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  • Christina Hill on Psalms 67
    I believe that when we open our mouth and give God praise, the enemy has no choice but to flee. God's power is way too much for the enemy and the praises of the saints especially when we are on one accord is too for him. Plus when we give God praise The Lord will come in and He will give us strength. Like it said in His Word in Psalm 150, " Let everything that hath breath, praise the Lord
  • Jerry on Proverbs 18
    V14. "The spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity;" Your attitude, your faith in the Lord will give you the right attitude. Joseph was a man that walked with the Lord, and as a results, he had an excellent attitude! No matter what the circumstances, Joseph knew that the Lord was in control.
  • Shanna on Ephesians 2
    There is nothing that we do to receive God's grace, mercy and love, we should walk in the ways of holiness through Jesus Christ , he is the only rightousness and our rightousness come through him, be blessed and give the praise, honor, and glory to God our Heavenly Father, Amen.
  • Jody on 1 Samuel 1
    God is so Good,. I had Two miscarriages,and then God give me three anointing sons. They all Has an awesome Love and a relationship with the Lord. I am so thankful. And Grateful i always took them to church. And stress how important to love God and obey him. Hannah kept believed which we all must Do. God's give us what need. Never withholding anything that will help us to grow. Amen
  • Judy on Psalms 92
    This takes even more importance at this time in history when many leaders prosper at the expense of others. God will always have our backs even in times of depravity. We can count on our God to deliver us to his kingdom and guide our hearts home. Glory to our God the king of kings.
  • Wille on Colossians 4
    We always want our words to build people up not tear down. Good thing to remember in world that is full of hurtful speech and negative thoughts. Our conduct and speech should always be in good taste, considerate and wholesome.
  • Georgia Davis on Ephesians 6
    I love it! I try to remember to gird myself with the full armor of God at the start of every day to keep it on throughout the day.
    im bleessed when i read Gods word
  • Eydie on 1 Samuel 1
    Hannah is/was a role model for us women today that love God our Father...She would go cry and pray and have the faith and patience so many lack...I do admire her...I too have a need/want that I cry and pray to God about..and patience? oh yes...I want to walk..you see, I'm confined to a power chair and I know that God our Father is going to bring me out of it...either here or when I meet him...
  • Ron Wade on Luke 1
    Glory to the God of Israel. "For he that is mighty hath done to me great things; and holy is his name. And his mercy is on them that fear him from generation to generation."
    How great is our God? He sent his only begotten son to this wicked world to redeem us. I count it as a privilege and honor to serve King Jesus! Be blessed people of God!
  • Olukolade Bolanle on Psalms 8
    I have come to learn and see God as such a loving Father......He has all the Love to give to His Children....I see God As my greatest Supporter and faithful Friend......God is my Bigger Me......it is such a great Honour to have relationship with Him......He has been my only valid source of inspiration and encouragement...my Life has been made so beautiful by Him....I praise His Holy Name....Amen
  • Frank on Psalms 99
  • Loretta. James on Psalms 10
    God always listen to us and he's concern about everything we face Even if we have a mustard seed of doubt in our mind he's able to overturn the situation for favor for us because of our faith for consulting him in the first place.He takes pleasure in what belongs to him and we're certainly his.
  • Samuel on 1 John 4
    Love is a character of God, whoever is born of God will show their love towards others. For God's love covers multitudes of sin. For Gods' love is constant, He shows His great love both to the Spiritfilled and the unsaved people without Holy Spirit . Therefore who have been born of God must also so constant love towards our natural and spiritfilled bro and sisters. Amen to that and God Bless.
  • Edward on Psalms 91
    I love the lord as he came to me when I no longer cherished my life, I will forever be grateful. He is real and he loves us.
  • Jackie Harris on Galatians 3
    God has no respect of person. We are his children., thank God for this, if mankind could just catch on to this verse, believe God at his word, all I could say would be "wow". Bless God
  • MockingBird on John 8
    Jesus came into the world a light : the light reveals the sin in our lives : the darkness that we are walking in . Jesus also came to save us to the uttermost from our sins : If we choose to continue to walk with our Lord we will allow the light to rid us of our deeds !!! Walking with God is not a romantic adventure . Walking with our Lord is Light , Love and Victory ,and Strength !!
  • David Whitley on John 5
    Like so many of us the paralytic lived on the edge, the perimeter, close but just outside his miracle. Like many of us he had excuses, "no man to put me into the pool", "another steps down before me". I believe we can all relate to his feelings of defeat and despair. There has been a heavenly transistion, no longer do we have to wait for a certain season or be the first one in the water!
  • BSP on Romans 12
    When we are wronged we may be tempted to take matters into our own hands but verse 19 shows that God wants us to leave matters to Him so that he can right all the wrongs.
  • Funke on Proverbs 4
    Wisdom! What is it all about? It's all about Jesus. Jesus, the wisdom of God given to mankind. Embrace Jesus, and He makes you wise. You become like God, so that when God sees you, He only sees Jesus His son, and so you automatically becomes His son. For the wise only.
  • Annetta Taylor on Psalms 54
    Father God, you have been there for me from the start and now I am almost stricken in age. Let not your holy spirit depart from me. Use me in whatever way you choose.
    In Jesus name , Amen.
  • Robert on Psalms 119
    What I think of Psalms 119 , reading it in my Heart all day resting on it all night I know all is well in Jesus Name!
  • Uloma on Psalms 91
    A beautiful psalm so needed to calm me and I feel so calm, strong and filled with faith.. I can't explain how great I feel after saying this beautiful Psalm 91... GOD Is Great!!
  • Robert DeHaan on Colossians 1
    Thank you so much for the Word of God to be available on the Internet. I have checked out others and enjoy the way it is laid out to read with access to the Commentary and disscussion that follow. I also love God's language in understanding we have ALl we need when He resides in our hearts. Continue every Christian each day to seek our Master and a read faithfully the promises !
  • Jen on Psalms 91
    Thank you Jesus for your love and protection when all others fail you are always there. I worship and glorify you always very grateful my self and family is nothing without you remove all the unjust and bias people from around us our place of employment and the world. Everlasting love for you
  • Brad Hammond on Psalms 91
    I use it in the morning when I wake up and I use it before I go to sleep at night and I have a copy of it on my refrigerator.
  • Mbugua on Ephesians 1
    Comment*God's multiplied blessings to believers are constant with the fact that He selected them in eternity past for Himself (Rom 8:29) and predetermined that they should be a part of His own family via adoption (Rom 8:5)
  • JAE on Revelation 20
    Remember that Revelations is written in a prophetic, poetic genre. You will not glean truth from it if you read it like a scientist, lawyer or politician; put your artistic hat on for this one. Often where people get off in this passage by failing to view the "thousand years" as simply a symbol of planned completeness. You'll miss the intent if you impose "literalness" to the figures.
  • Stella on Isaiah 11
    I have read this verse hundreds of times and it has always been the lion will lay down with the lamb!!! What in the world????
  • Verna Hill on Isaiah 41
    I feel that it is a lamp unto my feet when things get dark and I feel that have no way , this vs lets me know that I have a way maker, someone who cares enough to not only help me , but move my enemies out of my way, making a way for me to move forward in his word !! I love this whole chpt in Isaiah. The Book of Isaiah is remarkable for daily living :)

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