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  • Brenda on Psalms 123
    God is truly awesome and he will be there just in the nick of time.
  • Gary Mackenzie on 1 Corinthians 6
    What a beautiful scripture! There is our hope. Us gentiles were bought through Jesus Christ our Lord and savior! Faith following abundantly in the hearing... May we all have faith and remember the words and teachings of our master and savior! Our reborn lives and bodies and spirits are that of the Lord's.. listen to your spirit, has the Lord asked you to give something up? It's time for us to have faith! Confess with our lips and repent in our sinful ways! And love the father for without him we would not have the savior Jesus Christ! Amen
  • Geralpine cole on Psalms 95
    Praise the Lord Jesus I cannot

    do nothing without him amen!!!
  • Yvonne McCalman on Psalms 121
    It really relates to the goodness of the Lord. He is everything to mankind. Words nor feelings cannot describe him.
  • SaBrina on Isaiah 53
    Amen. We are all inexcusable! I'm so glad that HE looked beyond our filthy sins the fact that we often repeat the same sin but inspite of knowing this HE still loved us so much that HE completed HIS mission. HE KNEW that the majority would reject HIM still go 2 hell but that didn't stop HIM....HIS love will never be truly comprehended by mankind! Thank you LORD for loving a wretch like me!
  • Noah Andrews on James 4
    This is such a powerful passage in scripture! We need to be asking the Lord the right things for the right reasons. God will not hear our prayers if we don't. God help me to humble myself daily, and to realize that without you i an do nothing. Generation z needs this truth! They need God! America is sinking fast we need revival, and this is where it starts! By getting our hearts pure for His Glory
  • Lynn Barton on Deuteronomy 6
    Lord Jesus my hope, my life, my forgiveness call our children and their husbands and our grandchildren. Lord call them with the Holy Spirit to be convicted to search and yearn to be in your presence, for wisdom, understanding, and anointing. Lord Jesus forgive us and wash clean ALL the darkness and wrong doings. Bless our families and extended families to draw ever so close to your word and to follow you. Lord God I lay my life and my families on the alter before you, for your anointing and protection. My faith in my soul knows you are in control, you hear my prayer for their salvation and leading and I praise you my God! I praise you! In Jesus Name, Amen
  • Establish Faith in our Creator from an early age. When we see,with wonder and amazement, the world that He has created for us.The sands of time inevitably roll on and we are ground and battered, bruised until 1 day, we return to sand. Praise God and trust that He will ease those days and grant us Peace in His heaven when that day ultimately arrives. Until then? Live Life to it's fullness with God
  • Ampusam Symonette on 1 Chronicles 17
    I am thankful for the Word and so many opportunities these days to read and gain understanding I seek the aid of The Holy Spirit to assist me in understanding so I can have a better knowledge of God. Thank you for the Word. As a convert I have as an adult learn from scratch although the seed of desire was laid in the Christian Convent School I was sent to even as my parents were staunch Hindus.
  • Kathy on Ephesians 3
    This is soooo True. There is no end to his Blessings !
  • I. Lorenzo Jackson Sr believes and loves,God . on Psalms 51
    He who is in me is much greater than he who is in the world. Amen
  • Les on Psalms 119
    This chapter is a POWERFUL testimony of David's love for the Word of God! Amen!
  • Sandra Jordan on Psalms 91
    I am so grateful to Jesus for who he is. Amazingly Beautiful that the love he has for us, The strengths through him. For i can do all things through Christ Jesus.. My savior.....
  • Ashita on Psalms 116
    This is my strength. I am and want to be very thankful to you my Lord for your comfort and love in my difficult time and happiness. I can not live without you oh Lord. Thank you for being with me.
  • Clara on Ephesians 3
    There is no limit to what God can do.
  • Ivy Johnson on Judges 6
    Gideon was hiding in fear of being seen by the enemies. God had an assignment for him to do. The first thing, Gideon was concerned that he was not good enough. Doesn’that sound like us today. We think we have to clean-up ourselves for God to use us. No, if we could, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, would not have to come. He is the only one who can clean-us-up.
  • Biblical Speaker on Genesis 25
    I love this site, it makes it so easy to live my life knowing I have a bible at all times with me in my pocket. I will raise my children in the name of god, I will obey his every word, I will be his servant. He is my shepherd. I am not perfect, I am nowhere near perfect. But I am a servant who serves in the name of The Holy Savior. He is my life, my love, my father, my friend. No love compares,God
  • Funke Ogunsola on Isaiah 44
    Yes, the Lord has redeemed me. He has justified me. He has removed all records of my transgressions and sins out of my life. I am free!!! Praise the Lord!!!
  • LISA HUGHES on Ephesians 4
    I was born and raised Baptist, I have never experienced the joy and peacefulness in my heart that I feel when I'm walking with God and he is leading me. I have just found my way back a week ago and I've been gone from him for several yrs, I thought, but he never left me. Every thing I did or said I felt that twang at my heart. I have a best friend that asked God to bring me to my knees.
  • Terri mulvaney on Proverbs 2
    Steve morrow what version of the kjb did your comment come from I like the wording of it better than this one it is easier to understand
  • Shirley on Psalms 115
    This Scripture was so uplifting for me in my time of need. I LOVE THE LORD.....HE IS ALL THAT I HAVE!! I AM BLESSED I HAVE NO COMPLAINTS! AMEN!
  • Vanessa on Psalms 123
    God loves us all, and it's only through excepting Jesus as our Saviour, and repenting of our sins shall our name be in the book, but I can say trust in him, honour him, love him with all your heart, soul and might, he does protect us, he cared enough to send me back, I was to have died or be a vegetable, I love this psalm , I will never deny him to anyone, he gave me the chance to repent honestly
  • Sonia on Psalms 92
    JESUS is my all in all. He is everything to me. It is always wonderful to give praises to Him always, wherever we are, because He alone is God and He alone deserves All our worship and praise. Glory to God for the opportunity to praise God. Praise God. Amen.
  • Roy on Psalms 16
    My God is faithful. He won't let my soul go to hell. He knows my name. Ameeeeeeeeeen
  • Hazel Carty on Psalms 71
    I love the Lord Jesus with all my heart and all my mine and all my soul I love the Lord unconditional love he is mine and I am his i worship him alone word cannot explain his greatness
  • Janet Turner on Psalms 121
    I was at the lowest point in my life...I opened the Bible and read this chapter...It has helped me thru many years...I love it..
  • I asked too on Philippians 1
    Nichole - Jesus Loves You! Just ASK-

    Ask and it shall be given unto you
    Seek and ye shall find
    Knock and it shall be opened unto you.

    Read Read Read His Word! Talk to Him! Prayer is more direct than any chatroom. The Gospel of John answers your question!
  • Carolyn Felix on Psalms 27
    When i read Psalm 27 . I am comforted by God in this scripture knowing he will always be a very help in the time of trouble. Knowing when Circumstances come my way whether they be health issues,Finances,relationships with family or friends or problems at work . He will come see about his daughter because God takes care of his own and he will always be there with us until the end. God is loyal
  • Godwin on Psalms 91
    Without God, am nothing, i have nothing and i go no way! Thank you jesus for loving me first.
  • Wayne on Isaiah 55
    Thanks be to God ,, thank you daily but gentle reminder, in Christ I am . Love of my beloved Father

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