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  • Jill on Psalms 50
    Oh so beautiful it's astonishing to me that this exactly what I needed to read at this very moment!! The Bible is alive God is with us!!! This blows my mind I know that Jesus is so very very real I'm so grateful to have been saved! Thank you so much for this. We will be taken care of I just know it!!!
  • MockingBird on Revelation 22
    Jesus coming is just around the corner !! Sooner that we anticipate !!! He already has His reward for us !! We , I will be rewarded on what faith I worked and what I have not worked : if I worked on unbelief , that is what I will get ,nothing . Let us not be weary in well doing , for in due season we shall reap ,if we faint not !!!
  • Lashon CLARK on Proverbs 29
  • BARB on James 4
    I love reading the word each day to keep me focusing on the Lord and. getting closer and closer to follow His Commandments
  • Veegee on Psalms 91
    the comments are insightful. Psalms 91 was introduced to me by my Spirit Filled Mother who wanted me not to be afraid of the storm that had awaken me out of my sleep. The short of her words were if you trust in God all the storms that you face in life can not stop you or turn you against Almighty God. As your love grows for Him, your trust will grow also. How do you love God. Through obedience.
  • Aldam bande on Psalms 55
    thank you for very inspiring bible verses that I've Received today. We seem to forget what we read but such reminder will always brings us back to track that we are journey to our destiny.MY LORD ABUNDENTLY BLESS HIS WORD ON THE AIR AMEN!!
  • Mary Frost on Psalms 55
    Good morning Praise his NAME ALL day
  • Troy on Mark 3
    Very good online Bible
  • Dejvi Kadivnik on Colossians 1:10
    We need God to sustain us, but God still expects that we help each other. One way, the highest one, we can help each other, is by praying to God for all our human brothers and sisters to come and remain in Christ, for them to continue doing works that are pleasing to God. God knows our thoughts even before be form them and he does answer them, even if it is in different manner that we expect. So let us never stop praying to God for each other, since we all need His help.
  • Tom Guinomon on Psalms 1
    It's all about following and obeying God in everything that we do. Amen.
  • Liliane on Genesis 22
    Verse 8: how much faith Abraham has upon God? He knew that God will provide the sacrifice! This verse teach us that if we trust God even in the last moments he can do something! God need us to have the faith like Abraham!
  • Gail Green on Psalms 27
    Psalms 27 The Lord is everything to me He is my shield, protector ,best friend. My Abba Father

    Praise the name of Lord
  • Chris on Psalms 23
    I trust in The Lord with all my heart but I need to be better at sharing the word with others. I prey often but not enough, I read my bible and prey for forgiveness from our Shepard. I feel God at work in my life, I am aware when I say or do something wrong and I'm trying to be a better Christian. I won't stop trying.
  • Connie Gabriel on Isaiah 48
    Feel God is talking direct to me (and Israel), "Hearken unto me, O Jacob and Israel", and "hearkened to my commandments! then had thy peace been as a river, and thy righteousness as the waves of the sea:". There is no peace, saith the LORD, unto the wicked--and I know I have sinned and why my peace has left me! I continue to try because I LOVE THE LORD MY GOD.
  • Pearline Clark on Psalms 91
    I know that the Lord is on my side he gives me strength encourage to trust and believe on his words I love Psalms 91 I know God is my protector my help when I am in trouble I know he will keep me and perfect peace as long as I keep my mind steadfast on him I Love You Lord Jesus you are my Lord and Savior and for the Lord I live and for the Lord I die blessed be the name of the Lord praise God amen
  • Nicola James on Psalms 51
    Greetings in the name of our father lord and God. I must say that this chapter is spirit lifting, infomative and edifying. After all Paul say when you speak you must speak for the edification of others. I as a believer and a confessional sinner believes that this should be our prayer each day so that we can a better and enriching relationship with our father.
  • Brian Bratcher on Proverbs 1
    It is numbing I am inspired with so much knowledge and hope in so few words I am also deeply shaken ashamed and lost filled with fear I know God is waiting I walked with him or have I turned him I do miss him Lord Christ help me to pray so Father may hear
    These are my thoughts after reeding psalms
    Brian Bratcher
    Thank you
  • Anne on Job 28
    Wisdom can only be found in God. Men may seek for gold, silver and other precious stones in the earth but wisdom can only be found in God.
  • Paul Bechyne on Psalms 51
    I love this Psalms! I pray the Holy Spirit is all ways with all of you.
  • Molly Garrett on Hebrews 11
    The Book of Hebrews has been, at times, a source of strength and comfort for me. When the trials of life seem harder than usual; when death has surrounded me; when the love of friends and family seems to have fled, studying and memorizing from Hebrews chapter 11 has led me back to the wonder of God's love.
  • Geraldine cole on Psalms 7
    Thank U Father God for sending your Son Jesus Christ To Die in Our Place As I Think About What U done I Truly No How Much U Love US . What a Owsome Love U Have For All Of Us. Your word tells me U have No Respectable Person Which mean U watch over The Saved and Unsaved U love Us So Much U gave Us Free will Which mean we Could choose To be Saved or Not I love U Aways Father God In Jesus Name
  • Norm on Revelation 13
    To understand scripture, a man can receive nothing, except it be given him from heaven. God gives us understanding by the anointing of His Spirit in us. The Lion is the man in whom Satan walks today, the antichrist. The same is the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil and Lucifer: that Assyrian, the son of perdition, the oppressor and the rod of the LORD'S anger. The Lion resides in Damascus, is over Syria and is here for wrath. Heavenly Father our LORD our Saviour, have mercy on us all and save us of from the wrath to come. In Christ Jesus we shall be saved. Amen
  • Sandy on Revelation 1
    No matter what the devil throws at you trust God! Keep your faith, call GOD! No matter what satan tries to do God's got your back, if you trust him!
  • SIBUSISO S DLAMINI on Jeremiah 33
    oh yes lord my saviour Jesus Christ our blessed angel about this scripture I can say that it is really if you call upon his name surely he answers all our request, provided you are in the good position and faithfully.
  • Millie Banks on Jeremiah 33
    God knows all and sees all that we don't know or see. I trust Him and I know that He will guide me and lead me into all truth. Trust and believe in Him. God bless all.
  • MockingBird on Jeremiah 33
    This is God's phone number : I can call upon my God in faith and He will answer me and show me great and mighty things in His word that I have not known as yet : Deut 29:29 The secret things belong unto the Lord ,but that which is revealed unto us His children are ours God is so Gracious to give us His word : to count me , us faithful in handling it !!!
  • Lydiah osideh on Psalms 126
    *very encouraging and reminds me how forsaken and hard life we have been staying but through God's guidance, our future will always shine,, thanks be to God
  • MockingBird on Psalms 3
    The Lord is my shield : my shield of faith : He is my buckler , my high tower : He is my Glory : When I am bowed down , He lifts me up and causes me to stand. God is so GOOOOOOOOD to me !!!!!
  • Francene on Psalms 3
    The Lord is a covering and to protective and keep me in his perfect will and to lift up my emotions when I feel cast down
  • Tilda on Matthew 3
    Wow glory to God,who expresses great love to everyone,because of the fact that God was well pleased in Jesus Christ it means He also is pleased with those who follow His son in truth and in Spirit,His word says for those whoaccepted Him were given power to be Children of GodGod meaning accepting Jesus Christ into our lives is accepting God's pleasure upon our lives.Glory to Jesus for channelling us to the blessings of God,Hallelujah.

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