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  • MockingBird on Psalms 3
    The Lord is my shield : my shield of faith : He is my buckler , my high tower : He is my Glory : When I am bowed down , He lifts me up and causes me to stand. God is so GOOOOOOOOD to me !!!!!
  • Francene on Psalms 3
    The Lord is a covering and to protective and keep me in his perfect will and to lift up my emotions when I feel cast down
  • Tilda on Matthew 3
    Wow glory to God,who expresses great love to everyone,because of the fact that God was well pleased in Jesus Christ it means He also is pleased with those who follow His son in truth and in Spirit,His word says for those whoaccepted Him were given power to be Children of GodGod meaning accepting Jesus Christ into our lives is accepting God's pleasure upon our lives.Glory to Jesus for channelling us to the blessings of God,Hallelujah.
  • Belinda Lane on Psalms 1
    Beautiful is the precious Word Of God
  • JoeMat on Jeremiah 17
    When the Lord saved me I spent a lot of time in his word. And one thing I learned from the Lord is that he wants us to seek him out like a hidden treasure. If you truly Love the Lord you will find his secret that the whole world cannot. And that is the beginning of wisdom.
  • Phoebe Nyarku on Psalms 91
    I love the promises in God's word. My prayer is that I remember what I HAVE TO DO to avail myself of these promises...that i've got to remember to DWELL in the secret place of the Most High, MAKE the Lord my Habitation, SET MY LOVE UPON HIM, KNOW his name, and CALL upon him. In Jesus' name. AMEN.
  • Earnest on Jeremiah 17
  • Anne on Job 14
    It is good when we go through trials and tribulations knowing that God will bring us through like pure gold. Our faith in God sustains us. He knows us and how much He can allow us to go through. For the Lord is good and His mercy endures forever.
  • Rose on 1 Samuel 1
    Ilike This book of 1st sammuel because i gave This story of hanna to m'y sister who had no child for five years and for her belief and faith in God the father,son and the holy spirit.she now has three children and living happily with the husband an the kids.Amen
  • Sally on Jeremiah 17
    We are all so very blessed to have a LORD we can trust and hope in. I am thankful for a loving and Merciful God!
  • A Elaine on Psalms 91
    Psalms 91 has always been my mother's prayer over 8 children growing up and at 100 years old she still depend on the Psalm for protection. My mother read it out loud everyday. It is also my daily prayer each day. Thank God in the name of Jesus for his blessings.
  • Bro. Tyrone Jones Sr. on Matthew 25
    It's a Spiritual Blessing to truly understand Our Lord's Parables of Knowledge and Wisdom of Love. I'm glad he shows us how in his Holy words and what to do to live a better life of today. Amen !
  • G.P.Blood on Psalms 23
    John, The 23rd Psalm is probably one of the most known and remembered of all psalms, and truly one of my favorites, looking at your comment, I thought of the last verse; surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever., in "goodness-mercy" or"grace-forgiveness" in Christ the shepherd; we have righteousness and eternal life. Amen
  • John bentley on Psalms 23

    Psalms 23 provides me with the a sense of well being and an appreciation for things I had taken for granted. My loving wife, the strength of my father. Though I fear, I fear not because God is with me. I repent the sins of my life and ask to be forgiven so that perhaps I too may live in the fertile pastures of heaven.
  • Anonymous on Jeremiah 32
    Today I was wondering asking my self some questions about life . what is happening to me , looking for money to buy milk i said Has God forsaken me . today being the first day of our fasting and praying,On my worries God just make a way for me,by answering my prayers. Amen
  • Pat G. on Jeremiah 32
    I will use this verse at the nursing home, today. Christians need to speak words of encouragement to others. I love those nursing home people !
  • Phyllis. Ames on Acts 2
    I Love Jesus !
  • James on Zechariah 1
    Thanks for allowing the public access to your bountiful information.


  • MockingBird on Acts 2
    This passage is still working today and will work forever. As for me : As I have called upon my Lord God through out theses 37 years , He has never failed to save me from any circumstance , and or situation . Salvation is 5 fold : Preservation Healing Deliverance from temporal evils Safety Soundness of mind. All is for the whole of man . God left nothing out. Praise God !!!
  • Awini on Psalms 91
    Psalms 91 gives me the benefit of the doubt that God's Devine protection and promises are overwhelming and abundant to save me from destruction
  • Asher on Psalms 116
    mum was pray this ps when I was ill and at RUHANGO he read it and now I am ok! GOD is able ,Good
  • Pamela on John 14
    I am extremely comforted by the words of JESUS...preparing this future home for my eternity...forever and ever...without end!
  • Cheryl on John 14
    It's a relief to know that our Savior wants us back with Him! The place Jesus has for us is out-of-this-world beautiful! :- I find comfort to be in His Presence, Power, and Light Forever!
  • Tilda on John 14
    l love Jesus,from this verse we see that Jesus does not rest,for our sake, after being crucified for us on the cross He is not resting so that we have also a wonderful life not in the physical only but also in eternity.He going to heaven did not mean Him resting but that he is still continuing bringing us to light,still continuing preparing us to be true heirs of the kingdom of God.wow.I LOVE JESUS FOR HE NEVER SLEEPS,HE NEVER SLUMBERS BUT IS OUT OF LOVE EVER CREATING GREAT THINGS FOR MY FUTURE.I AM BLESSED
  • Phebe on Genesis 1
    Dear Ashlely, I, too, am a sinner. But, I have been saved by the Grace of God.Dear heart, if you have asked Jesus into your heart and asked forgiveness,you are his child. And as you live for him everyday you don't have to fear for his is powerful and will save you to the uttermost. God bless you-this comes with a prayer for you that you will experience his peace.
  • Eddie Jackson on Psalms 63
    Without my Lord Jesus Christ death, buried and resurrection I would still b lost and dying n my sins. But because the Father Loved me so so very much I have gain life forever throught Jesus Christ my Lord, and I'm very very Thankful to him. Lord I Love you and will always Serve u...
  • Grace Ross on Psalms 57
    God does not always keep us from calamity, but He invites us to make Him our refuge while we pass through it. When we trust Him, adversity can be a bridge to a great blessing.
  • CarolynHardy on Psalms 91
    I think this text was written just for me. I think there was a protection plan set in place for me before I was born. There is truth in every word I have seen GOD's deliverance over my life time and time again there hasn't been a time that I called him and HE hasn't answered me time and time again and show me his salvation. Thank you for allowing me to share.
  • Tilda on Psalms 63
    From this verse,i see that the Lovingkindness of God is eternal,because by mentioning the word life only it shows that this is the life that we are living,it extends to eternality because mortality was cancelled by Jesus Christ's death.I will worship the Lord forever and ever what a God i serve.Glory to God
  • Joseph on Psalms 40
    I want to Love the Lord as King David did. Amen

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