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  • MariaElena on Psalms 91
    The 91st psalm saved me on a ship wreck. I studied it that morning and was prayed up when the incident occurred. I knew I was in the secret place of the most high. God delivered his children from a stormy night and a ship that spilt in two.
  • DDAMULIRA BERNARD on Psalms 23
    God is always there to protect us in all ways, lead us into righteousness, defends us from evil and to provide us with the daily bread. That is the work of good shepherd. Even when we go through troubles of this life, He is always there for us. God Bless you All.
  • Renee Allen on Psalms 116
    God sending Jesus to shed His blood to save us was more than enough. But His grace and mercies are new every day! What a mighty GOD we serve. I know without Him I would be dead, He has saved my life over and over again. Hallelujah Thank you Jesus! I have to thank Him and praise Him because I know where He brought me from. And every day He wakes me up Im truly greatful. Thank you Lord!!!!!!!!!!
  • Roxie Harrison on John 13
    Blessing to know God is LOVE and he loves us,and with the love of the HOLY SPIRIT we can love others!
  • MockingBird on John 13
    To love others as Jesus loves me is to forgive them before they ever do anything to me. That is what God did to and for me : Before I was ever conceived in my mothers womb I was forgiven :Difficult to do , but with help of Holy Spirit within : It can be done : And it will be.
  • Jose on Proverbs 4
    Always looking for answers about lifes journey for over fifty years never realizing my answers were in my shelf where my bible laid. How could I have negleted such a great gift of God. Glory to our Savior he's opened my eyes.
  • Librarygal143 on 2 Timothy 1
    I was outside earlier, taking in the day and enjoying the scenery. I looked up to the sky, threw out my arms, and thanked the Lord for all His blessings. Just now, I found this in my email. God is definitely talking. He is always there, for all of us, and we just have to believe and love Him.
  • MockingBird on 2 Timothy 1
    Jesus , when He was on the cross committed His spirit into His Father's care !! Jesus was not ashamed to have God has His Father : So likewise should I make a bold statement that Jesus is my Lord and Savior and live my life in accordance with His word no matter what I may go through. I know ,have an intimate relationship with Him and I believe and I commit myself into His care.
  • Touched by God on Psalms 91
    This version of Psalms 91 is my favorite. The KJBV is a wonderful book. I was told to read this verse on my many travels as a young lady, and I am not going to stop because it gives me great comfort, hope, and the feeling of God's love surrounding and protecting me and my love one's. Keep guiding us Lord!!
  • Matthew danladi on 2 Peter 2
    JESUS i love you
  • Joann harris on Psalms 127
    I am going through withdrawals from anxiety pills and I know if it weren't for God being here for me I couldn't make it, I thank God for Jesus Christ and believe me I cry out daily for Him.
  • James Manelas on Lamentations 3
    To love JESUS is to BELIEVE I will forever. Then starts the fight to be obeying the lord JESUS CHRIST i love you my lord JESUS. Every day I will glory in your love for me father.Thank you for creating me father you are my one and only father.I will respect you lord JESUS CHRIST only! I know Father you love me because of the cross thank you Father I love you with my tears.
  • Nito B on Psalms 91
    When I felt in my life that I can't cope with my Parkinson's Ilness. I go to this one of my favorite Psalms, than I feel secure that the Lord is near me to strengthen me. Praise God for his wonderful promises.
  • Sandy C on Psalms 127
    Praise the lord and with all that's in me ! God is a God that he cannot lie , verse 1 explains to us that we can't be Blessed without him because it is in him that we live,move,and have our beings, without God we are nothing and we aren't going anywhere, he put Breath in men bodies, it's God blood that gives us life, without his blood there is no life because life is in the blood, we are Blessed )
  • Ms. Bray on Psalms 91
    Psalms 91 reassures me of God's love and protection for me everyday.Reading it makes me feel safe in his arms.
  • Geanna on Psalms 1
    The word of GOD is given to us for instructions on how to live each day and what pleases Him. Yes it is our choice whether we do it or not. He won't make us and He wants our love for Him to be so strong that we will have delight in His laws.
  • BSP on Proverbs 2
    We must put forth the effort to incline our ear to the wisdom found only in God's Word the Bible.
  • Tori on Matthew 8
    Our inheritance of God's kingdom is through our belief in His Son Christ Jesus. This acknowledges His undeniable gift of love for us. We strengthen our spiritual selves through daily reading of the word. We have a closer walk and relationship with our Father through prayer without ceasing. The flesh follows by applying what the Holy Spirit leads us to do or say when the time comes.
  • Mill on Psalms 91
    Psalms 91 is an amazing book to read, expecially when you feel anxious and afraid. It is very comforting to know that God will cover us under His protective wings, and keeps us from evil. God bless you all !!!
  • Geraldine cole on Psalms 35
    Praise the Lord Jesus Brother and Sister today I want to say I thank the The Lord Jesus for saving me filling me the his Holy Ghost .when we belong to Jesus we will go threw a lot most of the time its not because we have not done anything the devil want to break us God Childern was not made to break we may stubble but we cannot fall we have THE spirit of Jesus everthing the devil do will fail .
  • Sandy M. on Psalms 34
    Lord Jesus I declare with my mouth that Jesus is Lord and I know in my heart that God raised His Beloved Son from the dead. Lord I love You, I need You and I thank You and praise Your Name all the days of my life. I can't live without You Lord Jesus, please live in me as I will live in You, as You are the Vine and I'm the branch. Psalms 34 is stating that we keep our faith strong in God. I love You
  • Ella on Mark 12
    I love God He means the world to me I will pray to him I will do anything for him Amen
  • Robert DeHaan on Matthew 15
    I had been lacking in my reading of Scripture, so I decided to start with Mathew and to study Jesus words anew. God is so awesome as the Holy Spirit refreshes the soul in reading the Word. I pray that more Christians will renew the love of the Truth of a new life for all eternity as he allows us every opportunity to do so. The Holy Spirit always shows you Truth in new and powerful ways.
  • Wayne on Hebrews 13
    Jesus Christ. The same yesterday, today, and forever!
  • Kareene Terry on Proverbs 2
    This verse is truly Beautiful, It amazes me of how much wisdom I gain daily from our Lord. If only I could have more and more.
  • Createams on Psalms 1
    (Holy) - Dedicated or devoted to the service of God, the church, or religion:
    (Profane) - To misuse (anything that should be held in reverence or respect); defile; debase; employ basely or unworthily.
  • MockingBird on Micah 7
    I will look unto my Lord :Many things I have sought the Lord in : I am learning that when I wait for the God of my salvation all will work for my Good: If I wait not , my decisions could be disastrous !! My God will hear me so therefore as life goes on I am learning to wait.
  • Shawn on Proverbs 1
    To live by the leading of the Holy Spirit allows us to make sound decisions in every area concerning the well-being of our souls, renewing of our minds, and the guarding of hearts. Be Blessed
  • Dr Jennifer Aswin George on Ephesians 6
    God created the marriage relationship to be a blessing. Husband and wife are bound as long as they both live. Marriage is a lifetime commitment also. Marriage means a future responsibility to teach their children to love the Jesus with all of their heart. Children Should Listen to Their Parents' Instruction: Though our Society encourages children to take their own choices but they should Listen to their parent's instruction also. Because parents are older and more experienced. They deserve to receive respectful treatment, including respectful speech and attitudes. Sometime parents may have made some mistakes but it's not mean to show disrespect, because they bring us in this beautiful world. Elderly people must not be neglected. They need proper care. Because one day we have to be in their place. If we disrespect our parents, our children will also disrespect in future. Making happy homes is not easy, but we have to try our best. Because God's plan is always best. Amen
  • Kepha on Ephesians 4
    I believe this verse is pertaining to how we treat each other. So everyone has been guilty of talking about someone wether it was in the past or now, but understanding scripture holds us accountable to do the fathers will! And that's to love your neighbor HALLELUYAH!

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