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  • Violet on Psalms 91
    This scripture keep me going throughout the day it's like a light unto my feet amen
  • Rael Anipha on Joshua 2
    With God everything is possible.believe and fully trust in Him.MAY HIS NAME BE PRAISED!!!!
  • Peter kwanga on Genesis 7
    As it was with Noah and all during his time so shall it be with us in the current world,we should not take God's word lightly, awaken b4 its too late and we start knocking on the door of mercy after it was long shut
  • PEETHALA SREEDHAR on Psalms 91
    This is the promise that I received from GOD, in every phase of my life it is proven. My father used to read this for me. GOD is there for us to wipe up our tears always.
  • Alexander Appeagyei on Genesis 1
    Jesus is the answer
  • Jo on Psalms 91
    What more can you ask from a true Father ? I thank my sister in Christ,Lucy for sharing wth me this scripture- that whole week I was going thru the storm ! GOD will always be the One I run to ,Amen !!
  • Amber on 2 Timothy 4
    Awesome powerful means soooo much it fills my heart empowers me pep talk that gets me going every time I read it and that's daily
  • AJ on Psalms 112
    When I think of 112 I rejoice knowing that God protects me when others wish harm on me. I can stand ea. and every day knowing God got my back.
  • Sabrina on Psalms 7
    The book of Psalms is very soothing to the mine and spirit it helps you pray and give to good consolation
  • Hardie Hillman on Revelation 1
    I love the word of my God.It make me happy.It give me peace an understanding.In liveing oneday at atime.an love for family an ofher.my name is Hardie.
  • Lilian on Romans 12
    God's words are always powerful than a sword. Obedience to Jesus words are more important to meditate than prayers for God's words will give us peace, life, happiness and life in abundance. Thanks to the blood of Jesus that shed for us. His blood are more than enough to give us life. We only need to do is to trust Jesus and allow him to make a plan and make decisions in our life for his works are just perfect and always right. Thank you Jesus and will praise and worship you forever for you are worthy to be praised. You are the only Jehovah our Provider, Lover of our Soul, Our Peace and our Righteousness. Teach us Lord to love and to wait on you. amen
  • EALIZABETH AOKO on Matthew 11
    I am glad that my Lord and saviour loves me and has already lifted off my burden.
  • Sue Colbert on Psalms 37
    Psalm 37 comforts me, greatly, in the face of deadly persecutions, against my whole body, done by domestic cyber terrorists, right here in the USA! My sin: Vs 30-31! My comfort,:32-34, but Psalm 37 takes me into the throne-room of God! There, I have indepth quiet communion with God! Thanks be to God! See also Psalm 103:1-5 !
  • Krystal on Deuteronomy 6:5
    Williams comment was inspirational. I love thy God the lord with all my might and soul. God is always there and I surrender to god every day. I give my all to God so that his will will be mine. Thank you lord for this life you have given me I am so truly blessed and grateful
  • Ferdinand Wanyisia on 1 Peter 2:9
    We are not of this world.We are God's chosen generation,a royal priesthood,a holy nation,a peculiar people,"HALLELUYAH"What a blessing!! Hey,you chosen generation,let us worship our heavenly Father in spirit and truth.
  • Elijah on Psalms 107
    I've been in total dismay for a long time, sick of all that life throws at me. As I sat here once again in my affliction, wondering why so much always befalls me, God has lead me to this Psalm and it has spoke to me in many ways on a personal level. Showing me that he is in charge, he does indeed understand the severity of my affliction, and my own iniquity is the reason for the chastening. It is not just mere bad luck why I've gone thru so much. Oftentimes I err in life thinking like a Deist and anything I do is vain and God is hardly involved with the affairs of men. But today God has shown great mercy and has restored hope to an idolatrous sinner who's forgotten the way of life. I'm so grateful to have such a great King and a loving Father. May power, praise, honor and glory His forever! Thank you Lord for being a Wonderful Counselor and a Mighty God to us all. Never forget like I did that he does know, and he does indeed care. Believe in him and his goodness for you. Seek his face for it is not in vain to do so. God bless.
  • Anonymous on Isaiah 54:17
  • Farida Theresa Lesperance on John 14:27
    Praise God. From the day I got revelation about this verse its still on my mind. I remember I was so troubled, worried immediately I took my bible just seeing me looking at this verse. John 14:27. From this day it hasn't left my mind. God is so good! Always on time!
  • Patrick Igbinovia on Matthew 9:37
    God is calling and booking for the people who will serve him in truth and in spirit . Christian who will serve him according to Romans 12 v 1 - 2.
  • Ngozi on Matthew 2
    Christ an innocent child, started being hunted for just in few minutes on earth. And devil never rested until he saw Jesus enter the grave. But, he thought it was his plan and has succeeded.Little did he realise that God worked on his foolishness to bring salvation and victory to man but eternal shame and destruction to him. It was God's plan and purpose. Jesus fulfilled his destiny and never left it for the devil. Let's learn of the tireless efforts of our enemy and never give up in prayers or faith in general. We must fulfill our destinies by his grace.Amen.
  • Deborah on Psalms 91
    This Psalm is one of my favourite. It gives me comfort and consolidates my trust in God everyday. When I need to feel loved and protected I find my uplift in Psalm 91. Thank you my God.
  • Lorrine on Ruth 4
    The book of Ruth gives me the reassurance that God's is aways faithful to His people. When things seems as though they are just too much for you God always have a way of stepping in to help you,in ways you never think possible. I,m comforted just to know that in spite of all that I'm going through My God will see me through
  • Servant on 2 Timothy 3
    "Lord Jesus, make me an instrument of your healing love and peace. Give me wisdom and courage to bring your healing love and saving truth to those in need of healing and restoration." keep the faith Josephs satan will fail at his attempt to break your faith because with Jesus on your side you cannot fail. period!!!
  • Timothy on Deuteronomy 31:6
    call on the name of the lord and you will receive hope and peace. Dont be afraid to face a new day for God will guide you.
  • Jackson Reder on Isaiah 32:2
    This verse for me points to the completeness and perfection of God's protection for those who trust in his son Jesus Christ. The range of his protection is enough for each and every turmoil that may happen to us. The Wind, the storm, droughts and a shadow for the heat of the day in a thirsty land. Oh Rock of ages, I trust in Thee.
  • M on Psalms 61
    some times we get so troubled in life and can't really talk to anyone,psalms 61:2 I really do LOVE,from the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is over whelmed lead me to the rock that is higher than I , that ROCK is JESUS the LOVE of our life I can't live without HIM.
  • Ms. Charlene on Matthew 14:18
    This verse reminds me of how little becomes much in the Master's hands.
  • Verlena on Jonah 4
    Everything Jonah had God prepared for him. God prepared the fish. God prepared the people. God prepared the gourd. God prepared the east wind. Jonah was selfish and unforgiving. Jonah gives us a good exammple of how we should not act as christians. Many times God forgives us and show us mercy but often we don't want to forgive or show mercy to others. Bishop Brandon Porter preached a message entitled "How can we forget"? So true. How can we forget what God has done for us. God has continued to love us and forgive us so we ought to do the same. Let's not be like Jonah by being angry, when God forgives others. Hasn't God forgiven you? Yes.
  • Sylvia brown on Philippians 4:19
    God will supply all your needs according to his riches amen.
  • Dermot David on 3 John 1:11
    Those who live a righteous life are bold as lion and they are spiritually and physically sound.

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