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  • JOYCE AZUMAH on Jeremiah 29
    The message in this verse Jeremiah 29 11 is what has carried me since and will still be ,it gives me hope ,patient and full confidence in God that he is still with me in the journey of my life.
  • Dores on Psalms 27
    Waiting on God is hard but with patience and constant surrendering oneself to his will, we find strength to go on. From personal experience its an inward battle, doubt tends to cloud the mind but God in His infinite mercy helps our unbelief and somehow speaks peace to our spirits gi ing us the inner strength needed to wait.
  • Mattie C. on Psalms 91
    I feel comforted knowing that God is always with me and will never leave me, as he promised in His word. He also promised that His word would not return unto him void and Psalms 91 reaffirms my faith and belief that God is y protector, my healer, my deliver, my everything.
  • Pastor S. Johnson on Romans 8:37
    despite the suffering and situations in life we ought to knowthat through Christ we are more than conquerors that no situation can stop us from the love that he has in us. we can do all things through Christ which strengthens us
  • REV. HAMILTON PAGAN, M.A. on Joshua 1:5
  • MockingBird on Galatians 5:1
    I am to stand in the liberty of freedom from sin through my Lord Jesus Christ : Sin is bondage. Being made free from sin does not give me a license to sin. I am accountable to God to stand fast in the liberty that is purchased for me . I look back at what Jesus has brought me from and I see the horrible bondage that I was in : and I thought when I was in that bondage at the time that it was not bondage. OH !!! How manifold the Grace and Mercy of God toward me !!!!!!
  • Muhereza Innocent on Isaiah 32
    am blessed thank u Jesus.
  • Ramochela on Philippians 4:6
    Our requests should be in line with the will of God.His timing is perfect.In the book of Daniel,God gave an answer to a prayer after three minutes and on another occasion after twenty one days Daniel 13 .His answer could be yes,no,or wait.One pastor told of a lady who was devastated when her relationship fell apart.She felt like it was the end of the world.However,three years later she met the pastor and told him that she was happily married and that her previous boyfriend had already been jailed twice and was abusive to his wife.She indeed thanked God for not agreeing to her previous request.God is already in your future ,trust Him because He wants the best for you.Sometimes we have to thank God for closed doors. Whatever we get from God should be used for His glory.Is it riches? use them to help the poor so that they can give glory to God.After all we are only stewards of God 's riches.We must therefore strive to imitate Christ by having His heart and mind.He died on the cross for all who accept Him as Lord and Saviour. That 's love personified.
  • Stacie on Hebrews 4
    v. 12: Make yourself prepared to recite the Word of God, for there exists nothing more powerful than His Word. To be able to quote God 's Word as directed by your heart in any circumstance, is the most powerful tool and action we have, above all else, we are given God 's Word to speak with instead of our own imperfect mumbling.
  • Catherine on Psalms 1
    goodness sweet Jesus stay with me everyday of my life without you I am just a living shell easily broken but with you at my side I shall not fail again and make any more past mistakes you are my true pathway in life my strength my loyalty is always your sweet Jesus and your father Jehovah 's and pour the holy spirit on me and mine I love you saviour thank you for saving my soul by dying on the cross for me .
  • M on Matthew 7
    do not cast your pearl before swines, God word is to valuable to give to someone that does not want to hear the word of GOD and does LOVE HIM and is more concern about the the things of the world than their soul.
  • Gwendolyn on Psalms 37
    Psalm Chapter 37, has brought me great comfort during my transformation from married 25 yrs to single. I gave up everything, the American Dream, just for a peace of mind. I walked out on faith with just 37.00 worth of coins, and God has been with me all the way. God can do everything but fail, he 's my all and all. All I can say is thank you Lord!
  • Apergis on Psalms 25:17
    This helps me lift my spirit during this hard times going thru my marriage.
  • MockingBird on Psalms 25:1
    I lift up my soul unto my Lord He is my Lord and my God : I will Praise Him and I adore Him. I love Him because He first loved me. I am Blessed : I am Blessed !!!!
  • Segun Onanusi on Proverbs 16:7
    Enemies are inevitable, some will even dislike you for nothing sake, but if you acknowledge God in everything you do,ie doing whatever you do as if you are doing it for God. Then those who sees you as enemy will be compelled to align. You will become a light, indispensable and important. So if you are victimized, and it seems everyone is against you and you wonder why things are turned upside down then the first thing to do is examine your life,character and your actions at that period. Does it pleases God?, can God depend on you?, is it in agreement with the word of God. If No, you need to start adjusting your ways but if yes, you have nothing to worry about, just keep on doing your best following His guidance.
  • Blessed on Psalms 25
    my sins are forgiven. though JESUS CHRIST I CAN REPENT AND SIN NO MORE.
  • Leah Gordon on Psalms 91
    His presence is truly my hiding place. I intend always to dwell there not to visit, but dwell there forever. I love the presence of Jesus. Its even better to me than life itself because within His presence my entire being is greatly fulfilled!!! Hallelujah! This is my dearest scripture, I can truly live Holy, successfully, and effectively by living this word.
  • Brad Sloan on Psalms 23
    I love the 23rd Psalm. King David is one of my Old Testament heroes. I 'm looking forward to meeting him in heaven.
  • Geoffrey istifanus on John 14:20
    Do you know that Christ is in you? anyone who destroy the temple of the lord, he will destroy him too. stand in Jesus alone.
  • Teye Amewudah Patrick on Jonah 1
    Obey simple instructions from God almighty and it shall be well with you
  • Elizabith omoniwa on Esther 8
    our GOD work in a miraclous ways
  • Marcia on Psalms 56:11
    This is powerful words god is saying he can do all things for us we just have to trust him and believes
  • Kolibri on Psalms 6
    I felt that God was speaking to me while I was reading the verses. I spirit has been uplifted
  • Apurva on Jeremiah 29:11
    Praise be to the lord in the highest.May his plans be fulfilled in our lives
  • Mary Ealey on Psalms 39
    I am so sorry for you, I will say a prayer for Michelle, that God will ease her pain and that she can rest in peace. She is going to a place where their is no more sickness just joy and happiness and see her heavenly father.
  • William parker on James 3
    I began to memorize James over twenty years ago with a men 's study group but was interrupted because of my need to assist my father who died of lung cancer. I can still quote a portion of chapter one.I am now 67. Praise God for the power of His wonderful word. I love the book of James.
  • John mohai on Joshua 6
    We need men and women like Joshua even today.
  • Jackie buys on Psalms 23
    Just the taught of knowing that we can depend on the Lord for without Him we are nothing. God really restored my soul I just LOVE him with all my Heart with all my Soul and all my strength. I have been walking in the shadow of death and the Lord came and uplifted me.
  • Priscilla Kisakye on 2 Timothy 1:7
    This verse has helped me bury the fear that I have been having. For it shows that fear is not of God,it was not given to me by God. So if I am the Lord 's why should i fear?
  • Ruith on Ruth 1:14
    I think she was amazingly faithful with complete confidence that where she was and what she did was Gods will. She is a visual of the verse that says, "He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water that bringeth forth its fruit in its season ". She honored the first commandment with a promise in honoring her mother in law. She is clearly beloved of God having a closeness with God so apparent that his only son would be delivered through her lineage. I think she is the most important woman in the o.t. bible. My thoughts of Ruth the Moabites have yet to cease in number and the richness of the teaching becomes more deeply rooted in my soul with each study of the book. I believe this to be the greatest love story of all time,

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