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  • Doris on Joshua 1:9
    As Christians we have to thank God everyday of our lives, for being wth us everywhere we go. Father we give honour and glory to your Name. We love you our Lord, there is none like you. Amen
  • Abiodun Ololade on Proverbs 14
    Godís Word is never negotiable, neither is it debatable. As a matter it is right to say that it is addressed to the spiritual man and not to the natural or the carnal man. The truth is, what Godís Word says is what it means! Interestingly, there is what is known as the plain truth of the Scripture, and this may be noticeable on the face pages of the Bible- however it is far and far more than that! That means, God's Word is unfathomable and it is only for he that is willing to invest quality time in reflection, study and the practice of it through the tutorship and guidance of the Holy Spirit. These are words of the immortal and the invisible- hence, if there is a way that seems right to a man-but the end of it is death- that is referring to the natural man or the physical and the carnal man. Why? It is because the natural man is an enemy of God. For his trust is on the arm of the flesh. That means the natural man would always think that the counsel of ungodly is what he should hold on to as his decorum, but discerning that it is not pleasing to God. But the spiritual man normally depends upon and feeds on the dictates of the Holy Writ. The import of this particular Scripture is that it is only the counsel of the LORD that shall stand. Also, even though Jesus said without me you can do nothing, it is far deeper than that. In other words, it is only he that is born of God that overcomes the world- and the is the victory that does that even the God kind of faith that gets his sustenance from the well of the living God. As a matter of fact that should not difficult to understand for the spiritual man, because even though we are in the world, with all its mannerism, yet we are not part of the world. It is also true that whether this planet likes it or not, the Kingdom of this world has become the kingdom of our LORD Jesus Christ- and He is forever dependable
  • Caroline on Psalms 1
    This Psalm is simply telling us that if we obey him and follow his ways, it will be like sowing on a fertile land which will surely bring us abundant harvest. I love the word of God, it's simple and powerful.
  • Yvonne reeve on Psalms 70
    Verse 5 I am poor and needy indeed - but the Lord thinketh on me - wonder of wonders how my heavenly father (the Almighty God) thinks of me ALWAYS!
  • Rev. Tim George on Luke 1:24
    Elisabeth hid herself according to the will of GOD so she could rejoice in the Lord for what He had done by taking away her reproach. We too must rejoice in the LŰrd for saving us and giving us a new name Christians. In the fulness Űf time GOD sent Mary to cŰnfirm what GOD had done to her cousin Elisabeth. For with GOD nothing shall be impossible.
  • May Mwaniki on Psalms 25
    I just love the word of the Lord its so encouraging,fullfilling also guides us in our day to day life.I just want to say a big AMEN to the word of God.God's blessing upon each and every person in these world.
  • David Oludimimu on 2 Corinthians 10:6
    Only our complete obedience as individual believer and as church as a whole will earn us our blessings, breakthroughs and desired victories from God. We must focus on fulfilling our part of the divine covenant - OBEDIENCE; God will never fail in His.
  • Tinasteve on Psalms 51:7
    The psalm made me to have full confidence dat God hav forgiven me my sins.
  • Benon Safari on Psalms 125
    as the bible says that if God was not on my side the enemies would have swallowed me alive,which means that if we trust in God whatever comes you will be covered by God because we are in him and he is in us,we are under the rock.nothing will harm those who trust in the Lord.
  • A Man of GOD on 1 Corinthians 11:14
    Did you know that the first recorded hair cut in the Bible caused a man to lose his strengh and because one lock of his hair that GOD gave him was cut he became so weak that he could not defend himself and was blinded. Imagine that, just a lock, not even all of his hair! Let me remined you brothers that GOD loves us and wants us to come to Him as we are whether we have long hair, short hair or if we're bald! Just as we are.
  • Agyeman sarfo isaac on Hebrews 12:14
    Jesus himself in his teachings on the mountains said that "blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called the sons of God". In the light of the above statement together with what is in Hebrews 12:14 there is a clear indication without any doubt that children of God owe it a duty to ensure that they live peaceably with all people irrespective of their race, tribe, religion, country and what have you. This means that any reason assign as a basis for failing to live at peace with all men is not biblical and therefore unacceptable before God.

    On the other hand,it is important to note that holy living is very, very, very crucial if a christian wants to have an intimate relationship with God. Any body that lives a contrary life and claims to be in constant talks with God is nothing but a liar. In a traditional or literal sense, if one is not permitted to see the king or a person in authority there is no way they can present their case let alone getting hearing. This means that holiness is the key that opens the conversational door between God and his chosen people. It is the basis by which a child of God can have the audacity to question God on issues they don't understand.
  • Timothy Wayne George on Luke 1:46
    Mary said my soul doth magnify the Lord. Thank God for the humility of Mary. After hearing the news from Gabriel that she will bare the Lord Jesus Christ. She said behold the handmaiden of the Lord, and be it unto me according to thy Word. Mary trusted and obeyed, and John leaped for joy in the womb of Elizabeth at the sixth month. John would be the forerunner of the Lord, and would turn the hearts of the fathers unto their children. Humble thyself under the mighty hand of God, and in due time thou shall be exalted.
  • Father God, we thank you for your mercy, kindness, goodness, gentleness, loving and strength as your children. We give praise unto your Holy Name, and we love you Lord.
  • Antoinette rosa ganim on Matthew 5:8
    To see You everywhere.God forgive me and show me til I see no one else,til I am whole and Your Will is Living in me. Thank you,Jesus!
  • Michael on Psalms 27
    Psalms 27 in general is an antidote to fear and faithlessness. Verses 1-3,5,10 and 11 are of special significance to me. 1-3 give that vivid assurance to my heart that whatever is the case around is surely under control of God. Even when I have evil dreams against myself or against acquaintances, these verses portray that undaunting convinction that I can't be in trouble. For instance, I recently had a terrible nightmare, but since God's Word cannot lie, I'm rest assured that devil and his cohorts can't harm me. This is also captured in verse 5. Verses 10,11 and 12 assure me that when all misunderstand and probably forsake me, God will not only find me, but He will also guide me from the traps of the foes. This assurance should guide every beleiver and we won't be tempted to seek alternatives to solution to our problems.
  • Peter on Matthew 6:7
    Jesus was telling us to speak with God from our hearts in prayer ,thus our words in prayer[dialogue with Him however long we take will be meaningful]flowing from our hearts will be genuine
  • Daniel Okuniewicz on 1 Chronicles 1
    i can't comment. I have a very hard time understanding what they are trying to pass on to us.
    Because of that I feel that I am not good enough to be able to hang out with Jesus when I die although i would love to be able to meet Jesus and be his friend.I feel he would be the best friend anybody could have.
  • Cheryl. C. on Psalms 10:17
    Did you know that God humbles Himself to hear and answer our prayers? When we truly humble ourselves before the Lord :He humbles Himself also. Now that is Team work !!!!! Yes ! Amen !
  • Charlene on Isaiah 54
    I love you with all of me My Lord and Savior...
    When we feel defeated just read Isaiah 54... What an Awesome God we serve...
  • Cheryl, C on Romans 7:6
    I Thank the Lord for Jesus Christ : Through Him I am not longer bound to the old nature in me : God has brought me alive : I am alive to God!!!!!
  • Toni on Psalms 104:24
    God's infinite wisdowm created the heaven and the earth. He spoke everything into existence and everything He made was "good." Just look around and everywhere is the evidence of our Maker and Creator and His divine wisdom and understanding. The beautiful blue sky, the magnificent sunset and the awesome moon. God is like a magnificent painter who has created a masterpiece of perfection with the heaven and earth. There is nothing man could build without using God's resources. There is nothing man could do without the things God's hands created. Man is nothing without God.
  • Steven on Ephesians 3
    Verse 17 being rooted and grounded in love is my desire so I am believing in his grace that no root of the enemy, namely bitterness grounded in hate will grow to fruition.
  • Mikel on Psalms 34
    I am specially enthused by verse 1. This stems from David's attitude of praising the Lord in the midst of his plight. We need to recall that at this time, Abimelech had driven him away from the land; and David was indeed distressed. But the challenge lies in the fact that inspite of that difficulty, David was still praising God, and in short declared it as a duty to praise God at all times. Yes, the bible said that praise is comely; and of course, God gets moved when we praise Him. In moments of praise, bible passages are replete with testimonies that God comes down in His power, and difficulties are always made easy. How we need to learn to maintain the attitude of praising God, no matter the situation! My personal experience when I had ghastly motor accident made me know that God feels proud if we praise Him in the midst of challenge. May God teach us to learn to look away from our problems and look unto God, the solution, with the attitude of praise in Jesus name. No wonder God called David a man after His Heart.
  • Ijeoma jacobs on Hebrews 4:15
    Jesus had his own share of infirmities while on earth,yet he did not sin or curse his Father.l must follow his footstep when next am challenged.l must also knew that he is not ignorant of my pain, he is always there with me comforting me.
  • Victorious on Psalms 35
    I felt as though I was in the lions den. Then I was prompted to read this Psalm and, "Oh the joy that floods my soul."
  • David Ocheni on Proverbs 30:30
    This is a wonderful scripture. Our God is a lion of the tribe of Judah; if the lion does not retreat before any, we have nothing to fear. With the shield of faith and helmet of salvation in place, we can confront any obstacle.
  • Am a on Psalms 91
    This Psalm is our mom's favorite Psalm. As she lies on her sick bed in ICU fighting for her life, we have read it to her many times. It soothes and calms us all. It is a blessed assurance of God's love for us in all circumstances.
  • Janetta on Hebrews 4:12
    This scripture is very powerful. Just explains how powerful the word of God is!
  • Judy on Psalms 30
    I am so grateful and thankful each day GOD blesses me to have the opportunity to praise him for so many highly favorable annointings in my life and my family life. I truly believe GOD has his hands on me.Wen I pray I always feel a since of peace, calmness, security, annointed protection, healing, love, GOD hands on me, GOD holding my hand thru anything I'm going thru, and so many other annointed feelings. My faith in GOD has kept me focused to look to him for all my needs. I learned when no one was by my side in time of need, GOD sent a message that he was there all along, all I had to do was call on him and acknowledge him for everything.Don't get me wrong we do need each other family and friends. What I learned is don't be so anxious or disappointed when people let you down, because GOD will never let you down.Keep being you in the Lord and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Even if someone hasn't supported you in the time of need support them. Because you know GOD will bless you and keep his hands on you no matter what you are going thru. Thank you Jesus. Halilujuah.
  • Funsho jacobs on Romans 9:11
    Romans 9 vs 11 was given to me in my dream after my prayers to the lord about my will to do His only will. your explanation of the scripture gave me an incling to the understanding of what the lord is saying to me. i had doubted my call but was assured through the scripture. it is not by works but my election was made before i was born. This simply means that my calling is from God for a purpose and to His glory. pls remember me always in your prayers.Thanks

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