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  • Isaiah McCoy III on Genesis 39
    Here, in Genesis Chapter 39, God is preparing Joseph for greatness, in which Joseph gracefully accepts. In Mathew 25:21, 23, the Lord demonstrates the requirements in order to be ruler over many. By God's grace, compassion, mercy and infinite wisdom, He allows Joseph to go through the trials of being despised, hated, falsely accused and so much more. What a great example of what character is.
  • Norm on Psalms 100
    Thank You Father and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, most blessed for ever and ever! Amen
  • Gladys on Genesis 1
    Thanksgiving reminds me Genesis 1" how life began.I'm so thankful for God; He's my all. He created and made it all You us. God could have to pick to keep all his creation for himself. God knew we was going to fall from his grace, he could have end it all.But God love us, and not only that God sent his only Son to die on the Cross for our Sin. JESUS CHRIST. God, Jesus, Holy ghost is all we need.
  • Jimmy Slover on Matthew 25
    I thank the lord for showing yet another time that Life is GREAT when you have the Lord and Jesus by your side day in and day out. I thank you lord for giving the chance to get back on track with my life and serve you in the way you have chosen for me.
  • Maureen on 2 Samuel 22
  • Maureen on 2 Samuel 22
  • Doris on Proverbs 1
    Even with the wisdom of Solomon man can lose his way, focus on Jesus. We are children of the King, we must do HIS will and we are told why in HIS word. The Bible is our moral compass on how to live and who to live for. We must follow the instruction of the Holy Spirit and watch our thoughts, guarding our minds from being captive to what is negative. Allow the Holy Spirit to remain on the Throne!
  • Norm on 1 Peter 2
    Thank you heavenly Father for your gifts of faith and righteousness to us who believe, your church, and thanks to our living God, our LORD JESUS who paid for our sins sparing us from your wrath which will fall on the children of disobedience! Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. 1 Timothy 4:10 For therefore we both labour and suffer reproach, because we trust in the living God, who is the Saviour of all men, specially of those that believe.
  • Karl on Numbers 20
    responds to Jane; Fearful of a jealous God? The LORD is wrathful but also forgiving to those of a contrite heart, true repentance is the lesson we must all learn. We much approach the LORD with humble reverence, some must first learn this through wrath. Do not fear The LORD, Jane, embrace his compassion as LORD Jesus taught. Hope this helps.
  • Sherrice on Psalms 91
    This is one of my favorite psalm because of its encouraging content. It supports my heart through fear and encourages me that no matter how I feel, what I face, what is to come will never be a threat. It builds my relationship with my Lord even if a million stands against me they cannot come close to me....How great is our God!!!!!!
  • Jennife on Matthew 16
    This Chapter is powerful it really pushes you to make sure you do not follow mans way and compare the difference between pharisees and sadduces in hopes of not being as they are hypocritical and evil. Also I am thankful for the keys of the Kingdom ,self denial and the fact that Christ is returning back to earth and will reward everyone according to their works. Witnessing more is what I will do
  • Shirley Withers on Deuteronomy 6
    I was raised in a Christian home. I thank God for the teaching of the Holy Bible!
  • Kevin Odoyo on Psalms 55
    I believe in the word of word,in spite of everything i have learn to put all my burdens unto the Lord and He lift me up always.
  • Terraine on Psalms 36
    Thank you for being an awesome GOD and forever graceful..
  • Kyanna on Psalms 55
    if you trust and believe in the Lord He will always provide for you. So worry not about the things cares of this life. Leave everything up to Him and you will be fine. There is no feeling like being at peace... I trust in him and he always work situations out for me.
  • Mannyt. on Psalms 55
    THANK You JESUS our Lord and Savoir,!!!!
  • Jeff Berry on Romans 8
    Verse 6; "...to be spiritually minded...is peace." Thank you Father!
  • Gladys on Psalms 100
    Psalms 100. when I about to loss my peace, and wonder if anybody care, God let me know that he do care, we are his people, his love and mercy is for evermore. I so thankful and I give him all the praise to God. Amen
  • Joana on 2 Corinthians 5
    Am anew creature in christ
  • Elisha on Romans 8
    The Eternal Everlasting love of the Eternal God in Christ Jesus... Hallelujah!
  • I have read this many times throughout my 70 years and find it relates to us today as we try to make correct choices FOR THE RIGHT REASONS. I think INTENT is paramount in what we do. We can't see all now, but we will someday. Until then, whatever we do, do it with love.
  • Stephen on 2 Kings 6
    When Satan was kicked out of Heaven (Isaiah 14:12-14), he took a third of the angels with him (Job 38:7; Revelation 12:4). This means that there are twice as many of God's angels as there are of Satan's, not to mention that God Himself is with us (Psalms 46:7). Truly, there be more with us than there are with them.
  • Stephen on 2 Kings 5
    What hit me was Elisha's response to Gehazi's lie: "Went not mine heart with thee?" When we stray from God's clearly-stated will, His heart still remains with us, though it is longing for us to return to Him in repentance.
  • Michael Bassey on 1 John 4
    Inspiring, motivating and usher me into His awesome presence to receive the power and live a life of a winner. Greater is He that is in me than the one in the world.... God is in me and now l am much greater than ever. Praise the Lord
  • Sarah on James 1
    I m raising a great niece and she s 13 mos. old.I enjoy reading the Bible. I rely on the internet for my readings bc the baby wants to tear the pages of my Bible. Thank you for sharing the Word with me.
  • Rev. Tim George on 2 Corinthians 1
    We want to thank God for all the Veterans who serve and have served by giving their lives as an offering for those of us who are the beneficiaries of Freedom. Thank God that the God of all comfort shall comfort you, as well as welcome you into the heavenly kingdom. It is through service to others that we experience the comfort of God and the consolation that comes in knowing that God raises us.
  • Carolyn on Psalms 61
    This psalm reaches down to the depths of my hurt, when my heart feels broken, when I've cried every tear my eyes could hold, I go to the Rock, my sure foundation.
  • Madison on Genesis 1
    I love reading my Bible: It's great to have a God that loves us. And made earth for us. I LOVE YOU LORD!!!
  • Ashlee Breashears on Matthew 18
    Before I came to developing a relationship with Jesus Christ, I knew everything as negative. Learning the scriptures gives me a powerful set of tools to use during hardship as well as the pink clouds that come and go. It provides strength I never knew before and how to remain positive.
  • Luis on Revelation 22
    Praise the Lord God Almighty Forever and ever, ONLY believes that Jesus Christ died for your sins, and nothing to do to reach the Glory of God. ONLY believes and accept Jesus Christ as PERSONAL LORD AND SAVIOR and nothing to worry about.

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