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  • Sheebu on Psalms 91
    God is a shield and buckler to all those who loves Him .He is refuge to those who trust Him.
  • Prophetess Nicola Williams on Zechariah 4:6
    We cannot do it without the Holy Spirit and that is why, glory to Jesus God who hadn 't left us comfortless
  • Joni G on Acts 1
    From old testament times, God wanted us to love Him as much as He loved us. I love Deuteronomy 30:6. God was talking to the Israelites here but He also wants our hearts circumsized to love Him. I was looking up kingdom in my concordance and Jesus used the word malkuth probably since He spoke in Aramic, not Greek. The Greek word for kingdom is basileia. Jesus spoke of a radical transformation of our hearts spiritually after we became part of the kingdom after being saved. So amazing and beautiful! Acts 8:12. Although we weren 't disciples of Christ and walked with Him, isn 't it wonderful we have His Holy Word to read, study and learn! Praise God!
  • Meghan on Psalms 23:5
    God Is Good
  • Let's examine, Praying Continually on 1 Thessalonians 5:17
    Let 's examine, Pray Continually 1 Thessalonians 5:17 New International Version "pray continually " This can be confusing. Obviously, it cannot mean we are to be in a head-bowed, eyes-closed posture all day long. Paul is not referring to non-stop talking, but rather an attitude of God-consciousness and God-surrender that we carry with us all the time. Every waking moment is to be lived in an awareness that God is with us and that He is actively involved and engaged in our thoughts and actions By consulting with our Lord, at the work place, our marriage matters, our health etcetera. God can lead us and guide us in the right direction. The steps of a righteous man is ordered by the Lord.
  • Ty on Isaiah 41:10
    As I read this verse followed by all the comments, I felt reassured as I desperately struggle during this time in my life. I will read this daily try to that I may get this scripture in the depths and very core of my soul. I am thankful to Rev. Ferguson for telling me to read this 6 times to help me and sustain me. It is my hope that others with no hope will find resurrection in this verse. Praise God.
  • Trudy on Psalms 100
    An acknowledgement for every thing and everyone to rejoice in the Lord God Almighty! For every thing that God has made should be happy and rejoice over Him. And praise Him in abundance with all of our being! With singing, gladness, and joy! With praises forever more! No matter where we are, and especially when entering into the house of the Lord and into His sanctuary. For the Most High is everything Good at all times! Praise His Holy Name!
  • Daniel Ngila on 1 Samuel 30
    Sometimes in life you may have very genuine reasons to complain or just be down and feel low. But from the story of David and the Amalekites we see that God wants us to live beyond our current circumstances and situations in life, God wants us at all times and in every way to learn to praise him. When you praise God at such times you elevate your spirit and mind and you are able to see beyond your circumstances Here, praise is the key. Learn to praise God, Learn to give thanks and enquire to the Lord. If he did it for David and his men he will surely do it for you. You are blessed and anointed to pursue, recover and bring in some more. God bless you.
  • Raymond Abdullah on John 3:7
    Whatever opinions any of us may have about the "word " we must always bare in mind that the "word " is full pregnant with meaning and we should know that what you think it means could be right and what others think could be right too. The main thing is that we don 't dispute and be divided among ourselves as we seek guidance and understanding in the "word ". The "word " is like fertile rain from heaven that falls upon a fertile ground receptive mind . May Almighty God help each of us in understanding and doing His Word.
  • Gomolemo Sebakile on Acts 5
    In whatever situation you are in just know that Jesus is always by your side, and he can set you free. He can lock out the chains that tightens you only if you have faith and by so doing you will do miracles and wonders in his name. Remember only is you have faith... Amen.
  • Pat on John 11:4
    Thank you encouraging for me
  • AMEN JAY on Romans 6:14
    we do the right things as children of THE MOST HIGH GOD,follew rules and be of good courage for we are under GRACE that fails
  • Matt on Isaiah 36
    My Lord will deliver me of all evil.
  • Don sweet on Genesis 1
    With God every and any thing is possible !
  • Patricia Piccolo on John 3:16
    I always go back to this verse.. John 3:16 . For God So Loved..this World... He Gave, I stop and ponder that in my heart and my soul. God Gave!! His Only Begotten Son That WHOSOEVER believes in HIM should not perish but will have EVERLASTING LIFE. I really pray as others read this and hear this that God so Loved This World.. that means You and I .. what a Awesome God..
  • Brianna on Philippians 2:4
    Bible holds so much practical value. This scripture is beneficial in the relationship we have with our fellow humans. This would be a nice point to teach children in order to help them make friends. Also, a good reminder for teenagers as they have more opportunities to volunteer, or help with relationships with their parents or grandparents. For adults, definitely giving back to the community and especially at work. This one scripture is beneficial to all to help them go through life a little easier.
  • Christine Awah on Psalms 1
    Every moment of our lives we should focus only the word and react accordingly in order to prosper
  • Gwendolyn Brown on Romans 5
    We all have sin! but only in JESUS we have forgiveness, yes He came for all: So everybody have the rite too the Tree of life, which means grace is a free gift from our Lord JESUS to all: know one has to be in bondage were save by GRACE. AMEN
  • Bibian on Psalms 100
    Giving GOD thanks Praise is the highest form of worship and from the scriptures GOD delights in them. So let us always give thanks praise. Psalms 100 summaries what gives GOD pleasure. Lets be mindful of this Psalm and practice it.
  • Kim on Psalms 91
    Love, love, love this passage. I became obsessed with this passage for the past months when I realized first hand how scared the devil was of this scripture. All I can say it is very, very powerful. More powerful than we can imagine.
  • Tracy on Psalms 118:17
    This is an encouraging verse. My constant declaration. The enemy used to bring panic and anxiety attacks so unexpectedly. I would cry and feel so hopeless and so afraid. I thought I would die but the enemy is ashamed and disgraced in Jesus ' name. I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD. Praise Jesus! :
  • Kendra wallace on Psalms 1
    We are to always keep God in our hearts and to meditate on it day and night.
  • Big Daddy O on Psalms 91
    Ok now,I was raised as an orphan from age Eleven, I depended on myself and myself only.After Vietnam ,I concluded that we live in a world that is calculating, with no emotion . No love,no standard but ordered by law. Surrendering myself to God, depending on Him, his ongoing work, and at times, I has difficulty, but rewarding, because He, 'Wisdom ',Yahweh has Never let me down, He has Always answered my prayers, and has never let me wait, his answer is immediacy. I can say I love you Jesus, with my whole trust and heart. Big Daddy O
  • Cynthia on Matthew 21
    Verse 21 & 22, is so true that God will bless you with whatever you ask for, just have faith.
  • Sav on Matthew 9
    Jesus is the greatest physician.
  • Charmaine on Psalms 30
    I just sat down at work and this scripture come tome and I pull out my phone and start to read and this is exactly what an going through but its just a reminder to all ways trust in the lord at all times he will make your joy joyous and all the devil meant for evil he will turn it to good
  • Rob on Psalms 118:1
    2 Years ago God gave me a new life in Jesus. The Lord is very good and His mercy and love shown to me will forever define who I am now, thank you Lord my life is now full of joy. Joy that supercedes all understanding, everlasting life joy! I pray that those lost are given the same wondeful experience of the relevation of who Jesus is and how much He is ready to help. Glory to God!
  • Peter yankson on Genesis 4:25
    If we worship God faithfully with all our heart and mind, He is ever ready to replace or give us back what satan has taken from us.
  • Peter Chege on Psalms 46
    excellent, inspiring and reassuring of God 's incomprehensive love and care.
  • JIMMY on James 1

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