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  • Kyshaun verley on Psalms 91
    Bless the name of Almighty Father God,he has given so much to be thankful for,even at my lowest I'm still saying God Be Praised!!!!!
  • Debora on Proverbs 16
    I love the book of Proverbs. It's packed with lessons and warnings. How can anyone go wrong if you use this to guide your spiritual and physical life?
    I'm still trying to get a handle on the "slow to wrath". I know with all my heart that God is leading and guiding me.
  • Jamie brown on Psalms 91
    I think it's very rewarding to know that with these scriptures we can fight off any attack from the devil. Praise the Lord.
  • MockingBird on Galatians 5
    Jesus Christ has made me free ! I am set free from the yoke of bondage to serve my fleshly desires : That is what I believe this scripture is speaking . I am free to serve my Lord God , Jesus Christ : This can only be done through prayer and Trusting God . I will always have to contend with the flesh : The flesh and Spirit are always in battle against each other. Daily Walk : Daily Walk : Daily Walk !!
  • JOY on Psalms 23
    Even tho i walk through the valley of the shadow of death i shall fear no evil for the Lord is with me... God my eva present help in need, heal my son, Amen!
  • JOY on Psalms 23
    Even tho i walk through the valley of the shadow of death i shall fear no evil for the Lord is with me... God my eva present help in need, heal my son, Amen!
  • Deb on Psalms 25
    I'm reading this Word. I'm trying to encourage myself in Your word Father. It seems that everything is crashing down all around me. God but I know you wont allow for those that believe on Your name to be embarrassed. I'm holding on to that for dear life.
  • Jesuslove on Exodus 20
    this is definetly going in my book. I'm writing for teenagers that want to get saved and learn more about god I'm in teen years myself and have been a christain almost all my life but I haven't started really growing in his word and feeling REAL joy till the previous year and I must say its one of the best feelings on earth I want other teens such as myself to feel the same joy I feel for god
  • Della Reese Thompson on Psalms 91
    I love Psalm 91,My spirit LEAP for JOY when I began to read on how God LOVES us And what he will do
  • Rowland Reeves on Matthew 1
    Thank you God for bringing us these wonderful people who have built and maintain this beautiful online Bible experience.
  • MARILYN MANOCCHIO on Psalms 25
  • Thobeka on Numbers 11
    We should always be grateful for what God has done for us. also be content for what God has blessed us with and seek not for what our flesh desires. When we stop reading the word of God and praying, craving of sin tends to increase in us, but when we eat the word of God we feed our spirit and we are able to overcome temptations.
  • Servant of Jesus Christ on Psalms 25
    God has exalted his word above his name therefore we trust in him through Jesus Christ our Lord who is faithful in all his promises. It is written...in all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path. Praise God for his everlasting presence with us through Jesus Christ our Lord.
  • Michaela Avery on Psalms 34
    I have always loved Psalm 34 all my Christian walk-- it is so encouraging and strengthens my faith in my precious Lord. The Lord Jesus actually healed me from a sickness a while back as I was meditating on verse 5 of Psalm 34!! Praise His Wonderful, Holy and Majestic Name, the Name above ALL Names!!!
  • Lilian on Philippians 4
    Jesus the only Jehovah Jireh the Provider of All and His Peace passeth with all understanding into my heart and mine. Thank you God for giving Jesus to us. You had blessed me enough , all my request that i have nade known thru you Lord are provided. I will trust your time coz you have appointed time to bless and heal us Teach us Lord to wait. I love you Jesus and will praise you amn
  • Larry Staub on Joshua 24
    For anyone who has not made a choice ,I ask that you but taste and see that the LORD is good. The days are short so make the greatest choice that you could make this day.
  • Patricia on Ecclesiastes 3
    Man was formed from the dust of the earth and to dust will return. It's a waste of time to be caught up in our own vanity. Thank God there's a time and season for everything. My prayer is that whatever season I'm in to be thankful.
  • Patricia on Romans 8
    The Spirit is making intercession for me daily. Within myself I don't always know what I need or even should ask for. So search my heart Holy Spirit. I am persuaded that nothing shall pull me away (separate) from the love of God. Though the storms may be raging in my life I'm determined to hold to God's unchanging hand.
  • Kay on Psalms 100
    In the beginning was the word, the word was , and is God, let everything that hath breath praise ye the Lord , and is all powerful all kwowing all authority, honor dominion . I was created to make his praise glorious The Only Wise God , that hang the world on nothing , that groweth bones in the womb , praise the name of the Lord from the rising of the sun , to the going down of the same, God love
  • Nathaniel on Romans 8
    As followers of the Victor, that is, our Lord Jesus Christ, we must follow his example and be victors.
  • Michael on Romans 8
    Jesus enables us to be victorious and evade the arrows of the devil and breaking all the shackles that the devil puts on us. We must trust everything in Jesus, everything means our marriage, our children, our finances e.t.c. Trusting in Jesus only, Thats all, Trusting in Jesus only in everything. To trust in Jesus means we must forsake ourselves and our plans and our thoughts, and submit everything to HIM
  • Debbie on John 3
    THANK YOU GOD FOR SACRIFICING YOUR SON JESUS. It is so simple all you have to do is BELIEVE that Jesus is the son of God and he died on the cross, and he rose again, you shall be saved and you will have eternal life. AMEN....
  • Patricia on Psalms 119
    Not only as a hearer but the word must be securely without doubt or hesitation be hid in our heart. These passages of scripture have aided me through some tough situation in my life. No matter what we have to face the Word of God is a very present help in times of trouble. I bless His Holy Name for being my friend. So glad for JESUS.
  • COCO on Psalms 91
    Every since I was a little girl I was always praying to the Lord he's never let me down he has been my rock my stronghold and I can always depend on him in any situation I place my trust in him 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year no matter what is going on around me I'll always give him praise and thanks I prayed this prayer every morning when I first get up it's a blessing to BE GOD'S.
  • Linda on Psalms 23
    My God will get me through this battle with cancer...He is my Rod and my Staff.He is powerful and almighty and I am ready for whatever he has in store for me. I LOVE MY GOD
  • Deborah on Psalms 23
    I was going through some storms,knowing He was there was wonderful to know.
  • James on Psalms 25
    This chapter gives me hope
  • Sunny idoko from Nigeria on Psalms 23
    Our God is an excellent and perfect Shepherd, dependable and very reliable. Each time i read this chapter, i feel so relieved, i feel something new.
  • Balan on Psalms 91
    The Lord Jesus is always there for me . Whenever I am down He lifts me up and protects me. I shall always seek refuge in the secret place of the most High.
  • Yolanda B on Psalms 91
    I read Psalm 91 daily. The lord has change my life so much. It light food. I thank the lord everyday for rescuing me from things, I did not see coming.

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