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  • Brian Nakola on Psalms 119:127
    God shows mercy on those who love His name
  • Harycollins on Isaiah 11
    My prayer to every born again child of God, is that we all at the end by God s grace should have this wonderful experience time of the Lord together, Amen.
  • Timothy on Proverbs 4
    Look, listen, and pay careful attention to God 's words, as given to us in the Holy Bible. Keep His words close to your heart not just for your own sake, but for the sake of sharing them with others. With God 's words come life and healing, both spiritually and physically. Remember, Paul revealed to us that all Scripture was breathed out by God and so it is much more that just words on paper it is alive and it is powerful! So as you read the Bible, breathe in God 's words and let them fill your mind, body and spirit. You will see that they are indeed health to all our flesh! What a glorious blessing! Thank you so much Lord Jesus Christ!
  • Sam Thomas, Toronto on Titus 3
    Chapter 3 5 "He Saved Us " what an adoring thought it is. Ruined sinners to reclaim Hallelujah what a Saviour. Sealed my pardon with His Blood.... Full atonement can it be ..Hallelujah what a saviour.... "He saved us "
  • Xana on Proverbs 1
    Wisdom is greater than strength. Powerful words. We all need to have a greater relationship and understanding with God. Thank you for your love almighty God . I love you .thank you for LIFE
  • Peter on Matthew 1
    thank God for hope and open doors and save my sol
  • Annielle anderson on Psalms 16
    This help me to get closer to Almighty God
  • Byron on Psalms 1:1
    this verse alawys gives me strength needing it now to see how short and fragil this life is and to overcome addictions that have no place with God
  • Marvin on 2 Timothy 4
    God is good at all times and he never forsake those that love him. 2ndTimothy 4 is an inspiration to weak Christians. Don 't give up on the fight of faith. Thank you brother Paul
  • Insight 777 on Isaiah 14
    Verse 29 is talking about a nuclear missile that explodes in mid air to produce multiple nuclear warheads that fan out like a roosters tail. Several countries today have this military capability. This verse may be speaking of allies that enter into the world war.
  • Sonya on Proverbs 21:30
    There is no advice, scheme,device or level of thinking that will counteract GODS word.
  • Johnbarasa on Ezra 3:1
    I want salvation
  • Blessed on Luke 11
  • Jaci Wyrish on Isaiah 44:22
    In as much as i want to say of this Love that is unconditional. Words escape me... Am totally sold out to He 's unchanging Love me... No one could ever love me like He did and still does. Am honoured to be His daughter.....
  • Harycollins on Isaiah 9
    The verse 2 of this chapter made us to understand that the entire human race was wallowing in darkness and hopelessness because of their disobedience to the God s command and out of mercy and compassion God sent us his light that illuminated our lives and restored hope in us.
  • RNM GEN CHP 10 on Genesis 10
    The thing to keep in mind is, God created us all in his likeness and in his image, and that 's the most important part of it. right so lets Praise GOD and His Son and the Holy Spirit. AMEN
  • Larry on Hebrews 10:5
    in the beginning was the word the word was with God and the word was God ,in order to shed his blood he needed a human body ,thus the birth of Christ in Bethlehem , in the likeness of us , this verse , opened my eyes to this truth.
  • Nicole on Jeremiah 33:3
    Jermiah 33 3 Let 's us know that the only thing we need to do is call on him and he will show us great and mighty and things which we can 't see right now but he will reveal it to us. What a mighty God we serve. "Great and Mighty "
  • MockingBird on Psalms 91:2
    First I must say of the Lord that He is my refuge and that He is my fortress and then He is my God and then in Him will I trust . His word is my refuge and my fortress. I am so grateful and thankful for His word.
  • Samuel on Nehemiah 3
    The Sheep gate didn 't have any locks just like salvation it is open to all.
  • Alex on Malachi 3:10
    Malachi 3 10 is one of the amazing promise written in the Bible, word of God, and still applicable on our generation. Proven to those who follow it. "Prove me now herewith saith the Lord of Host.. "
  • Chris wagoner on John 3:16
    John 3 16 is one of the best Bible verses in my opinion
  • J rUCKER on Matthew 20
    I especially like to see my way. Without Christ I can 't even see the Kingdom of God. Thank God Almighty, I am saved, I was blind too, but now I see. Be blessed, Pastor Evangelist, Joe Rucker
  • Maureen Cashe on Hosea 14
    The book of Hosea is one filled with wisdom from God and His divine direction.
  • Ninib on Psalms 127
    How great is the Lord. He knows every up and down, every thought we have and even our true selves that we try to hide from others. Even after seeing all of our imperfections he still will bless us and have mercy on us. Praise God for everything he has done and loving us even when it feels like everything is against us.
  • Bridget on 1 Peter 5:7
    Cast to me means When the cares of life try to break me down I think about the net that 's launched in the deep sea to draw fish it 's empty my soul sometimes is but once I throw the net my cares upon Jesus in prayer once I lift up my head my net my soul is filled with all kinds of fish such as joy peace love hope and endurance. There is no longer room for fear or Satan to sneak in and try to stress and worry me because I would have conquered that old devil by "Casting " throwing him back in the put of hell where he belongs! I pray this helps you in dealing with Casting your cares upon God He loves us so much . Amen!
  • Tenjiwe agnes ngumbela on Ruth 1
    This is a lesson to us the Christians to follow Jesus Christ,to dwell in Him no matter how bad the conditions. To confess with our mouths that Jesus is Lord and Saviour. To prfer to affliction inChrist Jesus knowing that the nice and the beautiful things of this world shall perish but the Word of God endures forever. Thank you Jesus for saving my soul.
  • Joni G on 1 Timothy 1
    Gladness you grow your faith through Christ with the help of believing Christ 's promises, prayer to God in faith believing Him and studying the Holy Word of God. Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth. He will. You will grow. Never give up!
  • MockingBird on Psalms 127:14
    Yes I do Praise my Lord for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Great is the Lord and Greatly to be Praised !!!! Great is the work of my Lord. My soul knows that very well !!!!
  • Joni G on Hebrews 1
    Yes Nell! God is amazing! Jesus, the Word humbled himself to the point of death and is seated at the right hand if God right now! The beautiful story of redemption through the Word started being weaved from the very beginning! Amen!

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