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  • Angela on Revelation 22
    I was in an Intercession conference on tonight., and mention of rivers, tree of life was the subject throughout out, we even went to Revelation 22-1,2. What prophecy was spoken on tonight was good, cause God 's word is good and very good.
  • RasTafari on Wisdom of Solomon 19
    Commandments from the Most High Priest, of the order of Melchezideck and Aaron. Christ Jesus of whom there is so much confusion now. No mere man, immortal and ministering Spirit. Most Wise Book. He is the true Solomon, look at the Wonder of this temple that he has built for praising God.
  • LISA OWENS on Psalms 27:13
  • Bennett on Psalms 54
    With GOD there is light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Splitter chikwez on Matthew 24:14
    the good news that JESUS left should be preached in the whole world so that we may be saved
  • Lilian on Isaiah 61
    Jesus cannot stop loving us, We are precious to our God and all our names are written in the palm of his hands. How great is our Lord Jesus. He is a good Shephered who always lay down his life for his sheeps. We must praised Jesus and thank for his precious blood that shed for us as this is the symbol of his love and mercy. Thank you Jesus you are the Savior, Powerful and Faithful to his promises. Jesus loves u
  • Partridge Mutiso on Genesis 6:3
    Benefits of Salvation 1. Forgiveness of your sins Luke 24:47, Acts 4:12, Luke 5:17 2. Heals All diseases Mathew15:26 Healing is bread for the children. 3. Redeems your life Psalms 124:4-8, Mark 9:21-22, Psalms 91:2-10 God preserves me from destruction!
  • Motdaugrnds on James 4
    Joe, I do so appreciate your prayer for me. Thank you. I 'm determined to keep my faith in our loving Heavenly Father...no matter what may befall me...as I do indeed walk by faith and have for many years now. I have asked God to help me discern between the spirits that seem to be bombarding me and I know He will and that I will receive the clarity needed when He deems the time is right.
  • Paul senior on Psalms 23
    What a beautiful assumption many times in my life I have been saved from harms way and not realizing till after that it was God almighty that saved me thank you lord you are in my heart and there I want u to stay you have made me feel safe and. I shall have no fear for you are with me and I am truly thankful
  • Lilian on Isaiah 7
    God 's kingdom is not from this world but in heaven. God sent his only Son Jesus Christ to bring his word to us to be saved. His words are true and pure he who hear his voice will be saved. We must obey his words and commandments that he has given as this is our heavenly manna. Jesus came down to manifest in humanity in order for us to understand and believe that there is God who is above all. Jesus fullfilled the scriptures for us to be save from the works of the defeated enemy. We must keep thanking Jesus for everything he has done to our daily lives. He is worthy to be praised. Jesus loves you, he only wants us to believe in him
  • Melissa marash on Psalms 35
    Every time i read this prayer i get goose bumps.With this prayer you win all battles against the enemy
  • Endret aguro on 1 Thessalonians 5
    lord i offer my life to you
  • Maria on 1 Corinthians 13
    God is LOVE... Pure True Love... When we honor his Commandments we become LOVE and like him are able to show this LOVE in all we do and can give the same pure love
  • Dennis on Ephesians 2
    This Verse show that eternal life with Christ is a gift: one we can not buy or even work for and like a gift all we have to do is reach out and take by faith depending on Christ alone and Christ only- for he died for us all that we might have life more abundantly through Christ Our Lord.
  • Allen Jones on Job 13
    The part about Yet will I trust him says to me,it doesn 't matter what happens to me,God will be Glorified in in the struggle,take your best shot world I know where my help comes from.
  • MockingBird on 1 Samuel 2:2
    The four beasts are continually before the throne of God saying Holy : Holy : Holy : Lord God Almighty : which was, and is ,and is to come. Revelation 4:8 God my rock is the most solid foundation there ever will be. Cannot be shaken or destroyed.
  • Ilom steve on Genesis 1
    Pls help me to Christ
  • Nd Okorougo on Hebrews 12:2
    Indeed,we christians should learn from the master Himself,not from our preacher of nowadays,who some are not even followers of Christ,though admires Him, but they have their own personal doctrines,doctrine of men,doctrine of church, which are mostly self centered.watch for their fruit,for by it you will determine if the three is good.And by their fruit you should know them.shalom!
  • Marlonshumpert on Jeremiah 1
    The first chapter of the book of Jeremiah is so profound here it is God says I knew you before you were formed only if we can realize just how important we are to God how much he cares about us that is a mighty statement then goes on to talk about I put my words in your mouth don 't be afraid. Then the lord goes on to say that I put thee over the nations and kingdoms remember in the book of Luke when Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness he took Jesus and showed him all the kingdoms of the world . But God told Jeremiah that he was going to route out and destroy that he was going come back and build and plant i 'm just blown away . I 'm just blown away because I see God doing something in the 21st-century along the lines with me
  • Thomas Agwom on Psalms 91
    This scripture is the reason why I am walking a free man and have the assurance of long and fruitful life in Christ Jesus...Amen
  • Sas on John 6
    jesus is real bread of live,the everlasting life.
  • Anthony Sims on Malachi 4:6
    Implanting a Godly legacy into my 8 yr old son, Peyton, is the most wonderful thing I can do for him. A pleasing aroma to God. Not land, not money, not the inheritance of a family business. The minor prophets of the Bible describe what has gradually occurred in human society. God will scrape humanity from the face of the earth and start over as described in the book of Revelation. But God has no concept of time. Thousands of years have passed, but the great day of the Lord gets closer each day. Jesus said few will make it to paradise. Many will be thrown into the abyss. It 's tough following Jesus with so many distractions in this sinful world. I encourage each christian who reads this to study Matthew 5 6 and hear the instruction given to us from our God who became a man so he could love us up close. Enjoy the the grace Jesus died to give us freely so we may come and live with our loving God in his many mansions.
  • AMBROSE SHANE on 1 Peter 2:9
    It is by grace not by our holiness that we are chosen. The blood on the cross was not because of our rightiousness bt bcause of our sinful nature. God 's unconditional love made Him set us apart as a chosen race and we only need to realize it. Glory to God!
  • Trins on Psalms 91
    That God has power and dominion over every thing and every body.By putting God and being obedient to his word, he will protect u and keep you and your family from harm way. God said if I be lifted up I will draw all men on to me Amen
  • Wendy on Psalms 86
    Lord, Thank you for your mercy and your truth
  • MockingBird on 1 Thessalonians 5:18
    It is a Good thing to give Thanks : I get myself in the habit of Thanking my Lord and Savior and God my Father all the day long. Soon it becomes a natural thing for me to do and I cannot see me in ever changing It . To become natural with God is to be unnatural to the world friends : family : coworkers : acquaintances : and in the marketplaces Thanking God with a Thankful heart pleases God and opens up Blessings . God is so GOOOOOOOOOD !!!!! Wouldn 't you say so ?
  • AMEN JAY on 1 Thessalonians 5:18
    Thanks giving is human open doors to super naturally Blessings from GOD,So children of THY MOST HIGH lets give THANKS at all time
  • Joseph miller on Psalms 47
    I sing of thanks to God cause he counts me worthy.
  • SEUN on Luke 5
    Th man with palsy had good friends who led him to Christ to have his soul saved before healing him physically. Lord make me such friend in Jesus name.
  • Esther on Mark 4
    Pray with me brothers sisters that I will be faithful as the mustard seed.

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