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  • Tinashe Bande on Proverbs 10:22
    This verse is a reminder of what God 's blessing is capable of, materially. Contrary to the popular unbiblical view that being poor is a sign of spirituality, God blesses those who know Him. Just like He did in the days of old to those who loved Him, like Abraham, Jacob and Solomon, God is capable of blessing one beyond measure, for His glory.
  • Yvonne on Job 7
    All my life I have struggled. Sexual abuse at age 6, molestation and even rape. Drug and alcohol addiction. In and out of recovery centers. 3 attempt suicide. My Dad died, 3yrs later my only child took her own life. Step Dad passed away and even my dog. In the last hospital a security guard told me to read Job I always carried a Bible when ever I tried to get help , when I was released I read Job and still today I read it . It 's going on a yr of my Mom 's passing. My husband is very sick. I refuse to lose faith . Jesus spoke to me 20 yrs ago on 4 different occasions . I went to AA , sometimes to Church. I read my Bible and any spiritual book to help me. 20 yrs clean and sober by the Grace of God.
  • Shreejith on Psalms 23
    Psalms 23 is about God 's unfailing Love Care. How He cares for those who completly depending on Him. " GOD IS SO GOOD "
  • Lakaye on 1 Corinthians 6
    Thank God for the blood and baptism. It washes And cleanse us from all filtiness of the flesh. To live is Christ and to die is gain.
  • Blessed on 2 Chronicles 7
  • MockingBird on 2 Chronicles 7:14
    First : I am called by His name : Second : I shall humble myself before Him and am still learning to do so to this day : Third : I shall pray Fourth : I will seek His face :Fifth : I will turn from my wicked way : Sixth : Then my God will hear from heaven and Seventh He will forgive my sin and Eighth He will heal my land. This is an on going process all my life here on this earth. Praise God for the Privilege of prayer.
  • M on Isaiah 54
    The only thing that I can is thank you GOD for all that YOU have done and are doing , and that is protecting all of your children. LORD I can not love you enough.
  • Maurice Aird on Isaiah 49:16
    It would be like God keeping a picture of you in his wallet and taking it out to show everyone. This is my special daughter or son, I am waiting for them to move here, so I can enjoy their company forever.
  • Arnold on Luke 1:37
    yap its true God never foresake his people and when he promises he does so.conclusively nothing is impossible with God.
  • Lipson on 2 Timothy 2
    In deed i came to realize one thing in life that one cannot go anywhere unless he she puts his her trust in God. Some time people are fond of lying to themselves that they cannot see what 's happening in the real word. May have tried to mock God but the question is that most of them "where are they? " some are no more. Christians, when we trust in God and believe that HE saves then that is when God shall reveal HIMSELF through as so as the whole world can know Who HE is. Another way God cannot also reveal Himself through various situations that you go through. Sometimes people god through hard situations and ask themselves so many questions as to whjy they should go through such. The answer is simple, God cannot reveal himself through not only one way, even Jesus underwent the same situation and he was able to overcome. Friends, even me i sometimes go through such cases but through persistent trust in God we are able to overcome as per my experience.
  • Blessed on Hebrews 11
    beloved i wish above all things that you prosper and in health even as your soul prospereth
  • Dahlia Daniels on Psalms 91
    The LORD is letting you know if you make HIM your EVERYTHING no-matter what you go through he got you COVERED so if things look bad just don 't give up BECAUSE GOD GOTCHA
  • Olabode on Proverbs 3:6
    In all areas of our lives,we should absolutely trust and have confidence in him and he would make our ways prosperous.
  • Lisa on Psalms 91
    My dad use to read this every night until he passed away 3 years ago. He told me to read at a low point in my life and i have done so continually. It gives reassures me that God is the alway by my side, protecting me from all evil.Praise be to God!!
  • Daniel on Acts 16
    Many are devices of a man heart, but the council of God will always prevail. In the midst of all the accusations livid on Paul,Silas and the others keeping the faith God had to use a different means in bringing man to the full knowledge of Jesus Christ as the king of kings. Every knee will bow down coming to the full knowledge of the saving power of Jesus.
  • David on Joshua 4
    our GOD is a powerful GOD.
  • Pella on Psalms 94
    my help in times of trouble is the king of kings.
  • Thomas Varkey on 1 Peter 1
    I am a Catholic. I hear many Catholics say that the Bible in itself is not enough after all Bible has been put together by the Catholic Church and therefore the Catholic Church is the pillar and foundation of truth. This is so wrong. Only God is the Creator and everything and everybody else are creatures and created by Almighty God including the Catholic Church. When we see the Bible as the creation of the Catholic Church, this totally changes the truth regarding the Word of God. That is why Peter asks us in 1 Pet. 1:13 to girdle ourseves to receive truth as it is without prejudice or pre-conceived misleading notions and biases. Until we are ready to do this, we will never understand the truth in the Bible. This is the reason why the Catholic Church is fixated so much on devotion to saints and the Virgin Mary even though the Bible clearly states that there is no meadiator between God and man. I do believe that the Catholic Church should return to the infalliability of the Word of God and take the Word of God as the true Word of God without adding to it in any way or taking anything away from it. Until that happens, it will never get out of some of the errors that is besetting the Catholic Church and enslaving it.
  • Shadrack on Isaiah 40:8
    The word of God will forever stand.
  • Jeanette on Philippians 4:6
    Jesus heard my prayers and healed my family. Thank you Jesus.
  • Lilian on 2 Corinthians 3
    God has anointed us as his child. God 's love endureth forever. Thanks to Jesus for leading us to the Living Water where only the word of God we recieved peace, joy, happiness and life in abundance. By obeying God 's words and meditating them day and night all things that we need will be prosper and will be added. What a promising God and a loving Father. Amen
  • Wendy on Psalms 9
    God said your enemies will not triumph over you he is in control no matter how the road may look praise be to god
  • Qunley on Mark 10:18
    The verse is as clear as it is. Jesus was called "GOOD TEACHER " and logically could be explained as the PERFECT ONE and he corrected the man that no human is perfect but THE LORD THY GOD. Simple. Say the TRUTH and let it set you free.
  • Aileen Thorne on Psalms 91
    As most of the previous comments, something is VERY POWERFUL with Psalms 91. I have been reading this as a child and to my mother and father. My mom however, was always inspired by the WORDS and verse 4 is now written on her headstone.
  • Brianna on Psalms 118:6
    Developing a healthy fear of Jehovah God, and only men empowers us. I use to be very timid, afraid of "conflict ", not speaking up for what 's right. However, as my relationship has grown with God, I have become bold! In a good way. I have confidence in defending Bible truths. I also, have become bold in protecting my service to him by standing up to my employment and letting them know I have to have time to serve my first "Boss ". Cause Jobs nowadays want your whole life The boldness God supplies is empowering, because we rely on HIM to supply us with what we need, and not any human or institution.
  • Roberta clark on Psalms 23
    It is so inspiring to my soul and I love it because I feel so good to know that the Lord I with me. I feel so secured and loved by Christ
  • Sumr on Psalms 91:2
    Trust in the lord at all times no matter what you may be going through.
  • Nozipho on Matthew 4:4
    I find this verse clearly explains to us that we must not focus to our physical body needs worrying about what to ware or what to eat ,rather than focus to the needs of our soul.in addition this verse clearly inform us that we can not survive without Gods word. His word is Life.
  • Maye on Mark 11
    This is my favourate bibble reading, it makes so much sense and is straight foward, that only if i beleive will i get what I am praying for.
  • DeBor'a Honey B. on Matthew 6:34
    If God can take care of the animals, trees, pets, enemies, homeless, fools, special needs, families, pastors, teachers, coworkers, supervisors, children, parents.... Why not me? Abba Father:- With My Whole Heart I Trust!!!!

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