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  • Anthony Sims on Matthew 5
    The first time I read the beattitudes I could not begin to imagine what Jesus is saying. I 'm 47 years old and I have chased every physical pleasure this world offers. Jesus chose the perfect time in my life to get my full attention and say " Come and follow me and I will show you things you never dreamed ". Today when I read Matthew 5 it 's like I 'm sitting on the mount listening to the most fulfilling sermon Jesus ever preached. It took time, prayer, and much pain to get here. Jesus in the morning, Jesus at noon, Jesus in the evening. I need thee every hour. Oh my precious Jesus how much I need thee.
  • Anna Kelly on Psalms 23
    This psalm helps me when my soul feels empty and without feeling. God reassures me that he is ever present in danger and that as I walk to the lake in meditation, I can remember that he will restore my soul with its still waters, and that if I lay myself down in the fields back home or somewhere in the valley I can look up into the sky and watch the clouds roll by overhead. He reminds me that the world is constantly turning and that I am still, and the earth will continue turning. The Lord refreshes me and continues his walk and says Anna, you have new strength. I am with you.
  • Colleen farr on Mark 5
    We all need to believe and have that kind of faith. God is here with us just like he was with them. Praise His Holy name. I believe.
  • Bobbie Zaremba on Ezekiel 20
    All through Jeremiah, keeping of the Sabbath is stressed. It is a very important commandment uniting the Jews with God .I as a lowly Gentile, have begun honoring the Sabbath as per God 's command from sunset Friday evening to sunset Saturday evening, I try to do no work. I used to shop the sales on Saturday. I don 't do that anymore ..I try not to buy or sell on the Sabbath .God knows I am trying to honor His commandment and has blessed me with more time and more of other things .I am amazed at this I just wanted to keep the Sabbath as per God 's command .didn 't expect the blessings He has bestowed on me .God is good
  • Meg yusal on Matthew 24:13
    Jesus Christ,son of God has a promised John 3 16 through His blood we are saved from sins, repent .We all travelers in this world as far we encounter troubles, problems and more logic in life.Base on it His grace we move for sanctification to be the chosen and be are name be written in the book of life Luke 10:20 .By focusing Jesus Christ as the center of our life.I believe that when we get closer to God and made fully understand the Jesus Christ is our Savior,there is more trials to encounter by faith.Keep holding tight and God will not forsaken and be saved
  • Blessed on Psalms 28
  • Kristina on Psalms 91
    I believe it and I receive it for myself and my family. Thank you Lord.
  • Wanda on Psalms 35
    I know this is a wonderful passage. Believe it. Everything will come to pass. It has helped me spiritually.
  • Cookie on John 10
    I loved this chapter because it is all about faith and believing on God. We must learn to listen for his voice and do the right things and live Godly. I ask God to forgive me daily and keep me out of my flesh and he does and I pray on that daily. Humility is a blessings that I am trying to gain. Amen.
  • Liz on Psalms 121
    It is a powerful chapter just have faith in God because faith move mountains
  • Velma Riley-Francis on Psalms 77
    I will meditate on God 's word and talk of his doings
  • Pepta on Psalms 91
    im reading Psalms 91 for strength everyday the trails are coming so I look at my God to hold on too.
  • Bobby scott on Isaiah 41
    This lifts me up at such a down and fearful time in my life. The fear is horrible. I too live on an island, this speaks to me. If only to rid my mind of the fear. Thank You for this. God Bless
  • MockingBird on Psalms 18:2
    There are seven things in this verse that God is for and to us : Rock : Fortress : Deliverer : Strength : Buckler : Horn of Salvation : and High Tower !!! My God , In whom I will trust. Seven is a Divine number. All numbers have a meaning in God 's Word. I Praise God for what He is to me in this verse. I can depend on Him.
  • Vanita Payne on Psalms 91
    It gives me strength in knowing I am covered by the Blood of Jesus no matter what comes my way! Trust God!
  • Phanice on Psalms 18:2
    Thru the rock i always stand firm
  • Rachel Rozelle on 1 Corinthians 4
    The word of God is manifest in his power, but only by the spirit can we see this power. Many believe that the acknowledgment and or worship of Christ or God is the way to be close to him. To be close to God we must be in our own spirit the piece of God that lives within us. For he is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIGHT. Amen.
  • Anonymous on Matthew 7:23
    Love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul with all your mind and love your neighbor as yourself
  • JoAnn McCown on 1 John 4:4
    As we put on the full Armor of Christ to do battle, we can say greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world.
  • Bumpy Aibush on Jeremiah 1:19
    Amen, i am protected by the love of Yahweh...halleluia
  • Veronica on Psalms 127
    Love the Lord always believe in him and trust him whole heartedly and our reward will be endless Amen.
  • Rev. Tim George on Psalms 23:4
    David is under the care of Jehovah God, while Saul is trying to kill him, yet the Holy Spirit gives David this Psalm to comfort him, knowing that the word of God is as a rod, and a staff that the Shepherd uses to fight off all enemies that would try to harm the sheep. So David knows God will protect him in every situation, while he walks through the valley, and shadow of death, which is but a metaphor in life.
  • Julius Elumaro on Psalms 22:3
    Psalms 23:3 is a powerful revelation of how praise brings God down into our situations and enforce changes in whatever directions we desire . All I need to activate my desire changes is to render heart rooted praises to God which will bring Him to step down into my desires to activate the change that I need.
  • Anthony Sims on Matthew 6:33
    In Matthew chapter5 6, Jesus took the 12 disciples upon the mountain to describe the kingdom of God. God is not of this world. The kingdom Jesus is referring to is a spiritual place where tangible physical things we feel, taste, hear see do not exist. Until I was granted eyes and ears to see and hear what God is saying to me this passage meant nothing to me. I had to cease praying for , a new car, a bigger house, and even basic necessities. I began praying for God to reveal himself to me. Because no matter how attentively I listened, no one could explain God to me. God cannot be explained, He must reveal himself. Something that happens when we stop chasing worldly things. Things of this world are not real. They will all be as dust very soon. I lost everything I own twice and I see what 's real now. Fellowship with Jesus and obedience to his commandment come first, and all else follows. And when God blesses us with things of this world we are to share with our bretheren.
  • Roland on Acts 3
    on our own we can nothing but filled with the spirit of the living GOD nothing is impossible.
  • Veronica on Psalms 127
    I wii love the lord with all my heart
  • Nkosinathi Ngulube on John 1:1
    All this shall be revealed in the kingdom of God to those who are worthy.There is so much that Our Father, the One and Only Messiah shall sit down to reveal and we will listen with "wows " and praises when He explains.so instead of us lobbying on useless things let us seek Him, worship Him, study Him in detail and run the race.Do not allow the accuser of men to mislead you from the Divine Truth.God is Spirit and those that worship Him shall worship Him in.........Amen
  • Deniseann on Psalms 51
    One of my favorite Psalm that I 've learned from a tender age.My late Father would repeat this Psalm every morning before breakfast, and that 's how I learned that Psalm. However, verse 11 15 really speaks to me as I often ask the Lord to forgive me of my sins, those I know of and those I not of, and to live in my heart every day. I was asked to speak at my Church on Mothers day and I was very nervous about it. I had a whole week to prepare. Every day I turned to V:15 and as the Lord to open my lips so that my mouth will show forth his praise. On that when I spoke, I surprised myself and many people thought I did so well and I showed no sign of nervousness. What a wonderful, wonderful Psalm.To God be the Glory.
  • Stevenjames51 on Isaiah 26
    This is the only way of life that will bring us safely home. Nothing and I mean nothing can hurt you if we remain in him and he in us. Stay in the word it will bring life to the reader and heal you of all that is in the world.
  • MockingBird on Habakkuk 3:19
    I can do all things through the word : by the word : and in the word : Jesus Christ which strengthens me. I receive God 's strength from His word. He makes my feet as the hinds feet that climbs mountains . He makes me to walk in high places. God always lifts up !!!! I will sing unto the Lord : Victory !!!!

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