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  • Emmanuel ebenezer on Revelation 12:11
    the blood was use for the sacrifice of the souls of the sons of God for the redemption of our soul, the blood is so precious to change life and destiny, Jesus sincerely died for all and pay dearly for the souls of the whole world.
  • Lilian on Matthew 22
    We must put God first into our life and seek the Kingdom of God, all the desires of thine heart will be given and added unto us. what a faithful Savior to his promises that he will never leave us or forsake us. thanks be to God for giving us his Son Jesus Christ to come and gave us life in abundance. Thanks to Jesus for the blood he shed for us. From his blood we are cleansed and washed by our sins. All we have to do now is to believe God and obey his commandments until rapture. Our Prayers must be completed with thanksgiving and praising Jesus for the things he have done to our life. Theres is no other Jehovah its only Jesus. Amen
  • Julie on Proverbs 29:7
    We should all be concerned about others and their plight. Unless we ourselves don't want the same compassion one day lest we be in the same position. God has a heart for the poor and needy. I pray that God will help me to have a compassionate heart.
  • Lilly Tauala on 1 Timothy 5:8
    I am so glad that I have read all the comments about the book of Timothy. It encouraged to be strong and to never let go of my faith.
  • MockingBird on Mark 9:23
    I am a believer : When I was raised from the dead : spiritual death , I became alive to God: To believe is to commit : to deposit stand on : rely on : When God gives you that word from Him , I can completely Trust that He will bring it to pass when I commit , deposit , stand , rely on Praise God : VICTORY !!!!! God will back you , me , with His Word !!!
  • MockingBird on John 11:25
    Praise God , I am alive : I am alive to God : I am alive in and to doing things with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ : Death hath no more dominion over me. O death , where is thy sting ? Oh , Grave , where is thy victory ? You have no sting and no victory over me. I once was dead but now I am ALIVE !!!!!
  • Tejaswini on Psalms 23
    Psalms 23 is my favourite chapter. My father, JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH has always given me the best of everything in my life and JESUS CHRIST has always given me, is giving me and will always give me abundant and double portion of happiness,fruitfulness,success,health and peace in my life. Thank you JESUS CHRIST for loving me so much and for showering your grace on me... I pray in the name of JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH... AMEN!
  • Brinna on Proverbs 22:6
    When my children were very young until they were in their late teens I used to read the Bible and a chapter from another Christian book and pray with them every morning before they started their day. They saw that I read and prayed each day as well. We went to church. Their Father was not a Christian. It seemed that my training did not impact them but their Father did however today both of my Children have their own children and read the word and pray with their children. So even though for a while they did their own thing they did come to Jesus. I give Jesus all the Honor and glory. Jesus touched their lives. His word is alive .....
  • Rebecca cruz on Proverbs 24
    V17 18 as hard as it is sometimes, we should not b glad when our enemy is being dealt with but pray for those people that they learn from the mistake. Otherwise when we are happy they are getting what we think they deserve it does not please God, our hearts are not right with God so therefore now he has to deal with our wrong attitude. So we need to pray for them as well as ourselves!
  • AMEN JAY on John 1:1
  • Mockingbird on John 14:2
    Jesus had an earthly ministry and now has a heavenly ministry : He is seated at the right hand of the Father making intersession for me : He is also building a mansion : He is a carpenter , you know : I believe that in accordance to my faith in Him while here on this earth , what I do with Him here is what I will have in heaven : Laying up treasure in heaven. What kind of mansion I have in heaven depends on how I walk and work while here on earth. Jesus walk while He was here on the earth afforded Him His position in heaven with His and My Father. HE worked for what He has in heaven : Even so must I !!!!
  • Arlette on Luke 15
    it shows the faithfulness of our father. that although we wonder away , he is willing to welcome us back.
  • Lona Yeargin on Revelation 1
    I love the study of Revelation, I do not understand all of it but the more I read and study and bible studies i am blest and gain more understanding.
  • Isaiah McCoy III on Matthew 11
    When I first read Mathew Chapter 11, it struck me that the greatest prophet born of women doubted that Jesus was "the one", even though he proclaimed earlier that "Jesus was mightier than him", Matthew 3:11-15. It struck me because it was a time in my life where I doubted for a while. As John doubted for that short time, Jesus reassured John who He was. And, just as He assured John, He has assured me who He is through His word and His Holy Spirit. I praise God for who He is, what He has done and for what He is going to do.
  • Sims on Psalms 116
    So much blessing out here! Hallelujah! About the Psalm, I just can't find the words to express the awe of being bound to The Power. Jesus is the exact representation of God. And when we see Him, we shall be like Him humble, gentle, kind, meek for we shall see Him as He is. Be blessed everybody, Jesus loves us!
  • Lu on Psalms 37
    If I have God on my side!!! Nothing, no man, no woman, can't stop God righteous to me! My mind read it, my spirit believed on his word!! The plans of God!! Blessed!
  • Francisco Collado
    I love GOD over all the things.!
  • JVH on 1 Peter 1
  • Sreedhar on Psalms 91
    My father used to read this for me, he passed away but these verse 14-16 speaks with me.
  • MockingBird on Philippians 1:3
    I Thank my God also for the rememberance of my Brethren in the Lord and I also Thank my Lord God for this web site of believers : I attain so much insight from all comments !!!! May God Bless and enrich you with Him every day !!!!
  • Jsmoove 17 on Nehemiah 1
    The great and terrible God such statements of profound reverence and faith are all but forgotten in this generation where it seems man is control via technology, smarts, and strength. We so easily forget how great and how terrible our God really is. Let us guard this faith and press forward with the hope of the gospel.
  • Cathy on Jeremiah 33:2
    God is the only God
  • Annastein on Psalms 1
    Psalms 1 gives us the knowledge of just how good and just God is to all people.
  • Joseph on Acts 2:3
    I have personally experienced, "Cloven Tongues" that which is mentioned in the Bible, an had three witnesses. The words written, describing the event is as it is written. God's word is true! Amen!
  • Freddy on Isaiah 43:10
    No Kevin your wrong. This proves Jehovah's witnesses wrong. They call Jesus "another" god. They change John 1.1 to ...and the word was a god. The Greek says the word was God.
  • C palacio on Psalms 54
    God is our creator. He saved us from a world of sin and hardship. No matter what problems you are facing he can and will solve them as he did for Daniel in the lion's den!!! Praise the name of Jesus forever! Amen
  • God's Woman on Mark 11
    Jesus Christ of Nazareth is Lord. The devil is defeated and we have the victory.
  • Lucretia on Psalms 30
    I was at work in the hospital and the middle of praying for patient's to be healed and I came upon Psalms 30:2. I believe God does heal. He is the Great Physician.
  • MockingBird on 2 Timothy 4:7
    Notice , the word says this is a Good fight : Many call good , evil , and , evil , good : The devil is the peverter of Faith : Run the Good race. I am not out to try to beat you or any one else : This good fight of Faith race it is an individual race : God gave each of us an assignment : I am to finish my course : and with Paul ,I am endeavoring to say : I have fought a Good fight , I have finished my course !!! I have kept the Faith !!!!
  • Pauline on Isaiah 65:24
    This scripture is so amazingly awesome.It just shows how much God cares and loves us.I just had another recent proof of this scripture.God is concern about every aspect of our lives and he hears and respond to our hearts before we even think to ask it.Thank you God for your Faithfulness.

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