is faithful to his word
  • Leke Enoch on Philippians 3:10
    Knowing him is when u desire, Longeth and thirst to know more abt christ...When u know him, the power of his ressurection will be revealed to humanity...Desire more of HIM today and u will never regret it
  • Sharon on Psalms 91
    I feel closer to God i know with out a shadow of doubt my family and i are under his wing
  • IROULO F. on Psalms 127:19
  • Bankole Moses adaralegbe on Philippians 1:6
    The integrity of whoever is promising you anything matters. God as we all know has never abandoned any of His project before. If He has said it,then it is settled. Your circumstances now is never a factor, because whatever He has started , He will finish it,just trust Him He is going to finish that thing He has started . That dream of a brighter future is coming to past very soon. If He has said, go and relax , just follow His instructions, He will not fail you . You are going to shine again, you are not going to die an unfulfilled fellow IJN .
  • Mai Davis on Genesis 3
    I am just amazed that the bible is on the internet. How great to be able to go to this and possibly really get the meaning of each chapter. It sure would be good for a Sunday School teacher. So proud to know my computer is really good for another reason. Thank you for this opportunity.
  • Beverley Duncan on Job 10
    I feel for job, nothing that I 've endured in my life thus far can compare to what this man went through. Although he new God and understood what his purpose was, it wasn 't an easy thing to suffer the way he did, he was still very humble thankful to his father above, what he suffered , only made him want die, I don 't think any of us today could have endured what bro. Job did, after all he was only human , I know I 've been in situations, where I was ready to give up the ghost, even though it was nothing like Job 's. God knew what he was doing with Job and in Job, and he came out the better for it, my prayer today is that I would be so fortunate to have a quarter of Job 's faith. Lord I thank you for these lessons, that we you 're children can apply them to our lives today, in Jesus name, amen.
  • MEEK on Psalms 127
    My favorite scripture in the bible!
  • James Merritt on 2 Corinthians 4:9
    2 Corithians 4 9 reminds us that life 's challenges will come and those challenges will test our personal will and our faith in God. However, God is our strength and during these times he will not allow us to be destroyed by our enemy. We may be cast down for now, but with Christ we are never destoyed. James Merritt II
  • Blessed on Matthew 5:3
  • Sharon on Psalms 91
    I feel closer to God i know with out a shadow of doubt my family and i are under his wing
  • Gedeon musa on Jeremiah 1
    my lesson learnt from Jeremiah chapter 1 is obey God in any situation,and not to disobey God for the sake of man or self satisfaction.I was a muslim before but since i became a christian and accepted JESUS as my personal LORD and saviour i believe my life has been a testimony to others because Emmanuel lives in me Thank u JESUS
  • Vincent Joe Matiya Chirwa on Psalms 23:6
    I have gone through hard times but this verse gives me courage that I will always remain in HIM. Lord as I go through with no work struggling to get one I still trust You will help me and keep me always. God of Abraham, Jacob and and Isaac You have never failed and today I commit my life to You with hope that you will provide to me what I deserve. God You have known me from then and have always assisted me and believe in you AMEN Your time is the best and not that of man
  • Diana Uribe on Psalms 91
    When I feel persecuted and isolated Psalm 81 gives me comfort and courage. I know that my family is under the cloak of His protection.
  • Grace Charles on Psalms 91
    I love the Lord. Psalm 91 is for my protection day and night. I am cover by his the blood of Jesus
  • Saiman Nag on Luke 2:7
    I like this verse to read
  • Amber on John 8
    The more I read and absorb the Word of God, it frees my spirit from the bondage of all that is anti God. It brings me such joy!
  • Mockingbird on Exodus 20:12
    My Dad Mom are gone from me. Dad about 20 yrs mom about 4 yrs. When I was a teenager I rebelled against my parents to my hurt When I got my heart right with God I started respecting my parents and honoring them to the best of my ability and I also grew to love my parents greatly. I was crushed when my Dad when on and I had to care for my mom. God gave me parents that were good to me and they punished me for the bad that I did But they also helped me get out of the wrong that I did and set me on a good path. I Praise God for my parents.
  • RNM verse 20 on Philippians 1
    For I reckon that the suffering of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. PRAISE OUR HEAVENLY FATHER and His HOLY first born SON.
  • Abraham on Revelation 16
    I Admire, adore fall prostrate before the Great God who gave me the wisdom and understanding to know HIM and to escape the wrath of God and pray that all mankind to know HIM.
  • Mary ellen cobb on Matthew 4
    please hear me. my husband has cancer of his right lung, please tell me how to get jesus to heal him, his name is Olin dewitt cobb
  • Nadirasingh on Genesis 2
    God is real in my heart
  • Vanessa Roberts on Psalms 27
    Very Powerful. LuvThisVrrse. It Gets Me Thru The Day
  • Charles on Isaiah 49:25
    I pray with this scripture to a all young ones who are under captive of sin ,especially the sin of fornication ,that God will deliver them and bring them into a light of repentant.
  • Blessed on Matthew 5
    Thank you JESUS
  • Mark on Leviticus 3
    Giving sacrifice unto God with your whole heart is good and it attracts God 's blessings to our lives
  • Moloreng on Psalms 91
    We are so blessed to have a saviour like him, our protector Jesus our Lord

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