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  • HENRY MCCOY on Jeremiah 1
  • Fern Sneed on Psalms 127
    I get nothing but comfort from Gods promise
    Their is so much love and trust.
  • Stephanie on Malachi 3:10
    God is so faithful to us. You can never out give God. When know better you should do better. I was paying 10% off my net pay and when I learned that I should pay off my gross I did just that and God has not only meet the needs of my family He has given me an increase every year. I tested Him and found God to be faithful.
  • Nancyh on 1 Samuel 17:40
    I don't think the number of stones is as important as the choosing. Being smooth and round, they were the most perfect projectile, and in Davidís practiced hand the most deadly. My question to myself is "what spiritual weaponry am I choosing to practice with daily, with the help of the Lord, that I might be better prepared to defeat my enemy, Satan?
  • Brittney on Jude 1
    Just want to say how wonderful our lord Jesus is.He turned me from my ungodly
    N sinful ways and I'm thankful that we have a loving and merciful god. I was on a destructive path leading me to death.And Jesus always has me running full force right back to him.I love him with all my mind body and soul. He is still working on me.He has been so good to me.
  • Geeta jaiswal on Matthew 2:7
    i belive jesus died 4 me
  • Rebecca on Proverbs 3:5
    New twist to consider. For all you who are weak and sometimes brokenhearted. Jesus said " ...I have come to heal the brokenhearted..." When I read this today it occurred to me. We can not only trust IN HIM with our whole heart. But also trust our whole heart TO HIM. as a faithful creator. Trust in Him, with your WHOLE heart. This one won't EVER let you down. He's a keeper:)
  • Blessed on Ephesians 3:20
    Am testfying the Love, Grace, Favour, Consideration,Kindness and my Father big heart which no mind can comprehend. He has been a God of possible, I see his grace every day. He is able to above all that we can't imagine. He work is ways we cannot understand. I call Him "my life". My family was meant to mount into nothing according to forces of this world. But God turned things around, he blessed us with all spiritual blessings. We protected us from every distruction. He turned ourlives around for his glory and honour. I love you Jesus Christ my life, am nothing without you. He even changed marks by the power of the Holy Spirit where I could not make. There absolutely nothing he cannot do.
  • Lenore Brashear on Psalms 23
    My husband recently had two hemorragic (sp)strokes and two crainiotomies to drain the blood out. He was in a coma for over a week. I am not religious though my grandmother raised me in the Presbyterian church.
    On the way to the hospital each day for over a month I recited the Lord's Prayer and the Valley of death part of Psalms 23.
    The doctors did not think my husband would make it but he is home with me now and doing exercises to strengthen himself and also back on the computer working on his family history books. He is 83 and has multiple medical problems. The nurses and doctors called him the "miracle man".
    I don't call it a miracle exactly but something gave him the strength to survive.
  • Jerald Semar on Jeremiah 12
    Don't be discouraged when the wicked prosper. Concentrate on the promises of God in the word of God and, the leading of the Holy Ghost. Remember that we are dust and all will return to it, we take nothing with us. We have been promised to rise again in translated glory. The wicked will become dust under our feet. Remember the humility of Abraham, he pitched tents on rented foreign land , a pilgrim but his progeny was promised ownership. We also must be subject to the principality and powers of the land we live in but, without surrender to disobedience of the Word of God and, the Holy Ghost. Like Daniel, the Lord will pull us from the fire and the lions den if necessary. We are tested but, not defeated. We have a race to run so, keep your eyes on the prize, even life forever more. Without life nothing matters..the dead own nothing, they can't protect their own graves! We have life in Christ and He rules His Kingdom, He will give every man his inheritance according to His good pleasure. God is good..Praise the Lord!
  • Mockingbird on Psalms 37:11
    Meek means an awareness of the presence of God. That is awesome !!! God is the God of peace. Therefore we shall delight ourselves in the abundance of peace when we are aware of the presence of God in our lives !!!
  • Roger on Romans 13
    My first encounter with this verse was as I was boarding a jail bus after court and a baliff guarding noticed my bible and told me "each of us has a place in there and his was Roman's 13" To look at him you never would have guessed him to be as source of bible knowledge but as Jesus told Peter, he would get the rocks to preach to him.
    This verse caused me to hold church services twice-a-month for over a year during my last prison term.Prayerfully my last.
  • Carolyn Prayer on Psalms 25
    I love the book of Psalms... reading Psalms, calms me when, Im upset..
  • Chizuru Smart on Psalms 91
    Psalm 91 is one of the best place in the Bible it's help a lot just like when a child ran to his parent for something above him or her they help him/her tru, psalm 91 always put me tru in many things when ever I read psalm 91 I see and I witness the glory of God.
  • Rev'd Goodluck Ewoma Emakara on Luke 1:6
    There is safety in walking before God. Also, you are assured of divine guidance because He not just Alpha ,but Omega. God has already gone ahead of you and arrived at the destination He is taking you. He knows all the booby traps on the way so He can safely lead you there. The question is: How pliable are you in God's hand? To what extent do you yield to the control of His Spirit? Ask God for grace to walk blamelessly before Him until He takes you home.
  • Rev. Vivian M. Thomas on Isaiah 54:17
    this is the Beliver's song of hope and victory. Not only will those that oppose the doctrine of Almighty God be destroyed but those that ridicule His belivers will be silenced and put to shame.This is the hope and victory that every beliver inherites from God by His grace and it is secured by His righteousness which is imputed into them from God. This is the Almighty God's promise to Israel of the coming of the Messiah and it includes the gentiles. For the ancient Israelites it means that Jesus was coming...for the gentiles Jesus came, He died, He rose again three days later and He is soon to come again! Hallelujah!
  • DANIELLE HAYES on Malachi 3
    Yes you have to pay tithes even on a fixed/low income. Trust in the lord with all your heart and he will meet your every need I'm a witness to that and I can say I'm disable and when I was putting my trust in the Lord and paying my tithes I can truly say I had more than enough to pay bills,eat,and buy every thing I needed for my household. faith works well with hope
  • Prince Shaffin Lleta on Isaiah 60
    Halleluyah.....this is my chapter of the year 2014,God has just ministered to me thru this chapter,the assurance of greatness in my life.....glory to Jesus Christ!!!!!!
  • Craig Cotton on James 1:6
    I have complete 100% confidence in the word of God and especially James, the entire chapter. We know that God honors faith, especially the faith of a child and since He is our heavenly Father, not like our earthly fathers who one time or another broke promises made to us. My wife has dementia and modern medicine tells you that there is no cure.I know without a doubt in my heart that God will heal her because He said He would in James 5, verses 14 & 15 and many other places in the Bible.This is His will, His revealed will that she be healed and with his grace and patience IT WILL HAPPEN. God cannot lie! Let's not look at what the world says about healing, that there is no cures for our disease. Jesus is above man, Satan and our own doubts. Don't listen to what the world says....Jesus is the author and perfector of our faith....Trust in Him.
  • David Morrison on Romans 5
    It took the blood of Christ to cleanse me. Now I am saved by grace through faith. Now I am as white as snow.Praise the LORD.
  • The book of psalms is a book of blessings, it is full of repentance,hope and tru on Psalms 1
    May the Spirit of the lord reighn 4ever and ever as the name of God being glorified
  • Elie Rocher on 01/11/2014 on Isaiah 1:18
    I am a true product of God endless Love and Faithfulness. When i remember how He set me free from lusts i truly believe He can do it for anyone who is willing to accept His forgiveness. If God did not spare His only Son but gave Him up for a wretch like me, it is obvious He can do it for everyone that believe. The Bible says in 1 John 1 verse 9" If we confess our sins, He is just and faithful to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
  • Dawn on Proverbs 21:19
    I couldn't figure out why my husband stayed away from me. Then God keeped reminding me of this verse today. Now I see. I had been bitter about the way he was living and I complained constantly, I'm with Gods help am going to stop this complaining and love him no matter what he's doing. (I don't like to be around anyone who complains. So why would he? ) Hope I've helped someone Amen
  • DF on Psalms 23
    The enemy is attacking the families but I will not lay down I will cry out to the Lord with all I know I have been with my husband for 28 years and I have 3 kids and I have called on the Lord to fight my battle and save my marriage. I am putting my trust and faith in the Lord and calling upon this scripture every time confusion tries to take over my thoughts and lead me down a path of separation the Lord promise me the desires of my heart if I seek after him and I am running to the Lord.
  • Topel Sweeney on Psalms 9
    Though all flesh is grass, I still feel that David is a shining example of faith for every believer. This passage exemplifies his full reliance upon the Lord. His close walk with God has left him with a confidence that shines through.
    As a child of God, forgiven and paid for, I long to be a man after the heart of my Lord and David's ensample to the flock has much good. I know that it is impossible to please God without faith and that is exactly what it was about David that pleased God... his full trust on HIM.
  • Danette dickson on Psalms 37
    so many times in my walk with god he has shown me over and over again that he is god and god alone. he will deliver in his time not ours. Although we must pray for our enemies especially when they hurt us.. god ask us to lay our burdens upon him so we dont get distracted by the enemies schemes and one thing god has done is to protect me even when i didnt want to be protected... Lord I Thank you and I WILL WAIT ON MY CHANGE...
  • Gabriel on Deuteronomy 22:5
    most of the comments talked of trousers for men and skirt for women these are dress
    code for a particular nations of the world here in Nigeria a tribe called Irobo their men wear wrapper and shirt especially for an important occasion, while some tribes like Yorubas and Hausas forbid their men from wearing wrappers, cloth is meant for covering nakedness.and that was what did when Adam and Eve were naked. Let your heart be right with God whether trouser or skirt God looks first into your heart.
  • Marion-cherie abdullahi on Deuteronomy 8
    deuteronomy chapter 8 was given to me in a dream in the year 2000 and it has been working for me, serve the lord and be bless and all the blessing in the chapter is real in my life and also in the lives of those who serve God will see the hand of God doing great and mighty things, just fear and serve him.
  • Lev 19:2 enjoins us to be holy for God is holy Romans 12 :1&2 also tell us to present our bodies a living sacrifice holy acceptable to God and be not conformed to this world. The word of God also tells s to flee fornication for no fornicator will inherit the kingdom of God. Matt 5 tells us that if a man lusts after a woman he has committed adultery already with her in his heart. You judge from a sincere heart, how can a woman wear trousers without looking sexy no matter the design.
    only God knows the no of men that woman would have seduced a day without her knowing it. The word of God also says we should flee the appearance of evil. Even if is a very tight skirt or dress that a woman wears and it outlines her figure and becomes revealing it can become seductive and she has to flee that . God is not mocked whatsoever a man sowed he shall surely reap .Modesty is the watchword .Mind u in these last days the devil has invented so many things including ungodly fashion in order to derail christians and drag them to hell so beware and be sober. The word of God is full of enough instructions to us to know the mind of God concerning all aspects of our lives so there will be no excuse for any one who dresses in an ungodly manner
  • God is a spirit and we must worship God in spirit and truth. God can take the black sheep of the family , he can take the man from under the bridge, he can take that lady off of that late night street corner and raise us up and be the head and not the tail. He will raise us up out of the gutters and set our feet on solid ground. I have seen the transformation that God has done in my life. He has cleaned me up from the bad things that I use to do. He has given me his word and did a mighty transformation in my life and I give all of the honor to God. So don't ever think that you are in a place that God cant pick you up out of. He will go to the lowest parts of the neighborhoods and pull us up out . God will clean you up and you will have the heart to serve him . S yes he will raise up the ones that people turn their nose up at , but guess what after he is done with us cleaning us up and giving us his word our light will shine God said we will prosper as our souls prosper. So as we prosper in the word and change from glory to glory and walk in the spirit and not in the flesh God will start opening the door to have nice things as well. we are royalty because our daddy is the King of Kings. So if we are his children then we will have the promises and the blessings of the most high.

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