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  • S compton on Revelation 4:3
    I can only imagine what will be in Heaven, but I know that the most important part is not the throne, or the four and twenty elder, nor the crowns, nor the beauty of the crystal river, but the true beauty of Heaven is He that sits on that throne, Glory!!!! I can hardly contain the excitement I feel to know that I shall behold Him and adore Him, and Thank Him face to face, or my face to His feet, or whatever He wishes that will I do!!! I am so honored that He loved me enough to take on this mortal flesh, and to die the gruesome and lonely death He died, but I am so glad that on that third and appointed morning He arose victorious over death, Hell and the grave!!! At my church we practice foot washing. It is the most Holy experience, and I cannot express how I would have loved to have washed my Savior 's precious feet. Heaven is real, Jesus is my King, and I am loved !!! Glory to God in the Highest!!!!
  • Judith Nunes on Psalms 100
    Psalms100, has been one of my "live by the word " Psalms for as long as I can remember, over 30 years since elementary school. This teaches us we are not the ones who made our selves but from a higher creator who will take care of us. Man should remember to serve Him and praise the Lord our Father and he will do the rest by taking care of our daily needs. I love MY LORD with every thing that is in me. Praise his holy name. Aman
  • Lilian on Psalms 91
    Our God is a good Shepered who provide and protect us anytime because of his unconditional love to us that nobody can measure. God is merciful even to the wicked people but the assurance of salvation is only for those who believe God, love God and who serve God as our Savior and King. Jehovah Jireh, Rappha forever. Jesus loves us and longing to be good to us. We must love him and praised him for he is worthy to be praised and thanking him.
  • Motdaugrnds on Romans 8
    I love this chapter in that it fortifies my very existence and tells me no matter what comes my way in this world, God 's Holy Spirit will guide me thru it making intercession where need be and strengthening me to stand against any and everything that might attempt to disrupt my status with the Heavenly Father thru Jesus Christ.
  • AMEN JAY on 1 Chronicles 16:11
  • Ann Carson on Matthew 1:21
    This is helpful and explain of name of Jesus.
  • Lilian on John 15
    Loving God 's word and loving Jesus is a perfect obedience that you showed to the Father. Without Jesus in our lives we are nothing, just simply nothing, why not we read and eat his heavenly manna , the word of God where his word will give us life and abundance of blessings. Jesus loves you
  • Shawn on 1 Peter 4:12
    Don 't be surprised.....And we Know, ALL things work together for GOOD, to Them that love the God, to Them who are the called for His purpose! Romans 8:28 Look at All that Jesus endured, For Us, He was without sin!!!.... We are More than conquerors!!!
  • Linda Phillips on 2 Chronicles 20:12
    I believe this is a promised revelation when darkness hides direction. God promises wisdom to make right decisions at difficult moments.
  • Rand on Genesis 1
    hey I love jesus he is my saver
  • Veronica on Psalms 114
    With God all things are possible.
  • Blessed on Romans 1
  • Rachelmakamu on 1 Thessalonians 5
    This verse inspired me so much and it has changed my life
  • Kimberly Greene on Philemon 1
    I really love this book it was very inspiring to me thank you lord for keeping my family as well as myself to god be the glory. :-
  • Leonard on Genesis 18:19
    powerful verse theme scripture for my family for the year 2015
  • William McLean on John 14
    John IS AVERY GOOD BOOK. Am LEARNING TOO STUDE THE BIBLE NOW MORE THE before . God is real If you let him inside of you life. . He os able too keep you with a very good state of mind.
  • Chatterman on Luke 1:49
    At every remembrance of this scripture I am humbled, grateful, and deeply motivated to honor Him with my life.
  • Gloria Rucker on Psalms 27:1
    In a dark place the glory of the is so bright. In my darkess hour He is my strong tower. I do not fear because He will never leave me or forsaken me. For God did not give me the spirit of fear, but of power, love and sound mind. Satan is defeated and God is glorified. Let the redeemed of the Lord say do. I SAY SO! Thank U God...... .
  • Afolabi Daniel on Ephesians 3:20
    This can only be God who has all the power at his disposal to give to all men who surrender there live unto him alone.
  • Robert on Psalms 121
    Many years ago my 6th grade teacher had me memorize Psalms 121 as punishment for acting up in class. I 've never forgotten it. It has brought much comfort over the years. I thank God for the wisdom of this man and some day I 'll thank him for the seed that was planted so long ago.
  • Adelle on John 17
    As Jesus is about to go to the cross to die and shed his precious blood for the sins of the world, He prayed for His disciples and those who had believed on Him, then he prayed for those who WOULD believe on Him. That is US! He is like a father making sure His children are provided for after he is gone. What a Mighty God we serve. Angels bow before Him, heaven and earth adore Him. What a Mighty God we serve!
  • Timothy on Proverbs 4
    Life unto those that find them and health to all their flesh! You see, the word of God is living and active, and not just ink on paper or letters on a computer screen. It is quick and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of the soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. There is not a cell or molecule in your body that the word of God cannot touch! It is God-breathed. They say that the Holy Spirit inspired the writing of the Bible. Well is it any surprise then that the Greek word 'pneuma ', found so often throughout the New Testament, means both 'breath ' and 'spirit '. So you see, the word of God was indeed God-breathed. It is living and active! God breathed out the very words of the Bible you are reading right now. And if only you will realise this wonderful truth and stop for a moment every now and then to breathe in those living words of God, you will find that they are indeed life to your spirit and health to all your flesh! Now what a truly wonderful blessing that is which God has given us! Praise the Lord and the Holy Bible, the health of my countenance!
  • Rose on Romans 7:24
    What do I think? I thank God for his Son Jesus Christ who is able to deliver us from sin through his blood I thank him for going to the cross because, I to was wretched one time in life.
  • George on 1 Thessalonians 5
    I have memorized parts of this.It is very good advice.
  • Isaac on Ephesians 1
    i love the word cause is the power of God unto salvation first to me
  • Francis on Isaiah 54:17
    Father i ask dat u grant me my heart desire
  • Wendysanfod on Luke 11
    Ask with a sincere heart and it shall be given unto you
  • MockingBird on Psalms 51:12
    I praise God that I can ask the Lord to restore the Joy of His salvation to me : When I am weak then I am strong for the Joy of the Lord is my strength. His Spirit gives me freedom from all fear sin and unbelief When I turn to Him. Praise God for His wonderful gift of Faith and salvation. Happiness is of the flesh : Joy is a spiritual force given to me of God : of the heart.
  • Years ago I marked this scripture to meditate on it on a daily basis in prayer. There are times when as a believer you pray but you don 't know how to articulate just what to say. Today my Sister-in-Law is very ill, my brother, my nephews and niece are there for her. When I pray for her recovery, I also pray that they will see God working on behalf of all of them- "all things working together for good " and minister to their hope and encouragement in their inner man. She is a devout Christian and a deacon in her church. I don 't want them to miss that sickness and trouble happen even to 'soldiers of The Cross, ' and stay encouraged in the "inner man " because God riches and mercy cannot be exhausted.
  • George on Psalms 23:1
    May you truly know the Shepherd. Reciting the the 23rd Psalm and knowing the Shepherd are two different things...may you me know the Shepherd. Get to know the Shepherd. Stop trying to put together a master for your life and for your happiness. Instead, seek out the Master 's plan for your life and for your happiness. Allow him to lead you, to guide you, to be your companion, your friend, your coach, and your mentor. He will lead you to green pastures. He will restore your soul. And your cup will overflow.

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