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  • Brianna on 1 Samuel 12:22
    If we continue to obey God 's commandments, He will not abandon us. We may stumble , but if we try our best to serve him he will help us. He has set aside a people for his name, and for the sake of his name, and what his name means, become what he shall become, he will not leave us.
  • Lilian on 1 Corinthians 11
    Jesus have redeemed all of us in the cross, we are all saved both men and women. Jesus loves us so much and in him we are one in Christ. Jesus chose the first apostle which is a woman to preach his good news. Jesus has perfectly designed a women for the man. For all women we are already loosen. We already made whole by touching Jesus garments. We must believe Jesus now as a Son of the Living God who came into flesh and died for our sake. Thanks to Jesus for his precious blood that shed for us. We must love and accept Jesus commandments until rapture. Be blessed and continue walk with Jesus in faith and not by sight. Jesus loves you.. Amen
  • Bozki on Luke 12
    Jesus Taught us not to Worry, But to have Faith in God and to seek first the Kingdom of God and and His Righteousness,...First, God Blesses us because we have Faith in him, and our Faith made us whole, Truly If we only have Faith in God it triggers Him to pour out his Blessings. and Secondly, He pour out more his Blessing because we seek first the Kingdom of God, which is doing the things that what God wants us to do, and His Righteousness is that doing this things only for the Glory of His Kingdom....God Bless...
  • Ray ortiz on Matthew 24:44
    We will never know the hour when Jesus is coming. We must be ready to meet him in the clouds. like the thief in the night. We know it 's near because of the signs of the times. Amen
  • Uno hoo on Romans 3:16
    The end of the wicked is destruction and misery, both in life and death. Death for the Christian is a God shepharded transition into His heavenly abode where all tears will be wiped away. Not so for the lost who have their misery forever.
  • Rpurry on Matthew 24:44
    Please get to know Jesus for yourself! If you don 't have him as your personal savior just say Jesus come into my life I submit myself to you and I believe you died for my sins and rose again with all power. Know that Jesus loves you and you are the righteousness of God in him.
  • Ray ortiz on Matthew 24:44
    Only Jesus knows the time when he is coming. Be prepared for the clouds, if you are in the Family of God.
  • Blessed on Matthew 24
  • Geraldine cole on Psalms 91
    God is willing to help us if we are willing to listen to him remember God has a deep deep love for his childern nothing in this world can touch that love this love is not base on if we do good or not it unconditional Amen
  • Maggie Mokwena on Exodus 22
    from 22-24,when i read these verses,they give me assurance that even though my biological father passed on yrs ago, I have a father in heaven who is watching over me all the time. I just have to call out his JESUS name,then everything bows...JESUS, JESUS, ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS CALL HIS NAME singing
  • Ron Myers on Matthew 27:51
    This act of God the Father was proof of fulfillment of the words of Christ God the Son on the Cross... "It is Finished complete . " I.e., mankind both Jew and Gentile was free to approach a righteous and holy God on God 's own gracious terms the atoning Mediator, Jesus Christ , without fear of judgement.
  • Alisa on Psalms 126
    The Lord is MY Sheppard, I SHALL NOT WANT!!!!! Amen
  • Caron on Isaiah 53:5
    I am healed , thank you JESUS
  • Anne on Mark 10
    If we seek first the kingdom of God all things will be added unto us.
  • Blessed 2 on Joel 2
    This solidifies my assurance in restoration and faith in God 's protection and promise.
  • MockingBird on Galatians 3:28
    God does not pick and choose !! All that have received Christ Jesus within their heart are all of one in Jesus Christ. God is so Good to all . He wants all to have eternal life and to be blessed in Him
  • Catherine on Psalms 121
    It brings comfort to me, knowing that someone is looking out for me.The Lord is my keeper,my strengh when i am weak and hope for tomorrow, a better day.
  • Annie Zalira Pelewelo on Isaiah 40:31
    As I trust in the Lord, our God,it doesn 't matter how long I have been in that unfavorable situation, God will strengthen me and I will overcome through the renewal of my strength.Hallelluah
  • Mrs. Anderson on Psalms 23:4
    Shadows can seem, feel and appear to be very real. For most of us growing up if we saw our shadow in the dark it would scare us! For in the dark is only when shadows appear! Therefore our greatest fear is not will I have to walk through the valley of the shadow of death but when my turn comes and it will or already has , Will I We trust God in our darkest hour, will we trust him to be with us when all has failed and their is no one to call upon, upon this earth...I feel as though many of us are, facing this shadow even as I type. But God is calling us to have faith in the darkest hour s of our lives......The world is a dark shadow! It reflects many images yet if we make a conscience concrete decision that it is only a shadow, then and only then can we say to the shadows of darkness I will not fear, for the Psalmist is guiding us to understand its just a shadow not real images at all! God will have the last say of all of this and as HIS children lets take faith in the REALITY that I WILL NOT FEAR, for thou art with me! Be Strong in the Lord!
  • Debba Murphy on Hebrews 4:16
    This scripture confirms that we can go boldly to God in prayer without being in fear of a just and merciful God. I am free! Through the blood of Jesus.
  • Insight 777 on Matthew 7
    Verses 15 and 16, wolves, thorns and thistles cause bodily injury. Beware of men that claim to be religious but are false prophets that will physically harm you to express their beliefs. God is love, not hate. Teach the words of God peacefully, with patience and understanding. " Put on then, as God 's chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassion, kindness, lowliness, meekness, and patience...forgiving each other. " - Colossians 3.12-13
  • William on Luke 24:25
    Dear All, i am blessed please do remember me in your prayers.With Best Regards
  • Nevaeh on John 14:3
    "And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself that where I am, there ye may be also. " John 14:3 I really love this verse such as "For god so loved the world, he gave his only son. However believes in his shall not perish, but have eternal life. " John 3:16. It 's amazing to now that God has prepared a place for us and will come to get the people who love him and are ready for him to forgive our sins.
  • RNM 22-4-5 REV on Revelation 22
    Revelation 22-4-5...Stanley H, I think I got side tracked from the question, If in this age a person of sound mind, trying to live a life for God, has repented, and has been through the sanctification process during their life, has read and studied the word, but has not yielded their spirit to God 's Holy Spirit to grasp the truth that God 's is reveling, which He does, God is Just, probably on numerous occasions Gods Spirit moves us to see the truth whether we pick up on it or just plainly ignores it is our mistake, the scripture tells us that we are to work out our own salvation with trembling and fear, I feel God gives us every chance or opportunity to find the truth, but as the nature of people are, they see what they want to see and are blind to the rest especially if it goes against the flow of their rubber stamped religion and they will go to their grave in this condition, then their fate is sealed, their is no return, their is always exceptions, and only God can read the intent of ones Heart, and our Lord and Savior will judge every person and we know He will be more than fair, but we need to get the word out, that is why I use this site to do just that. You know as a Dad their is nothing better than to have obedient children, well we get that from God who created us in his image and likeness, that 's all He expects to. AMEN!!
  • Christine Mccrea on Psalms 37
    For today I have no food in my house for 3 days to feed myself and my son, I pray and thank God for each and everyday he gives us life, gives us strength to carry on.
  • Micheal adeiza on John 20
    The resurection of jesus christ has free us from death.
  • Rev. Tim George on Luke 24:30
    When Jesus took the bread, and blessed it, the eyes of the disciples were opened, and they knew it is the Lord. After that Jesus vanished from their site. Then they said, did not our hearts burn within us, as He opened with us the scriptures. O how I wish we could have been there! Happy Resurrection Day everyone, for He is risen just as He said.
  • Elizabeth A on John 13:5
    I like bible it my favorite and I love reading bible for the first one I will thanks Jesus, God and I know Jesus already blessed me and my all family and you thank you.
  • Janka James on Matthew 6
    Reading the word daily keeps us strong in Him
  • David on Mark 15:34
    My God My God, why hast you forsaken Me...Jesus bore all our sins to end of age. God literally turned His back on His Son momentarily 'cause sins was so horrifying ugly. The death and resurrection of Jesus given us Victory...

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