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  • Gracious. on Ezekiel 13
    To God almighty be all the glory,for the power in his word.The truth.Ezekiel 13,is very liberating,because God is exposing lot of secrets,and also warning us of the concisqence of malipulating people to suit,what agenda they are planning .
    Evil controll,malipulation is the spirit of witchcraft.Depend on the culture or nations you come from,they are practised,even here
  • Jbenedict cole on Deuteronomy 1
    Knowing GOD for yourself wil make your life better; because your bible will be your best friend

  • Marilyn on Psalms 70
    I Love these scriptures because when my Heart is Heavy and in need of speedy deliverance from the enemy: God deliver me "SPEEDILY ALWAYS" I can never Thank him enough!!!! Amen
  • Christy wilson on Philippians 1
    I will use this a my guidance. Thank you Jesus for making me realize I have a purpose
  • Jim on Romans 9
    Yes our Lord is sovereign in our salvation. His choosing is not based on performance but as we are told in 1 Corinthians He chooses the weak and lowly so that "no flesh can glory in His presence". When we get to heaven we won't be bragging about ourselves but we will be humbly praising and thanking Him for all eternity! We have no bragging rights now or then in heaven!
  • Gordon on John 3
    I was "Born again" at a Billy Graham gospel convention in London 1966. It is like yesterday to me. I can assure every reader that God is faithful through Jesus and His Holy Spirit. The many times I have let Him down I know He has never loosened His loving grip on me. Praise His Name!
  • Irene123 on Psalms 37
    To Mary on Psalms 37 - The word of God is a real help in time of trouble, isn't it? Our pastor spoke on Psalms 37:7 several months ago - ".....rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him". He will give us rest through our prayer life, and we wait patiently for Him to answer those prayers - KNOWING that He will!!! Praise the name of Jesus!!!
  • Daisy Soto on 2 Chronicles 7
    I had bible study with my brother on and about this verse, and I really enjoyed it, Have a bless day
  • Trace on John 14
    This verse has saved my life. I was ready to die with unrepentant sins and this verse came to mind from the Son Of God himself. Glory to God and our savior Jesus Christ!!!
  • Mari B. on Romans 8
    Amen Stephen. We all must have the holy ghost spirit. We need the baptism of this spirit. its Gods power. The evidence is u will speak in tongues. This is God that dwells in you. He leads you to all truths. He shows u how to lead a christian life. And CH 8 says you are none of his without it. This is for ALL mankind. Ask to be filled. Acts 2:38 also. Praise him always.
  • Florence on Psalms 48
    Psalms 48 is telling us who God is to His children:He is our shield,He is our savior;He is our strength;He is our r; He is the God of our Salvation rock and fortress;our help in the present time of trouble; He is the God of our Salvation;He is our God forever and ever.AMEN!!!PTL
  • Renee Allen on John 15
    I am so greatful for being chosen. God has truly been good to me. Thank you JESUS for shedding your blood and saving a sinner like me. I have to say Hallelujah glory to You, You are so worthy to be praised. I am a living witness of the change God will make in you! I was one of the biggest messes, But Glory Be To GOD, HE saved my life and made me whole. Hallelujah thank you Jesus! Try Him!
  • Ruth an jamal on Psalms 23
    This has brought much comfort to me an my grandson during his difficult time. It has bout him happiness an joy an makes both of us feel close to God because we know he will neverify leave us or forsake us..
  • Sandra sargent on Psalms 16
    I love the Lord my God,he's everything to me in the name of Jesus!! He's my rock, my provider, my deliverer my shelter. And i truly thank God.Hallelujah!!! I could go on and on about his work Glory!! ..In your Son Jesus name Amen..
  • JoAnn H. on Psalms 62
    Psalms 62: 1-2 reduces my fears. I see God being my cloud that shades me by day and my light at night. As he prepares me when opposition comes, I face it with the assurance of victory. Oh give thanks to the LORD for he is GOOD his mercy endures FOREVER!!!
  • Delores Dixon Gibbons on Psalms 27
    Psalms 27 was given to me to read daily by a sweet, little old lady when I was 11 years of age, it was on 10-5-1973, it was the 1st day after the death of my mom and dad. I was sitting on the ground behind a neighbor's house, and contemplating on taking my own life when she called me over.. She gave me a Bible opened to Psalms 27. I began to read it, and After 43 years I STILL read it often..
  • Freda on Proverbs 3
    This scripture truly speaks to my heart, because I find myself somedays focused on my situations and what and how will I accomplish what needs to be done. But then each day gets better and better, because I have seen the goodness of our heavenly father make a way through all of my circumstances. I keep reminding my self if he did before he will do it again and again,,,, I Love the Lord!
  • Tena on 1 John 4
    I love that verse he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. God has really started working in my life in the past few months and I have been in the midst of a major trial and I cry and worry and have fear but He showed me that I don't have to fear or worry anymore because He is my Father and will take care of me. Praise Holy God!
  • MockingBird on Romans 12
    I Praise God for a copy of His word that I have !!!! I Praise God , He called me out of darkness into His marvelous light. The light of God's word causes me to be more Christ like as I walk with Him in His word . Daily I renew my heart and mind in His word !! I am being transformed daily !!! Glory !!!! I am so Blessed to be in His kingdom !!
  • Kimberly in Conyers, GA on Psalms 23
    Inspired, uplifted, and encouraged! After reading and meditating on the words, I feel this way. Be blessed everyone! God loves you and so do I!
  • MariaElena on Psalms 91
    The 91st psalm saved me on a ship wreck. I studied it that morning and was prayed up when the incident occurred. I knew I was in the secret place of the most high. God delivered his children from a stormy night and a ship that spilt in two.
  • DDAMULIRA BERNARD on Psalms 23
    God is always there to protect us in all ways, lead us into righteousness, defends us from evil and to provide us with the daily bread. That is the work of good shepherd. Even when we go through troubles of this life, He is always there for us. God Bless you All.
  • Renee Allen on Psalms 116
    God sending Jesus to shed His blood to save us was more than enough. But His grace and mercies are new every day! What a mighty GOD we serve. I know without Him I would be dead, He has saved my life over and over again. Hallelujah Thank you Jesus! I have to thank Him and praise Him because I know where He brought me from. And every day He wakes me up Im truly greatful. Thank you Lord!!!!!!!!!!
  • Roxie Harrison on John 13
    Blessing to know God is LOVE and he loves us,and with the love of the HOLY SPIRIT we can love others!
  • MockingBird on John 13
    To love others as Jesus loves me is to forgive them before they ever do anything to me. That is what God did to and for me : Before I was ever conceived in my mothers womb I was forgiven :Difficult to do , but with help of Holy Spirit within : It can be done : And it will be.
  • Jose on Proverbs 4
    Always looking for answers about lifes journey for over fifty years never realizing my answers were in my shelf where my bible laid. How could I have negleted such a great gift of God. Glory to our Savior he's opened my eyes.
  • Librarygal143 on 2 Timothy 1
    I was outside earlier, taking in the day and enjoying the scenery. I looked up to the sky, threw out my arms, and thanked the Lord for all His blessings. Just now, I found this in my email. God is definitely talking. He is always there, for all of us, and we just have to believe and love Him.
  • MockingBird on 2 Timothy 1
    Jesus , when He was on the cross committed His spirit into His Father's care !! Jesus was not ashamed to have God has His Father : So likewise should I make a bold statement that Jesus is my Lord and Savior and live my life in accordance with His word no matter what I may go through. I know ,have an intimate relationship with Him and I believe and I commit myself into His care.
  • Touched by God on Psalms 91
    This version of Psalms 91 is my favorite. The KJBV is a wonderful book. I was told to read this verse on my many travels as a young lady, and I am not going to stop because it gives me great comfort, hope, and the feeling of God's love surrounding and protecting me and my love one's. Keep guiding us Lord!!
  • Matthew danladi on 2 Peter 2
    JESUS i love you

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