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  • Eaglesrock on Psalms 37
    JEHOVAH UZAM The Lord Their Strength. The Lord will make you strong. The Lord will make you hold captive the things that held you captive.
  • Eaglesrock on Psalms 19
    JEHOVAH TSORI O Lord My Strength.Do you think yourself strong? If you do not have God, where do you think your strength comes from? Without God there is nothing to anchor yourself to.
  • Eaglesrock on Psalms 18
    JEHOVAH SEL I The Lord My Rock. Rock of God is the foundation upon which my salvation rests. My salvation must be built upon something solid.
  • Eaglesrock on Psalms 27
    JEHOVAH ORI The Lord My Light. Mankind lost sight of who we are, where we come from, why we are here, and where we are going. Jesus came as light to help a blind world regain its sight.
  • Eaglesrock on Psalms 18
    JEHOVAH MISQABBI The Lord My High Tower. What is a 'high ' tower? What is a 'high '. . .place of defense? It is not only a secure place. It is not merely a place of safety, but it is also a place of great vision.
  • Eaglesrock on Psalms 34
    JEHOVAH MEPHALTI The Lord My Deliverer. We need to realize that our enemies are fleeing and being brought into a state of confusion as we begin to worship and praise the Lord. When we offer God our praise we are causing Him to arise in our midst and put to flight the spiritual hosts of wickedness that are trying to defeat us.
  • Eaglesrock on Psalms 18
    JEHOVAH METSHODHATHI The Lord my fortress. Any fortified place a fort a castle a strong hold a place of defense or security. A fortress is a part of a fort, a place that gives you protection. It means that I realize that those are real bullets, that those are real bullets that are coming at me, those are real darts being thrown at me. A fortress represents a cover of protection. It is built specifically to make invasion difficult. In a spiritual sense it is like an Hedge of protection built around an object of interest.
  • Eaglesrock on Psalms 46
    JEHOVAH MACHSI The Lord My Refuge. Verse one states the Hebrews put their trust in God. They declared Him to be their refuge and strength. What was the strength of their adversary, the Assyrian army? God is present help in trouble. This is important to understand. When you get born again, you are not magically removed from all of life s challenges and difficulties. Rather, you re given the equipment to face those problems and be victorious through God who is your help IN trouble.
  • Eaglesrock on Psalms 18
    24. JEHOVAH KEREN-YISH I The Lord the Horn of My Salvation. Jesus as the horn of salvation. The kind of horn meant here is not a musical instrument but the deadly weapon of the wild ox. This is the only place in the New Testament where Jesus is called a horn, so we must go back to the Old Testament, no doubt where Zechariah got the image, to see what it means.
  • Eaglesrock on Psalms 3
    JEHOVAH KABODHI The Lord My Glory. We see then that the glory of the Lord is everything that makes God, God. All His characteristics, authority, power, wisdom literally the immeasurable weight and magnitude of God are contained within God s glory.
  • Anna on John 1
    Hi! I love trying to memorize the whole chapter of John. I am only twelve, yet I have memorized more than half! God bless you all!
  • HARY COLLINS on 2 Corinthians 4
    Isn t it a wonderful thing to know that by the infinite power of God that our spirit man is being renewed day by day.
  • Mrs Hambrick on Psalms 61
    Jesus now lives in me! I have been liberated and set free and cleansed purely by the blood of the lamb Jesus . Our God is Greater...Our God is stronger...God you are higher than any other. Our God is Healer ' ' Awesome in Power, Our God. I Love You
  • Terry mothemba chipota on 1 John 5:3
    I actually read the whole chapter and it really gave me the reason to leave beyond any circumstances, it gave me more hope,love,faith and understanding the power of my mouth,am not going to interpret it either way am just saying by my mouth from my fathers book my GOD that i quote "In Fact,this is love for God:to keep his commands.I love it here: And his commands are not burdensome.My Jesus.
  • John Bones on Revelation 1
    ive just started to take time to read revelation im looking forward to getting a lot out of it
  • Vernell rolle on Luke 2:52
    luke 2:52 hello, brothers and sisters take these words and speak them every day over lives. god 's word covers everything with out them we can 't do anything. how a bless day.
  • M0ckingBird on Psalms 61:2
    The Rock that is Higher than I is Jesus Christ !!!! His word is a Great Comfort : Deliverer : Healer : Safety : Preserverance : Soundness of mind : When my heart is overwhelmed : From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee !!! Praise God for the privilege to believe in and on Him and for the privilege of prayer !!!!I can approach unto my God without fear or condemnation knowing that He will hear my cry and my call upon Him and that He will answer. Even in some time when He is silent is an answer. To be submerghed in His presence !!!
  • Lilian on James 5
    Our God is forgiving God. If we repent ourselves and Sin No More, God already forget our Sins as he will never condemned us. God 's love is unmeasurable love, his mercies endureth forever. For God is love we must obey his commandments to love one another as he loves us. Thanks to Jesus for his precious blood that shed for us. Because of our Fathers love we are saved and have life in abundance. Thanks be to God.. Amen
  • Pratiksha pattanaik on 2 Peter 3
    Its just awesome it is always ever ready fr helping me at da tym of need....
  • JOAN on Psalms 27
    The psalmist is saying Christ is our everything so we should not be afraid of anything,just trust God to take care of us
  • Audrey on James 4
    Verse 10 As children of God our walk with him should be steadfast and humble. God cannot abide where there is too much pride and self righteousness. He will not walk with the proud nor the scornful. Our God is a jealous God and will withold all good things from us if our hearts are not in tune with his holy words. Our spiritual life that we think is worthy of a blessing will collapse if not justified from heaven. God expects us to be humble and sincere to his word. Be thou not boastful because God is not mocked. Humble yourself and the Lord will draw near you, humble yourself and his spirit will cheer you. He will not walk with the proud nor the scornful. Brethren let us follow Gods word and let our light shine so that others may see the light in us and follow our footstep. Amen .
  • MockingBird on Joshua 1:9
    This verse tells me that my Lord God is commanding me to be strong : In Him , His Word : and to be courageous , Bold in His word , to be fully persuaded : To Fear not , do not give the devil a foothold in fearing : neither to be dismayed . to be so devastated over a thing that I would attempt not to go near it : to Face that thing with Faith and Courage being fully persuaded that what God promised He is able to perform when I step out and Do !!!! Praise God !!!
  • Carmen decamp on Psalms 27
    This is such a wonder chapter in the bible, it 's food for the soul, i read it almost every day.I will encourage others to read same.reading the word of God brings peace and comfort,beloved we can see the bible fulfilling every day.
  • HARY COLLINS on Colossians 2
    What a great God we serve,that even the principalities and powers are all beneath his shoes.
  • Hubert asiedu on Micah 6:8
    The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom. Wisdom is simply the application of knowledge. Therefore GOD has been good for reminding to be just, merciful and humble which is the the only sure way to put on Jesus Christ. For HE said: " My yoke is meekness.... " These three requirements constitute meekness. Thank you, Father God, for being good to us . Glory, honour and power be unto Your Holy NAME.
  • Bob on Hebrews 10:26
    This verse has troubled me in the past. I was discussing it one day with a pastor and the Lord suddenly enlightened me. The author of Hebrews is trying to show his Jewish readers the superiority of Christ over the Law of Moses. He talks about Christ 's superiority to angels, the rest we have in Christ, His eternal priesthood which is superior to that of Aaron. He goes on to say that Christ 's sacrifice is superior to those of the Law Heb 10:12 and the new covenant superior to that of the old Heb 10:16 . The Hebrew readers had suffered severe persecution Heb 10:32-34 and were considering going back to the old system of the Law which included all of the sacrifices and offerings included therein. They were ready to abandon Christ and return to sacrificing animals to atone for their sins. The author tells them not to cast away their confidence in Christ which has great recompence of reward. For if they return to the old way of believing that sacrificing animals atoned for sins they are considering Christ 's blood worthless or an unholy thing. They were believers and had tasted of the Heavenly Gift Christ and were partakers of the Holy Ghost. Their decision to return to animal sacrifices was tantamount to: Heb 10:29 Of how much sorer punishment, suppose ye, shall he be thought worthy, who hath trodden under foot the Son of God, and hath counted the blood of the covenant, wherewith he was sanctified, an unholy thing, and hath done despite unto the Spirit of grace. He calls this type of apostasy "sinning willfully. " If you read Hebrews in this context it will make sense.
  • Sharon on Psalms 91
    For many years I have read this psalms. This particular passage has blessed my life! It brings comfort and peace and befits every aspect of life, one is experiencing at that moment. How can anyone doubt God. He 's real! He 's awesome! He 's love! He 's my favorite! He 's the light! He cares! He 's Alpha! He 's Omega! The soon coming KING!
  • God's Woman on Psalms 91
    Any man, woman, boy, or girl who takes most precious the matters of the Father, Son Jesus , and the Holy Ghost will be protected, comforted, cared for, loved, exalted, and so much more. Be steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord. Know that Satan is anti-holy. Satan hates everything that God loves family unity, man married to woman, celibacy, love and so on. Humans need to wake up to truth. Satan is at war with God right now, influencing people to be anti-holy. WAKE UP WORLD !!! Jesus is coming soon. Let love and obedience rule in your heart.
  • Abraham on John 3:16
    earlier i am telling that i have love the lord.but now i relaise that he is loveing me with everlasting.thank you god your wondefull gift to mankind JESUS
  • MockingBird on Galatians 3:13
    I Praise God that I have been set free from , Sin , Sickness , And death , and Poverty : Jesus Christ was made a curse for me that I may live . To live it abundantly in Lord Jesus Christ : His word. I have been made alive : I am alive unto God and He is alive unto me !!!!

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