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  • Ganel on Judith 14
    I totally enjoyed reading this book. My heart is blessed, my faith has increased and I am overjoyed. I laughed and I cried. The Almighty God is awesome. Praise God. I needed this. Thank you for sharing.
  • Ganel on Judith 14
    I totally enjoyed reading this book. My heart is blessed, my faith has increased and I am overjoyed. I laughed!
  • James on Psalms 46
    Psalms 46 tells me that God is our refuge and when we call upon his name in every situation, he will always answer us
  • BEN M ADJORNOR on Proverbs 23:18
  • David Haller on Isaiah 54
    Its nice to know that the lord is there watching over me. And is blessing me after my diligence of my worship and my seeking his will to be done in my life.
  • Junior the great on Psalms 23:1
    Excellent, one of my favorite books.
  • Karen Perry on 1 Timothy 2:12
    I believe that God looks at our Heart, not whether we are male nor female, as Galatians 3:28 teaches us, There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. Too, Acts 2:17 teaches us---------And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and daughters shall prophesy and your young men shall see visions and your old men shall dream dreams. We all are one. Again, God looks at our hearts, not whether I am a man or woman. He loves us all and there is room in His Kingdom for each of us. Let 's all trust and allow God to put us in the positions he wants us to be as He will equip us with His Wisdom and the means to do whatever He would have us to do. We all just need to depend on God, not man nor woman. God Bless you.
  • Hannah on Hebrews 13:8
    I beleive this scripture is saying that no matter what troubles you have or how "lonely " you think you are, if you believe in the word of God, this svripture is saying He will never leave you and that you will be strong eventually. Also it can mean that as you grow up, you may make different choices and like Jesus will never change. He will always be the same then he was the day he was born. He will always be the same for you and will never turn his back on you.
  • Trudy ali-balogun on Psalms 107
    The psalm show how great and wonderful God is despite our afflictions. God is always there no matter how bad the situation is. Just trust and call onto him.
  • Lilian on Hebrews 13
    Jesus loves us unconditionally, we must continue praising and thanking God as this is our lips the fruit of his blessings. What a wonderful Savior, and what amazing love Jesus has for us. Jesus loves you
  • Ch. Swamy Moses on Psalms 34:4
    Psalms 34:4 is very much encouraging word. I had my own experience when I was filled with fears, I used to pray and remember this verse. God heard my prayer and delivered me from all of my fears on many occasions. I was a converted Christian from Hinduism way back in the year 1990
  • Felica Snow on Psalms 121
    When I read this message it was telling me that I have nothing to fear with God being by my side at all times and that the Lord will rebuke the devil and preserve my soul always So when Im distressed or down this is the chapter I 'll turn to
  • Peter fredericks on Psalms 100:2
    change me save me thank you lord
  • Motdaugrnds on Luke 1
    Sherry, when the Scriptures start getting difficult to understand, stop and talk with the Father in the name of Jesus asking for His help via the Holy Spirit to help you find other parts of the Scripture that will explain the parts that you are having a hard time understanding. God will help!
  • Evangelist Larry Reagan on Psalms 100:2
    Glory to God when I walk through the door I can 't help but start singing Gods Praises sometimes I get started Praising the Lord in the parking lot!!!
  • MockingBird on Psalms 100:2
    It is a pleasure to serve my Lord and Sviour Jesus Christ. With all that is within me I want to walk in His word and be a doer of His word. He is so very . very , Good to me. If we do not serve Him with Joy : He will cause us to serve our enemies : I serve my Lord with gladness and I come before His presence with singing. He is so Precious to me. I Love Him and I want to grow more and more in Love with Him !!!!
  • Bongumusa on Acts 16:25
    No matter how big the situation is God is always bigger than any situation
  • Melody on Psalms 27
    God Loves and is still faithful to a sinner like me
  • Melody on Psalms 27
    God Loves and is still faithful to a sinner like me
  • Tammy M Hockycko on Psalms 27:7
    Psalms 27:7 has been my prayer since I wasn 't old enough to know how to pray. I have long since memorized the verse and have long since forgotten the chapter and verse! Your web sight has led me to my prayer of many years ago. Thank you.
  • BSP on Judges 6:13
    This verse shows that Jehovah God wants us to have open and heartfelt communication with Him through our prayers. He allowed Gideon to ask an honest question from the heart, but God reassured Gideon that he was with him. This example also shows that servants of God may experience some very difficult times, but God has not forsaken them and he will be with them to help them endure.
  • Grant on Genesis 1
    why are there 2 creations? Genesis 1:27 and Genesis 2:7?
  • Joni G on Matthew 28
    Dmill, when Jesus sat down on the right hand of God, we know He sat down on the right hand of himself.Hebrews chapter 1 talks about Jesus sitting down on the right hand of the Father. Revelation 5:13 talks about angels singing to God who sits on the throne and Jesus, the Lamb. Distinct but yet one. When Stephen, full of the Holy Spirit,was stoned in Acts 7:55, he saw the glory of God and Jesus standing beside God in Heaven. There are many verses where Jesus talks about the Father and Him being one. John 12:49 talks about the Father who sent Jesus told him what to say and what to speak. Matthew 3:17, God tells the crowd that Jesus is His son and He is well pleased. Praise God!
  • Thomas Ray on Ecclesiastes 3:1
    You must learn to be still Psalms 46:10 and wait for God 's Voice. There are many instances in our lives that we seem to depend on our own solution to life 's questions. Use the Word for everything, every situation and pray.
  • Adelle on Psalms 107
    vss 8, 15, 21, 31 are exactly the same. How important it is that men Praise God for his goodness and his wonderful works to the children of men. The life struggles of man finds NO HELP for him but the MERCY and GRACE of God. He said it, then repeated it 3 times: "O that men would praise God for his goodness and his wonderful works to the children of men. " Praise him in the congregation, praise him to the elders, praise him in the morning, praise him at the noon time, let everything that hath breath praise the Lord. PRAISE YE THE LORD!
  • Andrew on Psalms 112
    All throughout God 's word is blessing to the righteous and cursing to the wicked. Surely, He confirms it again and again. What else can one conclude.
  • Lucy Wanjiru on Jeremiah 31
    That God loves us with an everlasting love and when we go back to Him and obey Him He will restore and establish us.....
  • Chris on Psalms 91
    I love this psalm because it helps to make me feel safe when I know that ungodly spirits are around in fact I can feel the air become lighter in the room, and it gives me strength to fight negative situations in life.
  • Jonathan on Psalms 127
    This psalm is very comforting. It 's also reassurring! PRAISE GOD!!!
  • Annie mae griffin on 2 Corinthians 4
    I am giving this comment on verse 18.this verse really bless my soul, when it says the things which are seen are temporal. but the things which are not seen are eternal.Glory be to god, I thank god for that word, because that is what i 'm doing in my life. I don 't look at the things in this world which are seen. I got my mind , my heart and my soul focused on the things which I can not see. which is heaven and eternal life. I don 't waste my time by focusing on these worldly things. because these things which are seen, can 't save my soul and salvation is not in none of these worldly things. only god, which is the word can save me. so that I can receive his gift of eternal life. I said all that to say this, pray and ask god to help you to keep your mind, heart and soul on the things which are not seen. I can truly encourage all those who read this, it will bless your life and your soul. and also read verse 18, I guarantee you if you got understanding of that verse. I can honestly say, it will bless you. thank you for taking the time to read what I had to say and wanting to share. god bless you, glory be to god.

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