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  • Joni G on 1 Thessalonians 4
    Won 't it it be awesome to see Christ Jesus come again and be caught up in the clouds with Him. He will be with all our brothers and sisters who have died in the Lord already. What comfort! I have a faithful grandmother I want to see again. Praise God!
  • Ferdinand on Genesis 19:16
    If God want to favor someone, He does not mind the person 's ignorance, inability, reluctant because His grace supersedes our inadequasies
  • Rob on Psalms 127:14
    It is amazing how the LORD reveals Himself being present and active in our daily life. Pray to have your eyes opened to recognise His signs and wonders throughout your day, when you start seeing Gods fingerprint suprising you it makes you feel so loved. Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ!
  • Omar on Psalms 27:10
    i was forsakened and the lord lift me up...he 's been taking care of me ever since...Bless his name
  • Deborah on Psalms 23:4
    this verse shows that i can trust god no matter what evil may stand in my way.
  • Joni G on John 1
    I am so happy that Christ the Word is my Savior, King and Redeemer. The Word made a way for me and I am his daughter. When I grew up in the Baptist church, I remember singing "I 'm a Child of the King ". I love that song and God whispers in my ears at the quietest times to rest in Him and trust His Word. Thank you God for the Word, my Jesus.
  • Stephen on 2 Chronicles 7:14
    Dis is a passage that realy mean a lot to me and whenever I discover a setback in my spiritual life I go back to this passage and it re energise me.
  • Kathy on Romans 7
    We are not under law we have been set free. Jesus is our new law chains broken from old ways and sin. We have Victory in Chrst!!!
  • Eunice on Psalms 4:8
    It reminds me that God watches over me when am sleeping.
  • E.Cleveland on Psalms 103
    This psalms remains me to love him as he love me.
  • Drusilla on Isaiah 55:6
    The Lord is soo good you can 't go wronge by seeking him and believing him for all things. Praise God.
  • Verdell clemons on Isaiah 55
    I am in agreement with v.6 seeking the Lord while you still can hallelujah Amen I have to believe in his words.
  • I will serve d Lord all the days of my life
  • Jane K on Psalms 127
    This is my most favorite Psalm. I love it with all my heart !!!
  • Alicia Wallace on Psalms 27:1
    He is are everything! Just call on him and believe.
  • Ntobeko Ngalo on Psalms 91
    I always read Psalm 91 for protection. I can see that God 's Word is doing wonders in my life. Thank you Dear Heavenly Father, in Jessu name. Amen
  • Michael Machumi on Revelation 1:7
    three things I things of this scripture. Christ 's hands of healing were pierced by nails and these are the very hands he stretched out and bid them to come to him and ever since he has left these open arms to the world as a sign of invitation into his kingdom and promise of welcome. He also used them to touch the down and the outs, the last, the least and the lost of his time as acceptance into his kingdom. They are the same hands he used to bring healing to the world around him. Despite all this the world still pierced those hands. The other place he was pierced was his feet. The very feet he used for spreading the Good News of the Kingdom, as the Bible says how beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news... This did not stop them to nail these feet onto the cross. As if this was not enough they also chose to drive a spear into his side where water and blood came out. This could indicate that his heart was also pierced. Now the heart could signify the love he poured out to the world. It is also the source of life, the life which he came to give to the world. Nevertheless they pierced it.
  • Paul on Jeremiah 32:27
    the omnipotentGod of israel is still there for us.Nothing ca be difficult for him to do.we need to trst him that is all
  • MockingBird on Matthew 5:11
    Friends Loved ones and family that do not understand will do this. Get what you need from God Love them any way and you will be Blessed But do not follow their ways and manner of talk. Go on with God. This life now is only temporal What I do for and with God my Lord Jesus now is what I will have through out eternity . Stack up treasure in heaven
  • Joni G on John 1
    I see the movement of the Holy Ghost every day as He prompts me and other faithful believers to live for Him. Isn 't it wonderful to be redeemed as Christians and be set apart to live for Christ, study His word, pray fervently and be obedient to Him! Praise God that The Holy Spirit guides us into all truth as we go deeper in Him! Thy Word is Truth. Praise God and for the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit that stirs in our spirits as faithful believers!
  • Lupita Lucio on Psalms 127
    Thank you Lord for your protection over me and my loved ones. Thank you for my faith in you.
  • MockingBird on Psalms 4:8
    The salvation of God is 5 fold Healing Deliverance Safety Soundness of mind Preservation The peace of God so so Good There is such a tranquility and soundness and no disturbance at all in God 's Peace. I will both lay me down and sleep for thou Lord doest make me to dwell live in safety. God so so Magnificantly Good !!!!
  • Nosi on Psalms 27
    It has kept me strong.My husband is undergoing this season verse 11 14 , we don 't know the outcome at this moment but knowing that God knows the outcome and He is on our side, reassures me.
  • John on Hebrews 11
    In everything we do we must place our Faith in God.
  • RNM CHP 2 V 24 on John 4
    First of all, you half to have already repented and accepted the Lord as your Savior, now being sincere and in the spirit, being filled with the Holy Spirit you can pray to God in the Spirit and in Truth. Mainly the Lords Prayer, until you study to find yourself approved, you can 't just ask GOD anything or for anything. I really feel that Our Heavenly Fathers intentions are for us to put this life aside and give it no thought, because really one can 't compare a few years on this world to an eternity with GOD. can you. I will admit It is a very tough fight, but if you always lean on the Lord he 'll see you through anything!
  • Cristina on Jeremiah 32
    thank you LORD for all the things that you have done.... i love you LORD!
  • Dmhedden on Matthew 18:20
    In Him dead, buried, risen with Him. In preceding verses, it was about witnesses as relates to law and testifying in court or before a judge. Here it is about two or three witnesses of the reality of being in Him, and being a fulfillment of His name and power to save, utterly, practically Holy by the Spirit of Holiness that raised Him up and us, now to live in Him.
  • Pamela C. White on Psalms 91
    A prayer of confidence and encouragement Why should we fear when God is our refuge and our fortress. He protects and keeps that which we committee to him.
  • Maggie on Ephesians 3:20
    I know God 's word to be true. I am living in the midst of Ephesions 3 20 right now at this time in my life. After two major surgeries and being middle aged, God has opened a door for me to return to school to get my BA. When I became very discouraged one day, I heard his voice tell me that where He is taking me, I have to go through this. At age 56, through memory loss and forgetfulness, I am a 4.0 student. I know without a shadow of doubt that it is God and him alone. I never, ever, dreamed that I would be at this point in my life. Thank you Jesus!
  • Patricia dIXON on Acts 8

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