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  • Ivan on James 1
    God's Word said it I believe it and that settles it for me. God is Good! God is Good all the time, and all the time God is Good!
  • Reginald Carroll on 2 John 1
    I think we should hold fast to the holy teachings of the bible,a be holy as Christ has commanded us to be ,love not the world neither the things in the world
  • Barbara on Daniel 3
    NO matter how heavy your trial may be, if you keep your faith in GOD , HE WILL deliver you.
  • Jacquelyne Booher on Luke 10
    There are so many things for us to learn about the simple things in life. God makes them plain for us. He is our rock, sword and shield.
  • Nkechi on Psalms 3
    Am so glad that the God mighty in battle has taken care of my enemies like He did for David, i don't know how he did it but one thing an sure is that,"He will do what he says he will do."Amen.
  • MockingBird on 1 Thessalonians 5
    First I believe we ought to know that God is God : Our Heavenly Father !! Unless we know Him we can not adequately Praise and Thank Him when we are facing a difficult time . I must know that my Father is Good , Loving , Kind , and Merciful , and most of all Grace !!! I do not thank God for the difficult time : I Praise God for the Victory and getting me in a higher place !!! In the world , ye shall have tribulation But be of Good cheer , I have overcome the world : We , God's children are in the world but we are not of the world !! Praise to God opens the door to Him !!
  • Karen on Psalms 91
    God is my all and all. I am confident that He watches over me all the time. This particular chapter is my favorite. It gives me the peace and love I need every day
  • David mutale on Psalms 37
    the passage has lifted my faith higher
  • Gene Hodges on John 15
    I'm on break tonight and just finished reading genesis chapter 1. Made in the image of God! His likeness wow! Let us make man. Us is this the father son and holy spirit? I thank God for his mercy on me for so long ! Mercy mercy. I'm still here thanks to God I've been through so much prison homelessness drug addiction and clean and free praise God!!!
  • David on John 14
    i love this site thank you jesus for been my lord and savior
  • Joyce Bush on Psalms 91
    God's Word is alive! The Word provides nourishment for the Spirit and hope for the soul. Glory to God!
  • Kim Ann Mele on John 15
  • Susan on Psalms 103
    When I walk with Godly thanksgiving and praise, I am walking to the point that I am face to face with God--in that Holy place is where I see healing, prosperity, and peace. I praise His Holy name...
  • Bonnie Groves on Proverbs 31
    There is another element to this passage, the husband. His mother is not only teaching him what a good wife will do and be to him, but also he needs to be the kind of man that supports her in becoming this successful and strong woman. No woman could do and be this woman without the love and support of her husband.
  • Sheila M Robinson on Ecclesiastes 8
    It's one thing my mother taught me well is to never questioned God; I thank God for knowing my heart and not just judging me according to my actions. Because God knows what is causing the problems to his people unknowingly, principalities. I thank God everyday for his Mercy
  • Phillip Jason Anderson on Psalms 1
    There is strength and peace that I find when reading the Lord's word
  • Elizabeth on Isaiah 53
    The thought, the FACT that He paid the ultimate price for me....that's just overwhelming. As the hymn writer wrote, it
    Dissolves my heart in thankfulness
    And melts my eyes to tears.
  • Juan Ramos on Psalms 91
    Psalms 91 save me from being kill in an electrical power accident. The Lord had told me to memorize it about a year before the accident. When it happened, an angle came behind me ,put both of his hands on my chest and pull me out ,saving me from being totally fried. As psalm 91 says that God's angles will help you.
  • Diana Miles on Psalms 103
    Isn't the mercy of God amazing !
  • Agnes attoh on Psalms 103
    Thank u for giving me the opportunity to comment.pls I want to know more about God and also give my life to him. Thanks.
  • Lawrence Smith on Genesis 3
    The Bible is the greatest book on the face of the earth I enjoyed it a lot.
    A conversation with Jesus Christ is the answer to problems no matter how big or small they are.
    Faith Love Courage Grace Happiness are what everyone needs.
    God Bless you all.......
    Lawrence Smith.
  • Roddy Williams on Revelation 1
    I must say this is very powerful. Jesus my lord and savior has the keys over life and death. The day that we enter this world we are die'ing. The only way to eternal life is threw ChristJesus. The one who has all power
  • Denise on Psalms 9
    I'm so thankful that I can hide in the bosom of God and I know he is my refuge. He loves me, I love him I'm so thankful for Gods love mercy and grace ..
  • Janette Higgins on Genesis 1
    I have always wondered why light was the second thing created yet the sun, moon and stars were created later down. He created light without the sun. The Psalmist said "the darkness and light are both alike to thee. God is very comfortable in darkness but he prepared Jesus before anything else as "I am come a light into the world, that whosoever believeth on me should not abide in darkness.
  • Angela on Psalms 9
    I recently started a new job. My second day I encountered a lot of unexpected unpleasantness as well as hostility from a person over me. It was totally undeserved!! I am taking encouragement from this scripture. I return to work today so I will keep this scripture in my heart :
  • Victor Gonzalez on Psalms 23
    For as David walk,so have I n God has found favor in me,n rescue me from a 30 year addiction, he has taken me from a life of crime n death,drugs n gangs.Surely the Lord is my Sherperd n Savior, God is with us n he is a living God, he speaks to me know through thunder n little birds,I live you father, in Jesus name Amen
  • C. Jenny Cooley on Isaiah 40
    God writes His word on my heart ...don't depend on some man's interpretation of ancient text. Get it straight from the source. Know God so well that you know when the words you hear are from Jesus or not. Faith and belief not argue about text that was altered before you read it. One example use if word man...interpretation of human or male word in ancient text...few references to women but should be more but word man used instead of human as to exclude the some humans. Man interpretation back then did not include woman as equal. I am a daughter of God and He tells me His word directly to my heart. Trust the word IS alive and if misleading interpretation arises God will let you know. Trust Him the Holy Spirit and the Word none of which are confined to four walls or any book. Believe.
  • Robin Brazil on Ephesians 3
    God is the same today, yesterday, and always will be trust, and believe in him, and you will be saved, say in prayer, and he will turn your life around in jesus name Amen.
  • Jenene on John 14
    I was lost and someone told me to read John 14, and it gives me a whole different look on life. Jesus is Lord and he makes all things possible.
  • Geraldine cole on Psalms 23
    After reading this chapter and the comments all I can say is praise The Lord Jesus he is Owesome there no one like him no place he is my very Best friend and having the holy Ghost is just a blessing he leave and guides us to all truth we all need The Holy Ghost he is Jesus Spirit if we do not have him we still are not saved without God spirit we are none of his thats what the bible says.

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