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  • Minister gary gordon on Matthew 16:18
    Simply put when Peter "declared" that Jesus was the Christ...the Son of the living God,Christ confirmed that Peter had received revelation "directly from God Himself" and "that" which come's directly from The Father Himself "is"the ROCK", immovable and the gate's of hell or no other entity can "EVER" prevail against what the Father...the Creator institute's...end of debate !!!
  • Alim Fornah on Romans 8
    My favorite chapter in the book of Romans. In deed there are many Christian who are not living their lives according to the Spirit, but in the flesh. May the Spirit of Jesus Christ gives all of us Christians the POWER to live according to His SPIRIT. Amen.
  • Our LORD'S Word is so deep. Beyond our comprehension which is why the LORD gives us His Spirit of truth. This verse includes a reference to the Apocrypha Books which were part of the 1611 King James version. The King James version is the tried and true word of GOD as prophesied in Psalms 12:6. The KJV Bible took 7 times -or- 7 years to translate.
  • Don Martim on 1 John 3
    This was not written by John to tell the church to raise their standards of behavior. He was using the examples from the old testement law to make the point that sin was a barrier to participating in God's Kingdom. He ultimately directs the church to change the MOTIVE behind their behaviour. To DO Love, not just talk about Love. So when the voices inside all of us that question and doubt our place in HIM...that would tell us we aren't WORTHY of such a relationship, We can prove to ourselves the type of person we are in Christ by the Love in our hearts that drive us to such deeds if in fact we are responding to that Love that God has placed there . We can restore that confidence faith that those condemning voices might try to destroy... God does NOT condemn you, Who are we to condemn ourselves above his wisdom. Above His Sacrifice.And stop the powerful work that he is doing inside us, around us and through us. . . now go look at what Paul says about his own sinful state in Romans, end of chpt 7 and beginning of chpt 8...there is therefore now no condemnation to those that are IN CHRIST. Not because we ACT perfectly!
  • Gary g on Hebrews 8
    I'm excited that because of a better covenant that even I am forgiven thank you Jesus!
  • Mike D on Psalms 119:103
    Verse 103: How sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea sweeter than honey. As I read this verse my mind went to Job 23:12, Neither have I gone back from thy commandment of His lips, I have esteemed the words of His mouth more than my necessary food. Think of it. We have to eat to live physically, and it's no different in the spiritual realm. Those who eat of it of it once a week, and then just an appetizer, will flounder in their walk at best. When the storms of life come, they have no foundation on which to stand. Those like David will eat the meal and come to the desert, or the richer things found in scripture, they will soar with God. When they face trials or temptation, they are ready to endure them.
  • Trinity adwoa kwofie on John 9:25
    one thing i know is that he, has set me free. no one can set us free from the world and it ruler satan, unless, he has the power of God.amen.
  • Linda on Psalms 121
    Psalms 121 - Is my comforter I receive this daily. My God is awesome forever in our hearts, mind, soul, spirit. Pleasant help all the time. Wisdom Understanding Love Kindness Peace. Thank you Agape
  • MockingBird on Psalms 1:3
    The blind man saw men like trees walking : We are trees : and when we are being watered by the word of God we will bring forth the fruit we are to bring forth in our season : There is a season for everything . My tree will have plenty of sap so that my leaves will not wither : dry up and come to nothing : but because I am getting the right source of nutrition all that I do will prosper. If ye be wiling and obedient , you will eat the good of the land. Victory Prosperity : Healing : Health :Peace Joy and so on !!!! Praise God !!
  • GABRIEL AGUSTIN on Revelation 21:6
  • Nicole on Joshua 24
    Hello and God Bless all. I know Joshua is was a courageous and loving man. Whom so loved the Lord with all his heart n soul. Just the same as I do. My heart beats only for him. He is the love of my life m reason for my exsistance. I am the living witness Amen
  • Asem Richard Ofoe on Psalms 23
    The Lord Jesus Christ is my provider, my saviour, my healer and my everything on this eadth
  • Debbie d on Joshua 24:15
    whether big or small one or two it is my declaration today and to my ends time. me and my house will serve the one any only True God .Jehovah.
  • Trina Seymour on Proverbs 31
    Thank you Lord for your word and for the example that you have given me as to how you want me to be. HELP me dear Lord to change into the woman of God that you want me to be. Give me strength to obey so I can be all that you want me to be ,have all that you want me to have, and do all that you want me to do. I love your precious word in proverbs. Thank you again Lord I Love you.
  • PAUL JUTTA NKANSAH on Matthew 18:18
    This is powerful and very encouraging and it motivates me a lot .It tells me in the name of Jesus by his power given to me I have power over the evil one AMEN
  • Kim on Isaiah 26:3
    This scripture reminds us that God will give us perfect peace when we keep our mind or thoughts on Him. Life has many troubles such as a death of a loved one, or a traumatic incident, however the peace God offers is unlike anything or anyone else can provide. It soothes the troubled soul.
  • Donald on Revelation 22
    He is coming back quick
  • Norm on Proverbs 7
    LORD GOD most high, baptize us in the name of the Holy Ghost and make us to have understanding. Help us to know that the harlot is the world financial system which has entrapped all with debt that only You can pay and lies that only You can amend! ....that verses 22 through 27 warn that this current stock market correction is a precursor to complete financial collapse leading the world into Hell to be ruled by Satan! LORD JESUS, save us as only YOU can according to Your will, all for Your glory!
  • Blessed on Matthew 28
  • MockingBird on Matthew 28:19
    Let's just get out and " GO " : Teaching what you have been taught from His word : You cannot teach but only what you have experienced yourself : If you have Jesus name then you have God the Father : God the Son and God the Holy Spirit !!!! He is all IN all .
  • Abita on Psalms 121
    GOD is my protecter he wants us to come to him and have faith in GOD he's. always up watching us waiting for us to need and I always need GOD he watches us and keeps us from evil he is a wakeful and watchful keeper.No ,no one no if GOD is a man or woman,I tell u what though I LOVE my GOD AMEN
  • Angela riley on Romans 12
    Im living my life by the book of romans and i admit its very hard to forgive those who hurt me im tring to fill that with love. Its real challenge i have forgave one person. That was hard but as long as i know i forgave its okay, well the lord know as well. But the others i guess it just take time. Im not perfect the lord knows that as well. Im tring
  • Penias musumali on 1 Peter 4
    Wow! Seriously,am Encouraged no word.
  • BERNICE BONNER on Matthew 7
  • Anita on Psalms 91:7
    I no for a fact GOD love's me no matter what situation I'm in noing nothing or no one can help me and I come out of it it's GOD.There's a lot I have to do better I need to go back to church and praise GOD even harder,I no GOD loves me no doubt and I Anita love GOD with all my heart.AMEN Hallelujah.
  • Jay Prakash Behera on Psalms 6
    This chapter consoles comforts and strengthens my body mind soul in distress
  • Nkechi on Romans 4:17
    i know that my God is able to do abundantly, above all that u can imagine or think
  • Rhonda minnis on Psalms 23:6
    I'm so happy I know him and have him in my life .
  • Hector Rodriguez on Matthew 5:16
    Mathew 5:16 -- 1 . ITS A NATURE THING: We need to understand that God is Light 1John 1:5 so if we say that we have comunion with Him we also need to be light. it's a natural thing to be the same as, or to have the same character as. 1Peter 1:16 our father is holy so we need to be holy, our father is light so we need to be light. 2 . THE LIGHT IS ALSO FOR THE UNBELIEVERS: "let your light shine before man, so that they may see your good works". This goes on to be self explanatory, people will only want to follow you, or even want to be like you when they see in you the light, that your different than they are and that the difference come precisely from being light, and them from being slaves broken down into darkness. normally when some one is in darkness what they most want and need is light, so we know that the world lives in darkness with out Christ and so the need to be that light that the world needs.
  • John T on John 2
    Wine in the Bible reresents Joy. Without the Joy of the Lord first in any marriage it could fail. We need to put Christ first in everything we do. The leadership of Christ in our lives will help make any OLD or NEW marriage better!!

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