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  • I asked too on Philippians 1
    Nichole - Jesus Loves You! Just ASK-

    Ask and it shall be given unto you
    Seek and ye shall find
    Knock and it shall be opened unto you.

    Read Read Read His Word! Talk to Him! Prayer is more direct than any chatroom. The Gospel of John answers your question!
  • Carolyn Felix on Psalms 27
    When i read Psalm 27 . I am comforted by God in this scripture knowing he will always be a very help in the time of trouble. Knowing when Circumstances come my way whether they be health issues,Finances,relationships with family or friends or problems at work . He will come see about his daughter because God takes care of his own and he will always be there with us until the end. God is loyal
  • Godwin on Psalms 91
    Without God, am nothing, i have nothing and i go no way! Thank you jesus for loving me first.
  • Wayne on Isaiah 55
    Thanks be to God ,, thank you daily but gentle reminder, in Christ I am . Love of my beloved Father
  • Alex dahn on Colossians 4
    I am very grateful for this work of yours, for my eyesight is now so bad that even the large print KJV causes eyestrain. Thank you and bless you. This is as important a work for Jesus as any other.
  • Britt on Psalms 86
    No matter the trouble you re in God ALWAYS turns up to save his children. I m thankful for his many blessings.
  • Brigida solis on Ezekiel 15
    Jesus Christ is the true vine, my vine. If I could be a branch, leaf,stem or any part of His vine would be totally awesome! Thank you Jesus, Lord for dying and saving me. Help me be part of the True Vine!
  • Michael Rogers on Isaiah 61
    I was blessed when I read this verse the fist time in prison, it is my mission to preach to those in jail.
  • Denicia Robinson on James 4
    Submitting to God is a daily process. In this great controversy between good and evil a total surrender to the power of God, through a life of devotion and sacrifice, is our only remedy to overcome evil. The more we focus on Jesus and His Righteousness then the things of the world will go strangely dim. I pray that we will all love Jesus more, so that our appetite for sinning will become extinct.
  • Walkery on Hebrews 4
    I pray your stress is lighter and your joy is bountiful. God's got it.
  • Otelia Thompson on Matthew 22
    All you have to do is ask. I believe that when you pray in Jesus name and say Amen, it shall be done according to God's will, which is not our will! We must have this big thing called faith. I have learned to trust God with my faith, wherever he guides me on my journey is where I'm supposed to be. I've learned to just stand still and be patient!! Jesus is always right beside me!! Thank you Father
  • Barbara on Psalms 37
    I was homeless for a season but I continued to trust God and being patient and waiting on the Lord. Some days were good others were bad but I keep praying fasting and trusting him to come through for me. Reading and trusting his word daily has helped me with all the things I went through but this chapter had help me not to worry and lean more on him daily.
  • Chaplain Rain on Hebrews 1
    Study to show yourself approved to whom? God, not man. Arguing the scriptures is futile and foolish, for we don't rate an opinion on the uncompromised Word of God. It says it all, perfectly. So drink of its passion and allow the fresh breeze of the Holy one to cleanse and set free, us, the reader. Daily God's love will flow from our healed soul and born again spirit.
  • Ron on Isaiah 41
    So thankful that he saved me, and I know he will always be there for me and all of his precious children, and I truly love our HEAVENLY FATHER.
  • Gloria Gallashaw on Psalms 118
    Daily will I trust in God, for He is my refuge and my fortress.
  • Mark Rasbury on Psalms 84
    Nothing can compare to the riches of God. An ounce of God out weighs anything that Wickedness can provide.
  • Darleen on Psalms 23
    Whenever I feel like no one cares I always remember the words from 23rd Psalms and instantly I feel hope. When life seems so bleak I read this psalms and it reminds me of how God loves me and will always provide for me.
  • US Marine Sgt DD Williams on Genesis 15
    Blessed be the Lord our God for His Word
  • Lilian on Psalms 108
    I will praise you Jesus Abba Father forever for you are worthy to be praise my Savior Jehovah Shalom
  • Kurt Chappell on Acts 1
    Thank you God and Jesus for never ending love amidst a hateful world. Jesus thank you for your Holy Spirit, helping us do even more. You encouraged knowledge of you to go out, ‘ to be your example to the ends of the world.’ Let all born again go out to third worlds, exercise faith in love with Jesus. We must get away from head knowledge only, listening, joining God, finishing our race strong. Amen
  • James Gadson on Psalms 27
    God-in-me is able...
  • Maccae Rankoro on 2 Kings 7
    our God is a powerful let his name be praised
  • Roger Farragher, Sr.. on Revelation 2
    How Lovely, Precious effort given to us, just yesterday... seemingly, to beautifully understand this Pricelessness, in English.
  • Hannah on Psalms 51
    God is so good to us... we sin and mess up time after time, and yet He still loves us and, once we confess, sees only the blood of Christ covering us, not the scars and marks of all our sin. How could we not love Him? He is so much better than we deserve!
  • JoAnn on 1 John 3
    We become REAL in Jesus Christ! We have the truth walking, talking and guiding us...NO GREATER LOVE!!!
  • Kurt on Psalms 102
    God’s timing we are blessed with. My last storm seemed so difficult, but I remained in his Word and vine. Year (s) later, looking back I see His handiwork and love for all. I couldn’t imagine this positive retrospect during the storm, now realizing I’m even a better witness. And my past storms brought those things prayed for, often decades later! What patience he produces in me. Amen, brother Kurt
  • Rick on Ephesians 3
    Simply Amazing-The book of Ephesians. Oh how much The Father loves us!
  • D W
    Luke 15:24 - For this my son was dead, and is alive again; he was lost, and is found. And they began to be merry.
  • Phyllis on 1 Samuel 17
    I think it's wonderful how trusting in the Lord brings you peace and joy.
  • JOYCE on Psalms 27
    When we need strength..all we need to do is to get to a place where we realize that God definely has it...and all we need to do is ask Him. My God is faithful to say "ok".
    Thank you, Heavenly Father.

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