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  • Jean Ann on Psalms 113
    To me this is directions that we are to praise the Lord...all day and every day no matter what the circumstance...to wake up praising Him...then during the day thank Him and praise Him...I am so grateful to the Lord for all He does for me...He is an AWESOME God!!! I will forever praise His Holly name.....
  • ANNIE M. DAKA on Psalms 113
    your situation should not detect your response to God but in all things, the name of the Lord should be Praised.
  • Bishop Chris Chinseu on Joshua 24
    The power of knowing the power/mightiness/ability/greatness etc of the one you are serving,makes you to be couragesous/unshifted/unmoved/constant in the one trusting.

    JOSHUA 24:15
  • Kelvin hart on Psalms 113
    These is very sensitive and important because many of us when things are well with us we donot thank our God but psalms has told us now to praise our God,whether we are in problems or in good standing,christ loves us let us praise is wholly name until sunset.
  • Clever Dhambuza on Psalms 113
    My spirit rises while reading this KJV.
  • Kendra Buster on Psalms 61
    He is my rock and salvation. I cried unto the Lord and he heard me. I will always put God first, because he has never and.will never fail me or leave my side. To God be the glory for all the things he does.
  • Adam on Acts 4
    Jesus is the way , truth, and the light.
  • Savannah on Judges 16
    Well my mom just passed and she often told me about the story of Samon's and as I reflect she had told me at an early age never give your strength up and today I realize why, without your strength anyone can pray upon you and take you down. Your strength is your ability to move forward when all else has failed in your life to look within for your strength will bring you out of your strom.
  • Jocelyn Prinsonsky on John 17
    I am in a new country and cannot find someone to pray with me. I am so grateful to be reminded that Christ is praying for me. This chapter (John 17) is such a joyful discovery to me. It does not matter if there are no praying people around me, Christ is lifting me through His prayers.
  • Lystra on Psalms 127
    I love reading the Bible never get tired
  • Debby on James 3
    god is so amazing he has blessed me and I worship him always.
  • Rose on Psalms 18
    I Iove the Psalms and got goosebumps when I read Psalm 18. Our Heavenly Father is so amazing.
  • Damaris Nyawira on Psalms 18
    In Christ Jesus am completely safe, .hence i Should relax as He leads for it shall always be well with my soul .
  • Levie R Mjuweni on 2 Corinthians 1
    Thank you, the people behind King James Online. I have not come across an bible online user interface like this. The design is good, the links to other resources very well done. Zooming feature and commentaries makes this interface so unique and special. God bless every hand behind this piece of creativity. This is my favorite online bible resource
  • Chalitea on Psalms 18
    God is a God of all light into thou path.
    Christian race is all about FAITH. When our faith is intact we can move mountains, justifying the reason Christ died, whereby living victoriously over all situations and circumstances. For WORKS without FAITH has no RESULT.
  • Tilda on John 15
    Hallelujah,glory to God,lets return the love that was shown to us,by loving the Lord our God with all our hearts,our minds,our souls and our strengths,and to love our neighbours as us,for this is required of us,glory to Jesus.I love God
  • Dwight Dyer on John 15
    A verse of comfort because whatever tribulation we might be dealing with we can continue on because the love of Christ for us is as real and as strong as that of God the father for Christ. What a comfort that should be to us! Whatever the outcome of all our trials, we are still his. We are blessed beyond measure.
  • MockingBird on John 15
    God loved me before I had done anything wrong and He forgave me before I had even sinned . So should I love others as Jesus has and is loving me. God loves me as much as He loves Jesus . No Greater love than this !!!! Praise God !!!
  • D'And Grant on Psalms 37
    God does not want us to worry or give thought to people do not have the desire to show love. God assures us that if we do what is right in his sight, then he will take care of those that have evil in their hearts. God is faithful to give the unjust what they deserve in His time. He will also fight our battles for us.
  • Anne on Psalms 22
    The suffering of Jesus is portrayed in this Psalm. He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords and worthy to be praised.
  • Rachel on 2 Samuel 9
    God will not forget His promises. He will take care of what belongs to Him. God could have healed Mephibosheth but He kept him for His glory. God wants us to know that in spite of our lameness when we are His -we shall remain at his table and no one can decide how we will eat or be treated because we belong to Him for His Glory!
  • Oscar Porter on Matthew 2
    Wanting to learn more to become a teacher
  • Wayne on Matthew 6
    Verse 33 is the verse that woke me up to trusting Him. Sat looking at it, talking about it, and a light went on in my understanding. Understanding He has made the way to receive His righteousness by faith. I just realized I needed to trust Christ for everything. Then He started supplying my needs. Very exciting to see Him work in my life everyday!
  • Alayna jeanbaptiste on 1 Samuel 2
    i love god
  • Catherine on Psalms 100
    Thank you lord you have uplifted me high I will surely Praise You forever amen
  • Michele Wise on 1 Corinthians 13
    I got my youngest daughters name from this chapter, we named her Charity Grace, Charity means love and Grace means gift, she has a disability called Rett syndrome, it took away her ability to both walk and talk, but God gave her an tremendous ability to love, unconditionally, so this verse fits her perfectly
  • Linda maxwell on Psalms 26
    All praise to the Most High Shalom
  • David Jamerson on Genesis 1
    I think it's absolutely beautiful, I think that this is a rich piece of text and much can be learned from it. The power of God is amazing, I'm a reborn Christian and I intend to read the entirety of the Holy Bible and learn more about the truths of God.
  • Pasty stallworth on Proverbs 30
    Thank you,for this wonderful word this morning,it is bread for my soul.

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