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  • Nokuthula Dube on Romans 12:20
    love this scripture we need to pay back evil for good for we cannot be conformed to the standard of this world only God has the right to avenge for he says if we love him we shall do as he says,we need to understand that the very people we hate carry our blessings l would advise every christian to do as God says in his word so we don 't miss our blessing anyway you lose nothing by doing good Jesus did good and gained everything so if. we want all that God has for us we need to trust his word and live it
  • MockingBird on Romans 7:6
    I was dead once but when Jesus came into me I was made alive to God : I am a new creature in Christ Jesus : Old things are passed away , Behold all things are become new. I am not under the law any more wherein I was held : That does not give me a license to sin : I serve now in the newness of the Spirit !!! Yes !! Amen !!!
  • Idalia on Ruth 1
    A true humble heart, God does not turn away. As history shows, this young widow is inserted into the lineage of which King David is born. What an amazing privilege. This is grace. It 's not where you came from or who or what you followed or did in your past past, rather who you follow now and what direction you are going in now. Jesus is the way, the truth and life.
  • Marilyn on John 2
    Whatsoever saith unto you do it. Even if it doesn 't make sence. He will perform a miracle before our eyes.
  • Sandie Nagy on Proverbs 11
    It 's not just chapter 11, I would like to comment on. Many years ago a pastor pointed out how Proverbs has 31 chapters. He said it is a daily devotional in the middle of our Bible. It 's the book of wisdom and instruction. I 've been reading through Proverbs as part of my daily devotions for over 30 years now. It has been a blessing and voice of instruction and still is. I praise God for His Word and the pastor that showed me the treasures to be had by reading through Proverbs every month.
  • William Robinson on Matthew 6:3
    It 's gives me a better understanding about giving and receiving. Thank you Lord for your great leadership.
  • Lisa on Revelation 2:5
    I think that all Christians should heed this warning. It applies as much to us today as it did back then. The bible is a fantastic Book. Has the answer for everyone
  • Joseph Oliwa on Numbers 23:23
    According to what i picked from Numbers 23:23, there is nothing that Satan or evil can do against a man of God and his God fearing nation. in other words, Satan is and will forever remain powerless before God and his beloved children
  • Bernard on Psalms 10
    God is the greatest and no one is equal to him. Guidance and protection and forgiveness of sins belong to him.
  • FIKILE on Isaiah 54:17
    It really gives power and strength knowing that you are being looked after by the Almighty body gaurd , who does not sleep not a wink , when all earthly ones sleeps and are not trust worthy . Glory be to the living God .
  • Cassandra byas on 1 Kings 2
    I Love this Holy Bible,and Holy Bible reading.Thank you.
  • Miriam on Psalms 27
    Psalm 27 has given me the spiritual and physical strength which I was needed in order to survive many severe trials some one to turn to specially my love ones I found no one to help me which resulted in severe depression until I read THIS PRECIOUS PSALM. Since my youth, I have experienced many disappointments and illnesses which I have been able to resist BT THE GRACE OF GOD. I TREASURE THIS PSALM.
  • Peter Bailey on Psalms 51
    In all honesty this is a powerful reading that draws one to know who God is. Jesus did not came to save men in their sins but to save them from their sins. David ask for forgiveness and he repented of it and most importantly he forsook the sin that he had committed. He did not ask forgiveness and continued in it. Like the scriptures states be ye therefore perfect even as your father in heaven is perfect. Can we live a sinless life? Yes we can. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me " The scripture states that "all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Remember the word said "SINNED " that is in the pass. My point here is this when one has given their lives to jesus wholly and allow him to direct their lives he will keep us from falling into sin that is why he tells us to "be ye therefore PERFECT EVEN AS YOUR FATHER IN HEAVEN IS PERFECT. That is why it states that DAVID was a man after Gods own heart.WE can be free from sin. Like Jesus tells those that came to him for healing what did he say unto them after healing them? "GO AND SIN NO MORE " WE we believe that we can live a sinless life then it will happen but if we doubt it will not happen.Gods words has bower it them, he say Go And sin no more and it is so no more no less.
  • Indran naidoo on Isaiah 53
    father i thank u for your son JESUS CHRIST who u sent to wash away our sins and carry our burdens.We love u with all our hearts and souls.We rise our hands to the LORD of LORDS and KINGS of KINGS.The author and finisher of our FAITH. AMEN
  • RiceT777 on Isaiah 54:17
    I know this verse is often used in times of need and despair. But I give praise to God in the good times and the hard times. I 'm a sinner that falls often. I 'm grateful that Jesus loves me, that he died for me, and that he has victory over death. My life, my live hood, my being all of me is in his hands. And I 'm so grateful that one more time I will take my discipline and walk away unharmed this morning. Amen.
  • Akubo Andrew Ojodale on Psalms 116:15
    Psalms 116 : 15. we are not to question God why? but this verse gave me the answers to the many questions we may ask why our beloved ones dies.it shows that eternal joy after death of our Godly beloved is far better than living longer on earth in sins. indeed this verse was a source of Hope when i lost my Dad and Mum,i know God wanted them home as victors to be with him.am grateful to God and i shall try and run a good race too. rest on DAD,MUM and my brother Junior.
  • Mike D on Psalms 119:35
    Following God is not always easy for the path we are on may at times be foggy and distractions my try to pull us off that path. David is asking God to be personally involved to the point of compulsion, make me to go. If it 's left up to me to go in any direction I want, more than likely I will choose the easy way, but when God is involved he opens and closes doors that ultimately causes us to wait on him and seek Him for direction. David said it 's going in God 's direction that he delights. I don 't think it 's necessarily loving the difficult way that brought that delight to David as it was being in the will of God and pleasing Him. That brings joy!
  • Issak on Matthew 6
    Moses did not split up the seas, it was .. "Jehova the Lord God of Israel "....that open it up as an heap.......!
  • MockingBird on Matthew 5:44
    When I went to work in my early 30 's .The place where I worked for the first ten years I was ridiculed greatly every day : I wore dresses and I gave testimony of my Lord Jesus Christ : With Holy Spirit help I was able to face it every day. It was very rough. I was to get up and seek the face of God for every day before I went to work. God came through every day. Little by little God removed those people from me and I was promoted to a higher place in work and able to make money. You stick with God and He will stick with you. It was ROUGH : God is Faithful.
  • Mike D on Psalms 119:24
    In this day of self help book and advice from friends and every conceivable avenue that promises direction we find that much of what we hear is conflicting at best. What are we to believe. The Bible is the one constant, tried and true that has stood the test of time. Guided by the Holy Spirit, there is never and conflict with it 's instruction.It is the only truth we need.
  • Bill Becenti Jr on Psalms 23
    Every time my body senses a negative feeling I look back think of and recite the Book Of Psalms Chapter 3.
  • Sinethemba Singaphi on John 10:28
    God fought for us to be in His hand and He won and here He is assuring us that we will never go to slavery again,there is no one greater or powerful than Him who can be able to take us from His hand,we are safe and secured from all harm and distraction.Praise God.
  • Rev Dr Paul K Wilson on Psalms 103
    Psalm 103 is a glorious song of songs. It is a master piece of praise worship psalms. It depicts our personal gratitude and praise unto the Lord. This psalm also assures us of the everlasting care of the Father in Heaven. His protection, justice and long-suffering are unfathomable. The saint totally gets immersed and rather drenched in the love of the Father through praise. I read Psalm 103 daily at dawn after prayers.
  • David Fig on Mark 5
    How many years did I spend in and out of different tombs in my life? Metaphorically speaking.. Possessed by many devils of my own. Then Jesus saved me! How good is our God! That he would even consider a lost, hell bound sinner such as I.Thank God for His mercy, grace, and love. For His mercy spared me from what I deserved... Condemnation. His grace gave me what I didn 't deserve... Salvation through the precious blood of His son Jesus Christ. All because of His unconditional love. Many devils left me the day I met Jesus. I know also that if I 'm not careful and decide to go back to fishing when things get hard for me, I may be fishing out to myself the same devils Jesus removed from me that glorious day. Praise God! To him alone be the honor and the glory for ever. Amen
  • Maggie on Deuteronomy 28
  • RiceT777 on Isaiah 54:17
    I know this verse is often used in times of need and despair. But I give praise to God in the good times and the hard times. I 'm a sinner that falls often. I 'm grateful that Jesus loves me, that he died for me, and that he has victory over death. My life, my live hood, my being all of me is in his hands. And I 'm so grateful that one more time I will take my discipline and walk away unharmed this morning. Amen.
  • Rasheena smith on Psalms 27
    I was thinking about what passage of scripture to read daily. My hand slipped right onto this scripture. So glad to know God sees me and knows where I 'm at and what I need. I will read and speak this over myself daily. Thank you Jesus
  • Blessed on Isaiah 53
    I am still graspinp the use of the past tense. Yet I know when GOD spoke it is. When JESUS said it is finished I believe. I am heal I am prosperous I have a soul that continuously prospers even in health.
  • Norm on Isaiah 53
    ALL PRAISE and GLORY to the LORD of LORDs and KING of KINGs, our dear SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST! Thank You JESUS for giving us life and saving our souls! We can never repay You but to love You with all our hearts! May Your will be Done! Amen
  • BLESSED on John 1

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