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  • Janerice on Psalms 33
    The word of God is truth God is true he is HOLY HE IS RIGHTEOUS
  • Kelly Smart on Psalms 127
    Great way to start the day!!
  • Muhoza on Ephesians 1
    children of God praise him who made earth and heaven and all the things that are in am an african i have been reading all ur comments but rilly bless him who saved you and real this has showed me that ur growing as new bornes as scripture say in 1peter 2:2 that like new born infants, long for the pure spritual milk, that by it you may grow up into salvation.
  • Jack hughes on Psalms 91
    We all LOVE the Lord , without him we would be doom!! AMEN ,,
  • Joann on Psalms 91
    Thank you so much for sharing these verses, I was at a low point. These verses reminded me of who I serve, The King of Kings JESUS my LORD and SAVIOR. Thank you, Joann
  • Judy on Psalms 91
    Yes, GOD is good all the time. I trust and love our Lord Saviour with all my hear. As long as we keep the faith,trust, and forgiving heart GOD can move mountains any do anything for us. AMEN.
  • MockingBird on Matthew 4
    Jesus was being tempted of the devil here : Jesus was hungry : the tempter knew that : So with me us : The devil sees in me what I lack and tempts me to turn things around to his way of thinking and act on something that may be very harmful to me : Jesus was in the wilderness to be tempted of the devil : the Spirit of God led Him there , every temptation that Jesus faced was for my our sakes , as Jesus overcome so we can and do overcome : A temptation is a thing that you have a strong desire for : a fleshly desire. Is my hunger greater than to do what God says !!!!
  • Edna Chu on Psalms 127
    Indeed!!! For each one of us, was individually and wonderfully created by God who as our creator and potter, knew us before we were even formed in the womb of our mothers. There are no two of us alike. We are all created unique, according to God's divine pleasure and purpose. So don't let anyone cast you down. In the eyes of God, you are a wonderful craftmanship, perfected by His love
  • MockingBird on Psalms 127
    I do Praise God for He created me and I am who I am by the Grace of God . I am also a child of God and that makes me special because I am a child of God . I am fearfully and wonderfully made !!!! God's works are marvelous !!!
  • CJ on Ephesians 1
    I have been rejected all my life and there is no one who would ever exchange anything for me. I was always passed over. At a ripe old age, I am finally realizing that God loves me. it is a beautiful thing. I am blessed by my Lord and Savior because he not only loves me, but is good to me and in my life and it is all because of what Jesus did for me. Yeah, Jesus paid an ultimate price for me to have all those spiritual blessings to enjoy. I should be more thankful because he has done more for me than I realize. I am richly blessed indeed!
  • Michael Eyeh on Psalms 71
    Comment* Ah! The word of God like the Psalmist says is very sweet. I've read through the Psalms, chapter 71, it is full of life, comfort
  • Dejvi Kadivnik on 1 Thessalonians 4:9
    To love one another means to love God who created all of us. Love should not be limited to our families and friends, it should be given freely even more to those that hate and despise us, which in effect means they still despise God. Only through loving our enemies, no matter what, can a real change of heart happen in those misguided and lost souls, for them to become our brothers. Long suffering and forgiveness must persevere through all and above all.
  • MockingBird on Ephesians 1
    I am seated with Christ in heavenly places . I rule and reign in my life through Jesus Christ . I am Blessed with all spiritual Blessings in Christ Jesus . I am Blessed !! I am Blessed !! I am Blessed !! Blessed be the God and Father of my Lord Jesus Christ !!! I keep growing in Love with Him more and more every day !!!
  • Anne on Psalms 70
    No matter what we are going through and how long we are going through, let us continue to magnify the name of the Lord.
  • MockingBird on Psalms 18
    We have a open window to call upon our Lord and Savior ! The Grace of God has appeared unto all men. When I call upon my Lord God in faith , knowing that He will answer my prayer I already have the victory : I will always have the victory no matter what I am going through : I see the end result !! My God is faithful : He already has the answer to all things in His word : All I have to do is walk in it. Death is the last enemy put under my feet. God is so worthy to be Praised !! I am saved from my enemies !!
  • Norm on Matthew 5
    Father in heaven, give us pure hearts to love our neighbor and to love and bless our enemies as there are many. And make us to know that all scripture is Your Word Father. In Christ Jesus our Lord and precious Saviour I pray and give thee thanks, Father. Amen 2 Timothy 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
  • Kaye on Psalms 4
    After a serious home invasion in early AM hours and the PTSD that I suffered, I thought I may NEVER sleep in Peace again,but I found God to be true and Faithful and He delivered me from ALL my fears and I now dwell in Peace and Safety and All because of HIM.
  • Phyllis smith on Luke 8
    I love this bible verse I was in church and the pastor was preaching on this and it made me get up and join church that day and iam a changed women and I love it
  • Ganesh on Psalms 34
    Whenever, i Seek the Lord, He Always Hears Me Delivers me, from All my Fears!
  • Takudzwa Thlomani on Psalms 34
    The Psalmist began the verse by saying "i sought the Lord " which indicates that there was a moment of realisation that God is the one who can solve it all, similarily the Word of God says "Seek yee the kingdom of God first and everything shall follow" .. This highlights that in seeking God there is a reward afterwards,. The Psalmist made it clear that the Lord alwayd hears our Prayers no mater how sinful we are.. The word of God says in the book of James "seek yee the Lord, resist the lord and he shall flee" this fear that the Psalmist was talking about when he says "and he deliverd me from all fears " is the devil for he instills fear in our lives since he came to steal, kill and destroy..... BRETHEREN THEREFORE THERE IS ALSO A SOLUTION FOR ALL OF US AND THAT IS SEEKING GOD FOR HE IS ALWAYS WAITING FOR THAT MOMENT OF OUR RETURN JUST LIKE THE PRODIGAL SON A FATHER NEVER FORSAKES HIS OWN God bless you, in the mighty name of Jesus!!!
  • Elliott Ruiz on Romans 8
    Gods love for us transcends all dimensions, more than we can possible imagine...
  • Bobby on Mark 5
    I thank God for my Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. I fall down but I will always turn to Jesus for strength.
  • PELUMI AKANNI ALIU on 2 Corinthians 2
    Comment* My father in heaven says that We should be watchful and prayerful,by God's help wewill triumph in jesus name
  • Elias Ndamuwa on Psalms 34
    This gives me courage and chases away the spirit of fear out of my life.It rebuilds my relationship with GOD.
  • ELIZABETH on Matthew 5
    Only when we see our desperate need for our Father in Heaven and his provision for us "Jesus Christ" can we receive all the good that he has in store for us. Jesus said he is the bread of life, and to the women at the well he said if you drink of my water you will not thirst. Accepting him in all his fullness.
  • Mary on Psalms 23
    The Lord is my shepherd,I was lost and he found me.He will find his lost sheep and bring them back to the fold.He love us so much he will never leave us. Thank you for finding me.
  • Fernando M. on Exodus 20
    No matter how educated and wise we get as we age, we should always respect and have patience with our aging parents.
  • Linda on Isaiah 44
    God is faithful . He always has a plan for his. Children.
  • Jeremiah on Exodus 20
    Honor and respect your parents. Children that disrespect their parents develop a bad habit of disrespecting authority and disregarding sound advice. A child left alone is headed for destruction. As a public school teacher I see this play out constantly. You will have bad odds in life if you won't listen.
  • Wayne on Ephesians 3
    I did not understand a scripture and asked the Holy Ghost for clarification. Ten days later the message I received in my mind was another scripture that made the answer clear.The Lord has the answers.

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