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  • Dennis on Revelation 22
    Gives me courage.
  • Carolyn dantzler on Matthew 18
    My youngest son referred me to this chapter regarding his older brother. I appreciate the fact I have somewhere to go for direction in dealing with our broken family. I hope we all realize we have a go-to book to give us guidance.
  • David Amima on Jeremiah 32
    God is so powerful nothing to be compared with He before the foundation of earth and heaven He was there He is and He will be.so nothing so hard for Him,He will change your horrible situation into wonderful blessing.just trust Him your life will be better He is God,mighty powerful none to be compared with Him
  • Joan on Jeremiah 32
    Take Gods will.
  • Eriq on Romans 7
    My wife and I both agree that it's a struggle to stay on the up and up just as Paul did at times Know matter what happens we all can be doing good but evil will find it's way into our lives.So just do as Paul and let GOD lead you cause he knows what's best..HAVE A BLESSED DAY MY BROTHERS
  • Simon kariithi muthee on Genesis 39
    I see the power of integrity in the life of joseph. He had the fear of the lord in his heart. As christians, we need to be real whether we're in darkness where no one else is seeing us. God sees every where. Let integrity watch over your life as did to joseph.Glory be to God. Integrity will protect us and lead us to a life that will please God. Decide never to please man to the expense of your relationship with God.
  • RUWEIGHN PEARCE on Jeremiah 32
  • STEPHEN ALHAJI on Jeremiah 32
    What i learnt from this verse is that nothing is too hard for God to Do, with God all things are possible.
  • Bert on Isaiah 44
    Just as the thick, black clouds block out the favor and blessing of the sun ...so the thick, black clouds of my sin block out the favor and blessing of God. If I return unto Him ...He will dispel the thick, black clouds of my sin and His favor and blessing will flow once again ...HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Josephine Lewis on 1 John 4
    I had a rough day today, feeling down. The thought came to my mind that Jesus Loves ME and immediately I felt uplifted.
  • Tyler on 1 John 4
  • Lydia on Luke 24
    The more we talk about Jesus or the more we mediate on the Word the more Jesus will reveal Himself to us. He will be in our midst. He will open our eyes to see spiritual things and He will open our understanding. Lets stay in the word until CHrist comes again.
  • BButler on Psalms 23
    This scripture we had to learn and recite for my mother and Im so graceful to her for that and I it has brought me comfort this morning because life is bring some many problems and pain the lthis week so I need to reflect on the words the LORD is my (our) shephard.
  • Kyanna on 1 John 5
    Ask Him and it shall be done as long as it is in His will and you Trust and believe in the Almighty God!!!! HE IS AWESOME... Praises to the Most High God!!!
  • Barbara on Psalms 23
    I'm from Canada. When I went to school in the 1950's, we had to memorize Psalm 23 and along with the Lord's Prayer - they were both recited every day before class started. Life was not kind to me as a young person and when I finally cried out to God at age 38, He spoke to me and gave me Psalm 23 as my refuge. I still recite it and it gives me great comfort knowing my Father is always with me<><
  • Mary on Psalms 23
    Psalm 23 has always given me hope and strength in my struggles with life. I believe in God, and with Him, nothing is impossible.
  • Juan De Los Santos on Psalms 27
    My mother told me she read this bible verse when i was born 56 years ago and continues to read to this day for my protection . im trying to read it myself every day .
  • Jideofor on Isaiah 41
    This verse is a reminder to us that God is and will always be there for us even at the darkest point in our lives. We all fall at times but He has and will never abandon us as long as we are willing to get back up. He is Love!
  • Gregory on Psalms 5
    Very up lifting
  • Carolyn Fisher on Isaiah 40
    To wait and trust the Lord in all that I do this is my ultimate desire. Father, cleanse my whole heart that all I do pleases you.
  • Roberta on Psalms 91
    Psalms 91 is a very great chapter in the Book of Psalms. When read, it gives me the courage to remain in God's presence daily due to His wonderful promises embedded, and His manifestation of these words in my daily walk with Him.
  • Dewey J on Judges 21
    Franklin, the Israelites still had excellent spiritual leadership Phinehas the grandson of Moses' brother Aaron and other fine spiritual leaders by their faith the Ark of the covenant and the Holy Ghost was still with them. Read judges chapter 20. Glory be to God in the highest through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Amen.
  • Tanner Buckley on Jude 1
    I started to talk to God during all of my sinning. I found Jesus Christ March 22, 2013. I knew of him but he wasn't in my heart until I understood this one thing. I realized that the purpose of him dying on the cross wasn't just to fulfill prophecy. It was so we had a path to Heaven. All I did was open my heart to the possibility that this was true, and began praying. He answered.
  • MockingBird on Psalms 100
    For the Lord is Good : That is not to be taken lightly : The Lord's Mercy is forever and will not be removed !! The mercy of the wicked is cruel. God's Truth is an enduring Truth that will never fade away. How can we ask for anything that we might think is better. NO !! There is none !! The Word : the Word : The Word !!! His Spirit within !!
  • Sam Kaufman on 2 Corinthians 1
    God brought them to a point they could no longer rely upon their own strength so He could show Himself strong in sparing their lives from the death sentence they had in themselves.
  • David on Isaiah 43
    God is with you always in wherever situation you are in God will stand for you even although you pass through waters and if you pass through the fire you will not be destroyed God is there to protect you all the time
  • Enza Pagano. on 1 Thessalonians 5
    I love the Lord with all my heard, I hope and pray for my femaly to reaceved Jesus.
  • Elder Vernorine E. Young on Job 2
    I feel that Jobs faith was well intact. He knew that God was able to deliver him. This lets us no that in the mist of all of our adversities we must trust God. Because he never fails.
  • Julie A on Psalms 1
    I just read the scripture for the day, I started to cry with tears of joy and Thanksgiving.
    I needed the reassurance.
  • Rick Welch on John 1
    John touches on the Light that lights every man. A place of truth in every man's being. A place where God alone can dwell. A place that is prepared when through repentance, man can experience the new birth and come into fellowship with his creator. How beautifully depicted.

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