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  • Lilian on Luke 1
    Our God is a good God all the time. He is a promising God he loves all of us that we cant imagine only believe him and seek our God first into our lives. All things that we need will be added. If we believe in Jesus we have everything that we need. Thanks to Jesus for sheding his precious blood to us so that we may have life in abundance. Jesus is our Life our Savior and our Jehovah the Provider.
  • Teresita damasco betonio on Psalms 23
    God is good to me now and forever.
  • Robert on Genesis 1
    The world was created in six literal days by the Godhead and it was perfect. The heavenly beings glorified God in the labour that He did. All but man was spoken into existance. I stand in awe of such an amazing, powerful being.
  • Elizabeth on Genesis 2
    Am happy to read the word of God
  • Toni on Psalms 91
    I believe that Psalms 91 is a prayer of protection from all evil that attacks the soul and spirit. We in the flesh, cannot always detect the intentions of evil doers. However with the prayer of Psalms 91, GOD will do his works to protect us from Snares and Fowler.
  • Tim on John 5
    It holds out hope for mankind by believing in Jesus
  • Brenda on 1 Samuel 5
    I want to learn the Bible
  • Modesta sigarroba on Proverbs 16
    I have always enjoyed God Holy word
  • Golden on 2 Samuel 3
    David would mourn for any of his children being a man after GODs own heart.. ! He mourned for Saul whom tried to slay David many times! Remember we are GODs chosen as they were!
  • Jeff Berry on Psalms 127
    Father, today I will praise you. Today I will bless you. You Father are my hope. You are my salvation. How great and merciful you are! I love you my Lord and my God with all my heart! Today I ask nothing of you. Today I will only praise you and thank you.

  • Vera on Psalms 127
    God is always concern about me
  • Jubal mwandawiro on James 1
    I enjoy the word coz it sets me free
  • Valentine on Psalms 23
    It's very good to have this app I love it ❤
  • Annie on Psalms 76
    Heavenly father I acknowledge your greatness in all the earth. To you all power glory and majesty belong now and forever..Let me live my life according to your word so that I may not know your displeasure. Create an unright heart in me. Let me avoid the folly of men and cleave to you alone. Be my mediditation day and night. Let my heart dwell in your presence always.
  • Annie on Psalms 66
    It is God's desire for a soul to worship him. The greatest point in a person's life is when they reach the point that they can say God you are all that matters. I give my all to you and forsake this world for I have found nothing and no one good in it but you.
  • Marilyn A. Nwabia on John 16
    God bless, Thank you for online Words of God
  • Amy Neff on James 2
    I love this bible
  • MockingBird on Romans 5
    By Faith in Lord Jesus Christ I am justified : What Jesus wrought for me through the death , burial ,and resurrection of Jesus and the faith of the operation of God I am declared justified and have access by faith into this Grace wherein I stand and having made peace through the everlasting covenant I have peace with God !!!! Can't ask for much better !!!!
  • Doreen on Jeremiah 1
    The Lord wants us to acknowledge our sins, stop back sliding and come back to Him. We must have the Heart of God who is our helper. Jeremiah had not one convert in his congregation and yet he had to keep going forward and doing the Lords work. Sometimes we may feel all alone as we look around and see no one but The Lord is with us always and will never leave us or forsake us.
  • Fajiwe Olabode. T on 2 Timothy 2:21
    If a man therefore purge himself from hatred, gossip, contaminated association, strife, sedition, pride, insincerity, etc he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified, and meet for the master's use, and prepared unto every good work.
  • Jackiesnyder57@gmail.com on Psalms 39
    I love God so much people make fun of me but to God be the glory I even loss my family for a time I love all of Psalms 39 vese 9 sstick out in the present of my enemies and don't say anything I call it shout mounth grace and your enemies don't know what todo
  • Teresa Snowden on Psalms 2
    I just want to say when I ask for help lord Jesus Christ is always there

  • Nancy Mizzell on 1 Corinthians 10
    thank you for this message of hope it will be a constant reminder that will get me through my day . God Bless
  • Rev. Stephen Doang Nyoat on 1 Corinthians 13
    Love is a true essence of God, but by men is misused. If any Christian study this chapter with insightful heart he or she can be a true believer and save many. In the bible says about love it is debt to pay to one another (Romans 13:8)
  • Annie on Psalms 47
    There is one truth that is eternal, God's majesty cannot be diminished by circumstances.
  • James Terry. Clark on Psalms 1
    This text. Is. Awesome. !
  • MWAPE MWANZA on Psalms 117
    This scripture is awsome. How Great , Wonderful and Excellent is our God. His loving kindness and Mercy towards us are just beyond human understanding. To Him be all the honour praise and Glory.
  • Leonie on John 14
    I just love this word its like Jesus is washing my soul and building up my faith and I know how much he loves me thank u for these precious words my sweet Jesus
  • Daina sautter on Matthew 11
    I think it's awesome. I don't read at all. I had trouble with the dialect but that's to be expected. I love the bigger text and how clear the over all message is. Thanks for improving the quality but never changing the scripture
  • Bryan McCloud on Job 1
    The book of Job gives me comfort in knowing that the suffering of this world is nothing to be compared to what we shall be in the future to come. God be the Glory!

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