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  • Blessed on Galatians 3
    Abraham is the father of many nations. Ismael Arab, Issac Hebrew both became prosperous because Abraham is their father. On a spiritual level those that believe in GOD and believe he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him are the children of Abraham. By are faith we are born in the family of GOD.
  • Keith Blevins on Proverbs 20:24
    men seeem to to have their own ways of doing whatever but it is the lord who directs our lives.
  • 1 Corinthians Ch.13. In my country we call it the Chapter of Love. I believe it is the most important chapter in the whole epistles of Paul. It 's what God is. LOVE. It 's what John said in Chapter 3 verse 16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. Our belief is based on Love, the kind of Love Jesus has for us, so much that He took all our sins on Him to the cross. Paul is very clearly saying here that you can fulfill all the other things that our belief requires, but if you have no LOVE nothing counts.
  • Chike Igwesi on Luke 2
    "And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man. " Luke 2 52 . Prior to this statement, Jesus went about His "Father 's business ". Any one who is committed to God will surely experience divine increase.
  • Leigh on Genesis 1:1
    I don 't claim to fully understand God is 3 in one person 's BUT I do believe it.....I believe no task is beyond His limits.....how could or can we ever totally understand who or what he is....for He is beyond all measure....He is God and I am thankful that He is my Lord and Savour and when you have a personal relationship with Jesus "YOU KNOW IT " and unless you are a believer you will never understand that....and that is one of the ways you know Jesus is the way the truth and the life.....it 's so personal....Glory to God in the Highest and saying that....you to can have what I have ...just ask the question "God are you real?, and if you are I want to know....trust he will start working with and in you in a way that will bring you to Salvation....and when you look back after becoming a believer you will be astonished the road he will take you on to draw you to himself....nothing more or nothing less than "Amazing Grace " thank you Lord for excepting me a mere sinner and what you did on that Cross to cover My sins....all those years ago...Blessed be thy Name....
  • Terry on Psalms 23:6
    This passage is both, prophetic and a word for David, he knows of Gods goodness and protection through his trials and tribulations living under the old covenant, where he has a glimpse of Eternity. And for us today living under the new covenant there 's the hope and promise of Eternal life through the grace and goodness of Christ our intercessor, Paul writes in Hebrews 13 v 5 "I will never leave you nor forsake you " Who could ask for more? What a faithful GOD have I
  • Denise on Psalms 121
    This psalm is one of my favourite psalms in the bible. The words are reassuring,for me it brings comfort, protection, hope on a whole it speaks live eternal. I 'm so blessed to have the power of the most high god protecting me he is my keeper he is my everything. Thanks be to god.
  • Audrey on Psalms 16:8
    To put the LORD first in everything i do or say makes it easier . He makes a way where there seem to be no way . No situation can move me if i put him first.
  • Rob on Psalms 16:8
    Thank you LORD for showing me personal signs and wonders to open my eyes and heart and know for a truth that You are faithful, merciful, and always before and beside me. You are my strength and fortress! Bless the LORD o my soul!
  • Samuel on Genesis 41:3
    God can bring us out of big trouble and sustain us .
  • Success Raymond on John 8:29
    So long u do His will, He is committed to be with you. Are your ways pleasing to Him?
  • Olubukola Olajobi on Psalms 36
    I was told by my sister in law 2 read Psalms 36 on a daily basis it has since become my daily devotional. It keeps me stronger in faith makes me believe no evil can come near me my family. I am also rest assured that everything that is proving to be impossible in my life have just become possible In Jesus Mighty Name...Amen!
  • Jonah on Lamentations 3
    Verse 7 is the most sweetest verse, If Christ is behind us, if God says you will be prosperous, who dares to destroy your life.... Praise be your name forever and ever. Love you Jesus for delivering me in times of trouble.
  • Blessed on John 13
    I was mad at Satan for a while wheneverer I read this verse. I couldn 't get over how he betrayed CHRIST. I was consumed with hate for Satan. Then as I grew in grace and in the knowledge of our lord and savior JESUS CHRIST I REALISED THAT WHAT JESUS SAID IS TRUE AND THAT IS WHAT I NEED TO LISTEN TO JESUS SAID NO MAN TAKE MY LIFE I GIVETH. GIVETH MEANS HE continually gives me his life. He defeated death that I might hav life and life more abundantly. He defeated poverty that I be prosperous. He defeated sickness that I have health. Thank you JESUS I AM NO LONGER CONSUMED IN HATING THE DEVIL. I AM IN GOD AND GOD IS IN ME. I AM IN JESUS GOD 'S LIVING. WORD '. Therefore I am spreading the good news of the gospel. JESUS IS RISEN. Thank you for saving me.
  • Charlene on Psalms 91
    Psalm91 is very powerful two years ago my husband and my daughter was in a tornado I started saying this psalm and God kept his promise and he saved our lives that day. What an Awesome God he is.
  • Charlene on Psalms 91
    Psalm91 is very powerful two years ago my husband and my daughter was in a tornado I stated saying this psalm and God kept his promise and he saved our lives that day. What an Awesome God he is.
  • Blessed on Psalms 89:1
    We have musicians who sing and call it gospel nu vue gospel ,alternative gospel. This psalm sings of his mercy. We all and I mean all have experience the mercy of GOD. FROM THE richest to the poorest GOD 'S mercy is alive in our life. From the crooked to the straight GOD 'S mercy is alive in our life. You don 't have to be in some dire straights to experience GOD 'S MERCY. For GOD so loved the world that he gave us JESUS. HE GAVE US JESUS SO WE CAN HAVE ETERNAL LIFE. These are songs the HOLY GHOST will lead you to sing. Mercy, salvation, victory over sin, the love of GOD, WE ARE called to spread the good news of the GOSPEL. WHEN YOU REPRESENT GOD YOU DO AS JESUS DO YOU GO TO THE FATHER GOD THE FATHER IN HEAVEN do his will. When you are in the will of GOD THE MUSIC IS IN YOU and you can sing write perform the good news of the gospel without worrying if you got a following. JESUS said if I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me. GOD loves music and he said only what you do for CHRIST will last.
  • Evodia on Psalms 121
    De lord knws my going out and my coming in, it means where i ever i go the lord is aware and he is protecting me, haleluyah
  • Larry on Matthew 1
    Book of Mathew. Profound. Not to be taken lightly, but with great study. A true feast.
  • Sibongile on John 3:8
    Today the Holy Spirit led me to read Joh 3 4 8.it was like I had never read it before.then verse 8 was confusing,Holy Spirit brought me to this website.now my eyes are opened and I praise God for the knowledge I have aquired here.
  • Mommy of 2 on Philippians 4:13
    This verse is very inspiring. I 'm a mommy of two of one which was born with lots of health problems. With God my baby was able to overcome his health issues. I prayed for healing and protection. I knew somehow that as long as I stay with the lord he will heal us. My baby is doing remarkable now my oldest too. We are better than what we were last year, because I know and believe that I and my children as well as everyone, WE CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST!!!! KEEP OUR FAITH AND WE CAN OVERCOME ANYTHING LIFE BRINGS OUR WAY! AMEN!!!! MAY PEACE COME TO US ALL!! GOD BLESS!!
  • Okuta emmanuel on 2 Chronicles 7:14
    For sure the love of God is beyond human understanding coz however sinful we are ,He still loves us call us His people only wants us to humble before Him with prayers repentance and confession the we are sure of receiving back our lost image.Oh what awonderful Lord of love,grace,mercy slow to anger. Let us waship Him in truth and spirit.
  • Kinshasa on Psalms 37
    Psalms 37 is awesome!!! It 's my life insurance policy!
  • Lili on Genesis 3
    Adam and Eve were not hungry when they were tempted by the devil through the serpent. Eve should have never walked alone and wondering around by herself, especially after they were warned. She should have stayed by her husband 's side and together they could have overcome the temptation, but being by herself she was easily deceived and the devil played with her feelings and emotions resulting in her fall. Adam had no choice but showed her love for her, knowing Eve was going to die he would rather partake of the fruit also. In other words, Eve was deceived but Adam did sin knowingly. They both failed the test of faith in God and obedience to his word. Despite their disobedience to the word of God, God is love! Verse 15 gives Adam and Eve hope that someone will die for them and the human race. Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world. That is the gospel good news for those who believe in Jesus Christ.
  • MockingBird on 2 Chronicles 7:14
    1. I am called. God called me. I am His child. 2. I should humble myself unto Him. 3. And then pray !!! 4.. Seek His face.5. When I make that contact with God then I will turn from my wicked ways realizing his way is Best . 6.Then my Lord will hear from me and forgive my sin. 7.He will heal my land. 7 is a divine number. You can 't ask for anything better than God 's way.
  • Blessed on 2 Chronicles 7
    GOD delivered me out of sin with this chapter and verse 14. This chapter and verse14 helps us stay prayful and humble. Thank you GOD.
  • Memory Sabada on 1 Peter 3
    This verse is very clear and changing. it only takes a woman who wants her relationship to be changed and enjoy heaven on earth.the word of God is for doing, man need their honour, the word submission has no conditions, it means what it means. this is the greatest medicine to cure one 's marriage. praise be to God who builds us through His beautiful word. attitude, character and behavior and sacrifice also contribute to a successful marriage. glory be to God.
  • Portia on 2 Chronicles 7:14
    It 's very encouraging to always find out that our GOD is mindful of us and nothing can separate us from HIS love.prayer, faith and the joy of the LORD will keep us going. JESUS IS LORD.
  • Jane maina on John 16:24
    very greatiful to the Lord Almighty.what i underastand in John 16 24 is we should have omega faith when praying and all our desires will be fullfilled.praising his name and beliving in his name.
  • Jacob on Luke 15
    I discovered that God is always searching for the backsliden christians to forgive them of their sins irrespective of the type and the gravity of sins they have comitted. Now in the verse 24 the father seeing the child coming far off did not wait for him to come to meet him at where he was standing or sitting but the father moved with a great compassion to meet the son on the way then fell on his nek and kiss him. Now the bible says when the son came to himself he said how many hired servants of my father have food enough to eat and I am here dying out hunger . Then he said i woul go but this tim not a son but a servant . But when arived the meal the father has prepare for him before was what he ate. The dresses and the jewellry and the shoes he has not been given by the father were what he was given to wear. LESSON YOUR SINS WOULD NOT CHANGE YOUR SONSHIPE TO SERVANTHOOD. John 1 11 12 GOD ALWAYS FORGIVE AND ACCEPT US AS A SON NOT A SERVANT

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