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  • Lisa on Proverbs 1
    lord i pray and i declare in the name of Jesus that i have gods supernatural wisdom and understanding, let he who lacks wisdom simple ask for it and God gives it freely
  • Trinity lum on Psalms 121
    Whenever i read this chapter, i am reminded of the protection of God upon my life especially against my enemies. my enemies are always struggling to hurt me but will never succeed in the name of Jesus
  • Jack Hughes on Jeremiah 29
    You do not have to be a minister to understand Our father God's words ! May God Bless you and everyone who loves God's words !
  • Prayer changes thing,we must pray for one another
  • Anne on Jeremiah 8
    Yes, there is a balm Gilead, Jesus is our balm in Gilead to save and heal us, but we have to come to him and receive him as Lord and saviour. There is no other way.
  • MockingBird on Jeremiah 29
    Seeking God is a daily , continual act every day. Not a mind thing, the mind is ever changing and is not dependable : God looks on my heart : I am to seek God with my whole heart : I am to desire Him with my whole being. God wants all of me , not a portion of me : he will take that portion AS I grow to give Him all of me. A life long continual doing !!!
  • Shiloh on Jeremiah 31
    We can pollute what God gave us, His Word, by trying to add "prophesy" to prophesy. All right there, yet people think THEY have been given an understanding God hasn't given us, when He gives to all His people. Jeremiah 31 speaks of the "seed of man", Jesus Christ born as a human man. He brings the new covenant. Hebrews reminds that the New Covenant came to us as Jeremiah 31 prophesied in Heb.8
  • Bobbie on Romans 8
    l love Roman it always speaks too my heart thank you God for your word nothing can separate us from the love of Christ as I go through my tribulation in my life distress or persecution or famine nakedness or danger or sword shall separate me from his love ln all these things I am more than conquerors through him loved us Roman 8:32 He who did not spare his own son but give him up for us all how
  • MockingBird on 1 Corinthians 3
    How Awesome it is to have Holy Spirit dwelling in this fleshly body that God calls His temple . Such a Great Honor and Privilege to have Him in me !!!!
  • Marie on Psalms 91
    My morning's start my days with psalms 91 most assuring when going through. The devil is defeated. Love. Reading psalms. May God Blessed all readers. In Jesus name
  • Valerie Greensberry on Psalms 91
    I read psalms 91 daily. I was having issues and concerns of my job being replaced from rumors at work. I started reading psalms 91 now i have peace of mind at work and the rumors stopped. Jesus protected me from evil people and that fear is gone. Thank you Jesus still reading faithfully.
  • Gloria Ramirez on Colossians 1
    My Lord is faithful to love me even when I don't deserve and faithful to forgive me. These words inspire me with hope to carry on throughout the day when discourage begs me to quit. Thank You Lord! No shame for those who believe in Your name.
  • Usman comfort on Psalms 118
    The LORD has chastened sore
    But the LORD has not giving me up unto death
    Thank you LORD please LORD let this surgery be successful I will not die but live to declare the wonders of the LORD in the land of living. Amen
  • Rodnie G. Panganiban on Colossians 1
    I can't forgive myself because of fleshly sins that i committed. But the verse tells me how i was forgiven by the LORD. It reminded me that the basis is the precious blood of CHRIST Jesus my Saviour and LORD. Praise the LORD.
  • Matthew H on Colossians 1
    I'd not recalled this verse when a long ago friend who'd told lies back-stabbed me contacted me after 20 years to say he's a different person now- and a born again Christian- and asked me to forgive him. As I have the ultimate example from 2,000 years ago, I did. My best friend said I'd let him off too easy... but with Christ as example, the Lamb Of God, how could I NOT forgive completely? I'm glad I did, as this friend again was honest about accepting Christ into his life, and I would've been dishonest in my faith not to forgive! A most wonderful verse indeed!
  • MockingBird on Colossians 1
    I have been bought back. I am a purchased possession. I belong to Jesus Christ : His shed blood has forgiven me and cleansed me from all my sin. How Great love the Father hath bestowed upon me !! As He has forgiven me , so should I forgive those that are indepted to me. Before they ever have done anything. I was forgiven over 2000 years ago , before I was ever thought of in this world.
  • Erica Noel-Simeon on Psalms 70
    When going through trials, tribulations, hardship..always know that God can take care of it. If you or I just let him handle it....the battle is his...we are not powerful enough to fight the enemy...our God is Strong enough! Just ask him and he will do it!
  • Tracey on Psalms 23
    This prayer has such a calming affect. If I am worried or stressed, saying this prayer makes me instantly calm and reminds me that God is with me and all will be well. Often I say it before bed and I drift off to a peacefil sleep.
  • Lilian on Romans 8
    Everything will work for good to those who loves God . Ask little and Praise him more. God hears your prayers and he answers when you praise him amen
  • MockingBird on Romans 8
    We can choose to walk in the flesh or walk in the Spirit : To walk in the Spirit of God is to be led by His word and to let us know what is wrong or right in our lives : To be led by God's Spirit is life and peace and as God says we are the sons of God when we allow ourselves to be led by Him !! God is so Good to us to give of His Spirit to us . How much more we should obey and submit to Him !!! Very Precious !!!
  • Michael C. on Romans 8
    By this then we must know, that they who will not be led by the Holy Spirit, cannot be sons of God! And therefore it can only mean, that "the sons of God who saw the daughters of men..." could have in no wise been fallen angels! but fallen away disobedient men! So too, it was the turning away from the conviction and guidance of the Spirit, in the world of the beginning, that resulted in the whole world's corrupting beyond possibility of repair or reformation. For we read with those things, how the LORD said, "My Spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh..." showing unmistakably, a rejecting of the Spirit, for taking to satisfy the lusts of the flesh, and their portion in this life, without God: as the Apostle wrote "...having a form of godliness, but denying i.e. disowning, renouncing its power FROM SUCH WITHDRAW YOURSELF!" There is a very important sign for warning in understanding these things just as the Lord said, for a sign and warning that "as it was in the days before the cataclysm, so shall it be in the days when the Son of man shall be revealed." We saw what happened when they paid no attention to the word of God then it is the same today, that many having a form of knowledge and godliness, are denying it power and authority as to themselves and shall not escape the coming cataclysm of the Day of the LORD. To be led by the Spirit means, taking a course in life after the Words of Christ, in all things. To be led by the Spirit means, that we can expect trouble and temptations to beset us, and harass us, and seek to wear us down but we stand on the scriptures as Jesus did, and do not sin! To be led by the Spirit means, that we walk in this world as strangers and foreigners and not looking for setting up a permanent residence. To be led by the Spirit means, to take the way of faith without stage-playing of love out of a pure heart and of a good conscience toward God and men, in all our affairs and encounters in life. To be the sons and daughters of God means, to be made in His image and likeness, in the inner man, after the heart and nature of our Father in heaven.
  • Audrey on Psalms 40
    Am was praying about a situation and this was the the scripture God place in my spirit and I was encourage by it praise the Lord and am still trusting him to work it out in jesus name amen
  • Lues Jimenez on 2 Samuel 22
    2 Samuel 22 gave me an answer to a prayer that I asked of GOD almighty. I think there is a form a maturity in GODS words. The more you study the more you mature or understand. The LORD opens your mind so that we may receive knowledge. I gave thanks to my father for all that he has taught me. Without him I am nothing. With him anything is possible. Lord I want you to know that I love you.
  • Rose on Isaiah 54
    Nancha : My prayer to you is that your walk with Christ will get stronger each and every day and that your fear and anxiety will become a thing of the past. John 14: 27. "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." God bless.
  • Saundra Collins on 1 Peter 1
    I find it encouraging, especially now that I'm going through anxiety attacks, from fear. Anything coming from the King James Bible is encouraging in these trying times. we can relate to what they went through.
  • Samuel on Psalms 23
    Truly the Lord Has Blessed Me... Thank God I Read This
  • MockingBird on Psalms 118
    I have quoted this verse many a time when I was on a bed of affliction : God will alway back His word when spoken in Faith with signs following !!! God has brought me up many a time . Praise God for the victory in my past , in my present , and in my future. Praise God for His Faithfullness.
  • Nicola on Psalms 3
    Lord you are my shield, my glory, the lifter of my head. Lord lift up my head today from shame, hurt and setback. Many laugh at me as if I dont serve a living God but Lord I will trust you
    Salvation is from You. May You blessme and cause my enemies to glorify Your name. Amen
  • Karen on Psalms 51
    I feel for me, I say this when I know I need God to understand that I' am asking for forgiveness with something I did, In my heart was not right. I also thank God for his forgiveness. I feel free. And so be it.
  • La Inf on Psalms 107
    Oh how I love the Lord. His word is alive. I just wanted to give Wanda hope in our Lord Jesus!!! Never has he failed me. And when I need to know of his word I study it and pray about it. Then when the Lord is ready he reveals it to me he does. Trust in the Lord. Hope and pray for you Wanda! May you get closer to him every day!!!

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