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  • Gerald Jackson on Psalms 31
    Psalm 31:19-20 inspired me to write the following poem:

    The Goodness of God

    The Goodness of God is like a ship in a storm:
    No matter how loud the clap of thunder
    Or turbulent the waves may toss,
    I rock in the cradle of God's secret Presence,
    Secure, unafraid, adoring the One,
    Who can calm the storm,
    Or still my heart, as we sail right on..
  • Norman Barker on Psalms 121
    This psalm is of great comfort to me, especially as I'm going through Radiation Therapy. I know most assuredly that God is the shade upon my right hand, he is next to me, He shall preserve my soul. Hallelujah!
  • Victor e. Webber Jr. on Psalms 50
    God is Never late, but always on Time . Have an Blessed Day .
  • Adrienne Echols on 1 Kings 10
    I'm freshly born again this January 2016 and ive had so many material things and I still came up wanting. I'm so glad and blessed to desire the giver of all things. In Jesus Christ Love /Name Amen!...
  • Mercy William on Psalms 5
    God's favor is all that we need in this life to keep on surviving. According to David, God Knows the truth when people lie against you over your innocence. At that point in time, you are helpless but God's interceding favor supersedes the negative thought of people towards you. "For thou, Lord, wilt bless the righteous; with favor wilt thou compass him as with a shield." Psalm 5:12.
  • Pastor Terry Gene Bottom on Proverbs 15
    Thank you for having this site, for us Christians these days need this service you provide badly very small amounts of Christians truly know the holy spirit thank you again.

  • How comforting can The Holy Spirit be in times of serious distress?
  • Cleveland Smith on Job 27
    Thank you job for your message, ,, I love Jesus with all my heart! ! I pray for the poor. . There hungry their thirsty we need to do more cloth them, ,.. Jesus I pray that we do more too glorify your name. Amen. .
  • Dejvi Kadivnik on 1 Thessalonians 2:5
    The truth that we are all born as bad people, deserving full penalty for our crimes against God, can at first be very painful. One might be inclined to to use flattering words to soften it to such a degree that the original massage, the truth, is lost, when spread towards worldly people, foreign to Christ. But even though truth can be very painful at first, when one accepts that he is doomed without God, that can help towards proper repentance and conversion from the evils of sin towards God. Then the truth becomes sweet and Gospel good news.
  • MockingBird on Psalms 91
    To dwell is to live in : I live in the things of God : the things of God is my life. Also I believe that it is the direction of God that He directs me to go , say , do . This secret place is not for every one : only for the children of God : It is secret because not every one knows that it is attainable. Prayer : Worship : Fellowship : Communion : Oneness : Being in His word daily : you can't be close to God without being in His word . Working together : God involved in every area of my life. He is not left out of anything !!!! To me that is the secret place. It is being separate from the world : called out of darkness : I want to abide under the shadow of the Almighty !!!! Totally Awesome !!! Such Great protection !!!
  • Omale Roseline on Numbers 7
    I love the closing remark. After the dedication and the offering God spoke to Moses from the mercy seat.It tells me that if i get it right, God will speak to me. what a pleasure it is to Him speak to one.
  • Charlotte Cotton on 1 John 1
    We are to live in the light, the ways of Christ without sin, why if we sin we can confess our sins to God and we are forgiven. Not be in pride to much to say I am wrong Lord please forgive me. If we confess our sins to God he will forgive us and cleanse us of All unrighteousness.
  • Anne on Psalms 41
    This Psalms reminds me that when you give to the poor you are lending to the Lord.
  • Akpene on Psalms 24
    I love this chapter. I always refer to it as a problem solver. it touches my heart and relieves me from anxiety and confusion each time i read it. It encourages , reminds and builds up my confidence of knowing that i have God who is mightier and powerful.
  • Katie on Psalms 55
    It feels comforting in knowing I have an almighty God that i can turn to anytime. Who is never changing. Always the same. His love comforts me
  • Dervon Cole on Psalms 91
    Every time Satan try to deceived the people of God he gets a knockout form our lord and savior Jesus Christ Amen
  • ANUSCHA BAKER on Psalms 1
    This psalm acts as a reminder to all Christians that the man who walks up right will be blessed. Am encourage to be salt, and to be light for in so doing many would be able to pattern after you. There is a reward for all those who walk in righteousness, who practice living Holy. so let us who name the name of Christ live Holy before our great God.
  • Kevin on Genesis 19
    God grant me the strength to follow your word I am still a lustful person I still sin and I know it is wrong jesus please grant me the grace to do what is right Heavenly Father come into my life and help me follow you lord I am a lost sheep out of the 100 please find me and help me have the faith to be part of your 100 sheep hold me close to your bosom.Lord I love you grant me faith to follow you
  • Kevin on Genesis 18
    We must have faith in our father we must also preach the word of God to others but before we do that we must first be true to God and be part of his word and try to help others to turn their life to God we must try to save our brothers and sisters and God has us here for a reason open up your hearts and find that reason.I also am not perfect but am praying to the father to help me be part of him
  • Kevin on Genesis 12
    We must trust the lord he will open up a way for us even if we feel our backs are against the wall trust him and follow him with our hearts he will guide us on the right track
  • Dejvi Kadivnik on 1 Thessalonians 1:9
    Everyting we do, we must do it for God, be it our everyday's jobs, when with family or working at home. If we don't, all these and any other activities can and will become our idols, our obsessions, because we won't perform them for God but for ourselves, for our personal benefit, progress. Let's not loose the sight why we are here for Christ's glory , who put us here Christ and why to go back to God through Christ .
  • MockingBird on Revelation 3
    Jesus knocks at the door of my heart through His word ,preaching , and others that I speak with that know Jesus Christ . When He knocks : open the door of your heart , and my heart : Jesus is a gentleman and He will not intrude in on you or me. He comes in on invitation : When we , I open our hearts door , He comes in and the Joy of fellowship and intervention we have with our Lord is Joy unspeakable and full of Glory !!!
  • Ms.d on Psalms 71
    Psalms 71 is a great way to settle the fight against your enemies, give it to God and let him stand and fight your battles for you, he knows the heart of every man and has the answer or solution to all who try to oppress you! God is not the author of confusion, he wants us to trust him whole heartedly, he already has the answer and he's already prepare the way, step back and let him have HIS way
  • Mena on Revelation 3
    God is warning the churches of the world, in this endtime to depart from it sinful ways. As the creator of the universe he see all our doings, even those that are than in secret. the bible says, the axe is already at the root of the tree, to cut down the unfruitful tree. as Rev 3:6 says we should be careful not to be deceived with moderization. He that hath ear let him hear what the spirit says.
  • Tilda on Revelation 3
    Hallelujah i am allowing Jesus into my heart because He gives me everlasting life,peace,strength and He will reign in my life
  • Rev. Hamilton Pagan, M.A. on Psalms 23
    Many believers struggle with sleeplessness. their minds are flooded with decisions and problems. others have spirits burdened with needs and cares. some cannot sleep because of fear. the great Shepherd longs to take us His sleepless sheep in His arms and calm us by His presence and loving care. when we place our full trust in Him, He takes care of us; He tends to all of our needs. rest in Him
  • This is what I call blessed assurance! Thank You Jesus!
  • Dejvi Kadivnik on Colossians 4:6
    We should never hurt anyone with words intentionally. Even truth can hurt if told coldly, without consideration of other persons feelings. Truth needs to be told, but not with the aim to hurt or disgrace anyone, but always to help them. We need to tell it in a manner that is beneficial to the listener, praying to God through Christ to give us the proper uterance. God bless you all.
  • Wayne on 1 John 1
    Verse 7. It is great to know that the blood of Jesus His Son cleanseth us from sin.
  • Charlene on Psalms 23
    I love the lord with all my heart and soul

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