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  • MockingBird on Psalms 51
    The Joy of the Lord is our strength : When we act on sin then we are weak : Sin is death , sin takes away from , sin spoils !! We , I need to be restored the Joy of God's salvation from time to time : It is work to stay on top of things that come against us : So work that we may obtain what God has in store for us : God is always for our Good !!! God always gives that which is Good !!
    Yes Bible reveals the truth.If I and We agree God is our Shepherd we won't have lacking in our lives.He refreshes our body, soul and spirit with his holy anointing power and fills with love.
  • Jon on John 6
    John 6 Shows us how Christ meets or physical (feeding the 5000) emotional (calming the sea) and spiritual (bread of life) needs. Showing us He is sufficient for us in everything. It is one of the greatest chapters of the Bible.
  • D on Psalms 106
    There is no greater love on earth nor under heaven, than the love HE has for us. No greater joy will we ever experience when He is our constant companion.
  • Stefan on Psalms 106
    God's faithfulness and grace and love and mercy are so much beyond our comprehension, that every time I read those words and feel them inside my heart I will fall down flat on the ground and worship God unconditionally relentlessly. Oh how much He has done, will do and I'd doing for us , His beloved children, bought back to Him through the precious blood of His blameless and Holy Son Jesus. I live Him so much and He is carrying and healing and helping and guarding and guiding and protecting me all life long with the Holy Spirit, that my heart overflows from time to time, when He allows me a glimpse of His Glory during worship. Let us feverently worship and obey and humble all of ourself to God, for He is all worthy. Amen
  • Phyllis L. Bennett on Psalms 48
    I love the book of Psalms. I love this new verse I have read. It has given me a different outlook toward being a god fearing woman of Jesus Christ. I pray it will deliver others to lean toward Jesus Christ more, and let him be your guide in this world, and I pray that this verse will assist others in rethinking about church too. God bless everyone, and may the LORD be with us all through the end.
  • Sylvia on Hebrews 10
    I thank Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior for his precious bleed. A one time sacrifice for all of his children. Glory be to God.
  • Eydie GodsKis on Psalms 32
    First and foremost let me say that I love God...though none of us deserve it, we have mercy and grace because Jesus died for us all at Calvary, yet He lives again...I love the Psalms, they take you right there where David was..this one tells me that if we acknowledge our sin He will forgive us and walk with and protect us from all evil..Yes He IS my Shield, and my Buckler...I Praise His Holy Name.
  • Norm on Psalms 96
    O thank You Father God our Saviour, our Redeemer! Thank You heavenly Father for Your grace and Your mercy bestowed upon us! You cleanse us and fill our hearts with truth, faith and discernment preparing us for the judgment now at hand! I was dead but now, in CHRIST JESUS my LORD and SAVIOUR, have everlasting life! Amen and Amen
  • Judith Williamson on Psalms 96
    God is a righteous God. He always does what is right. He is worthy of all our praises. We are to praise Him on a daily basis not when we feel like or when things are good but even when things are not good. We are called to declare His glory among the people, to worship Him, to bless Him and we look forward to day when He will return to judge the world with righteousness and truth. Bless the Lord.
  • Denise Lewis on Psalms 121
    God will always be there for you through all of your trails .He will show up . HE MAY NOT COME WHEN YOU WON'T HIM TOO .BUT HE IS ALWAYS ON TIME!!! GOD BLESSINGS!!!! :)
  • Mary J Foster on Psalms 91
    Lord I thank you for your word,this Scripture is very dear to my heart. Let's me no that I'm protected everyday n always thru Jesus Christ our Lord n Saver
  • Danette Andersen on Psalms 18
    God's word never returns void. He alone is the giver of life. Study His word, trust His word and He will give you the desires of thine heart. Be still and know, He is God. I am blessed beyond measure.....
  • Joeriza on Romans 8
    God is so Good! And Yes! by knowing Him is the best things happened in our life. We think about it that if Christ did not offer His life and His precious blood ''there is no SALVATION at all''. Imagine, God without us (people) still a God but WE without God is NOTHING.

    How Lucky I 'am that I know Jesus as my PERSONAL SAVIOUR!
  • Robie on Psalms 8
    When I read these words I am reminded of how much GOD loves me and cares for me and how blessed I am. Just imagine....GOD thinks about me, he considers me. GOD IS INCREDIBLE. My Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST laid down His life for me and, Praise GOD HE had the power to pick it up again. Thank you JESUS.
  • MockingBird on Psalms 25
    I am always made to triumph in Christ : Mine enemy is already defeated in my life. I , by Faith in God's word will not allow my enemy to triumph over me. I Trust in His word to do what He said that He would do. Then I will not be ashamed.
  • Ama on Psalms 25
    the bible says we should not put our trust in man nor princes but in him, because he is a God who never fails. Surely he will not us be ashamed nor allow our enemies to rejoice over us, us we trust him.
  • Margaret Myers on Matthew 1
    jesus is lord
  • Jacqueline Kelly on Romans 5
    What a GREAT site!!!What a tremendous blessing of the Lord on us His people!!! I do not have to go any time to search the concordance!! It is all there in His word!!!! Just a click away!! So effective it is!!! Thank you!!!!!!! In Jesus' holy name.
  • David on Mark 10
    thank you god for opening my eyes
  • Talei on Psalms 23
    As sheep of his flock we are blessed beyond anything because we are saved, protected, provided for, fulfilled, loved, etc.

    Material things do not and should not matter as long as He is our shepherd. Praise Him, we shall not want.
  • Olga on Jeremiah 1
    God loves me and I have that assurance through everything I go through. Nevertheless, I find myself involved in failed marriages ,abuse and evil heart wrenching stuff that when I Jeremiah 1;5 I question and ask myself was my past and future are from repercussions of sin nature, disobedience or to make me experience life for appreciation. I am thankful to God for his mercy.
  • Jonathan on Romans 8
    When we endure,labour and long suffer for the Lord I don't think we realise how glorious it must be in the eyes of God, think of the praise we give our loved ones when they endure and overcome things how much more do you think God will Glorify us as his children. Hallelujah
  • Alyona on Romans 8
    No matter what you're going through just remember that the glory of GOD will shine through and that with GOD you have already won. Psalms 27:1 The LORD is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life of whom shall I be afraid? Don't fear and don't be afraid because He is always with you..
  • Ron on Genesis 1
    Amen, I too share your story with the exception of age. I Amos 59 and going back to the Lord and his word!!
  • Lloyd on Genesis 1
    My faith has been battered torn apart and dissected over my last 53 years. I have done bad things and have questioned my faith from my early years. But lately world events and the movement of evil forces beyond "our control" has led me back to the bible. Starting from scratch I just read the first part of Genesis Gods words not mine . And how refreshing it is to be in the word again. Thank God for new beginnings. You can always come home with an open heart and to open arms,
  • Nancy on Ezekiel 2
    What a wonder Father we have ,He gives us the opportunity of repentance ,he gives us signs and human teachers to teach us and guide us ,but if the people do not heed his words there will be lamentations .He our Father gives his children many chances to come to His Kingdom, MANY will follow ,but many will not,He is a fair God Amen
  • Lonnie P. McGallion on Romans 7
    Wow. Verse 24 you find where a man repents as many have; like Jeremiah and Job ,of being a man. Of being a frail, falty, sinful, weak human. O WRETCHED MAN THAT I AM!!!! He(God) did that which I could not!!! He overcame flesh!!!! And thereby conquering death. Regardless of how perfect, I repent of being a unperfect human!!!! Full of failure. Wretched. God is so good!!!!
  • MockingBird on Psalms 62
    I , we are expecting something all the time : I should allow my expectation be in God : My soul : my mind : wait thou on God : I will wait and expect to receive what God has for me : When I get what He has for me : I will act on it. God always gives the best for my life , for then I shall prosper and have good success !!!
  • Ajanae Peoples on Genesis 1
    This is a fantastic way to get the Bible on the Internet fast

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