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  • Cliff tomlinson on 1 Corinthians 6:3
  • Godfrey on Philippians 4:19
    God is able to provide what we want by His glory
  • Anna on Hebrews 12
    We need to keep our focus on Jesus. Sometimes we look to ourselves and others instead of him. He is our only source of strength and peace in this race of life. No matter what circumstances comes our way, we will surely overcome if our eyes are fixed on him. Lord help us all to look to you alone.
  • Pat on Psalms 5
    I believe David not only wrote Psalms 5 for himself but also for me.its my cleansing,my renewing,my healing forgiving song.Because of Psalms 51 I 'm not ashamed to examine who I am.I 'm not ashamed to cry out to God in my messed up state.It helps me a lot to see the need to be grateful to a merciful God.I truly love honour each word of this psalm.its hope when I realize each day what a failing sinner I am.I love itttttttttt.!!!
  • Amy on Ephesians 5
    Love love love this book,as a fairly new christian about to get married it really speaks to me.
  • Vuctor Amodu Aiji on Psalms 30
    Godly patience provokes interminable joy.
  • Kayla on Genesis 1:1
    I love every book of the bible they are all inspiring and awesome to comment to people about.
  • Cindy on Psalms 31:18
    I love that verse, I feel it 's Gods promise of protection to us, his children when the world spews it 's lies against us our children those who walk with him. We can just sit back trust that Gods got it all handled. Just trust wait on him to show himself, keep your eyes on him.
  • Maert on Matthew 6:33
    God said to Moses "I am who I am " .....God is God!!! what more can we do but seek He who Is?
  • Veronica shumpert on Psalms 61:2
    The lord is merciful who knows all things, my helper who saved me 'i want to show my thankfulness for acknowleding unto me 'he worthy to be praise and honoured for hearing my cry, prayers.
  • Kim Mc Donald on Luke 12:31
    God is my Life with out him I would be a mess in all of the things going on in my life. So yes i will seek the kingdom of god first before I look for any thing else in my life God is the love of my world.
  • Ann johnson on John 16
    Jesus was a prophet but, oh so much more than just a prophet!!! He is the very God of the universe who through the virgin birth took on the flesh of man, and gave eternal life to whosoever will. Unless you believe He was Him the God of Gory ye shall die in your sins. HIS NAME IS JESUS. father, son, Holy Ghost
  • Toni on Psalms 61:2
    Jesus is our Rock. He is our foundation from which the Word of God stands rooted and grounded firmly in Him. When we cry out to Him in our distress, He hears us and gives us the blessed assurance we need. Jesus says "Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. " Matthew 11 28 ..Prayer is the key to the joy that God gives to those who are burdened down....Call on the name of His dear Son Jesus, the way, the truth and the life.
  • Clairmont Mootr on Galatians 2:20
    That verse prove my faith does not grow because I have now the exact faith of Christ! Amen!
  • Nannette on Psalms 37
    I love this chapter very much because it was my mothers favorite. All the evil that is around us, reassures us that God himself will protect us. So fret not thyself
  • Vivian on Psalms 11
    God sent His Son that never commited a sin. so that we might live right. We confess to be then why follow the one thatt saved us from sin. I am so thankful for His love that I see from day to day.Bless His holy name. He is still even today doing great things.We must trust and believe.
  • Abiodun Ololade on Psalms 19
    This powerful psalm is one of those psalms that we read very often in those days, in the church where I grew up from. It s opening statement reflects and demonstrates, what the heavens and the firmament has been busy doing since creation! It is indeed a weighty psalm, as it admonishes and provides the discerned, with spiritual awareness of what the heavens and the firmament has been up to since the beginning of time! There are many things that we can learn from this Psalms 19. Interestingly, the fact that the we can sing and pour praises upon praises unto God, are indications of His grace and mercy that has been administered and shown unto us, as children of the Almighty God. As a matter of fact, God s lovingkindness is such that it is so intoxicating and it is beyond human comprehension. Hence, this Psalms 19, even, as ordinary as it may seem to the natural man, but yet, it is truly a beautiful psalms, laced with heavens declaration of God s faithfulness and also meant to draw the righteous towards the honour of the God of heaven.
  • Toni on Matthew 11:28
    I was thinking that sinning takes its toll on a person. It causes so much heart ache and pain and is a weary to one 's very soul. But Jesus has the remedy. He extends out His open arms and tells us to come to Him. We clamor and lust after the things of the world and work to acquire things, yet it still does not make us happy. Isaiah 55 2 Jesus says come to Him. Bow down on our knees..humble our hearts and call on His wonderful name, and then, He will give us peace for our souls and joy in our hearts. This rest is not just eternal rest. This is talking about rest on this side of life. Whom the Son sets free is free indeed.
  • T Tony Mendoza on Proverbs 5
    I was young and foolish.With the most good and beautiful wife a man could be blessed with.I tasted truth and knew Gods word,But, through my stubburness and foolish pride , Turned from Gods Word, And payed over and over again through my selfish nature. My God has spoken to me in a dream last knight and reveled to me that if I stay the course and put him first he will give me the desires of my heart and I can have a chance at happiness and truly Love my mate. but only if I put God first and stay the course!! Thank you Lord !!! I Love my God
  • Jorja on Job 7
    Job inspires me to never let the bad take away my faith in our almighty God. I feel like Job filled with disaster and grief but nothing can take away my faith and love for my God. He is my rock and my salvation nothing can take away my love and belief that God will neved let me fall.
  • Olgar on Psalms 127
    i praise you father for a day like this. i praise you Lord for my family. I praise you Jesus for my the breath of life. For buying us with the price of your previous blood. for protecting us over the dangerous moments of life praise be your name Amen.
  • J.C.Roberts on Jeremiah 30
    The Lord God Almighty in His infinite mercy sent this word unto me in 2008 when i was down with an incurable disease and restored health unto me. Today im in total heatH, no longer drug dependent HALLELLUYAH
  • J.C.Roberts on Ezekiel 36:26
    God sent this word to me when i had a heart condition gave me a divine heart transplant. Praise God today i am free. HALLELLUYAH!!!
  • Monica Hammond on Acts 2
    This is the promise being fulfilled that Jesus Christ gave to his disciples in Acts 1 8. The promise is still available to us today if we will accept it. We must be born again according to Jesus Christ given to Nicodemus in John 3 3,5. We must repent, baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of our sins,and we shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. This is the fulfilment of the new covenant that Jesus Christ came to give his life 's precious pure blood for. This promise is for all people who have ears to hear it. .
  • Matt on Matthew 16
    Verse 18 Jesus calls Simon Rock Petras in the Septuagint Greek which is itself a translation of the older Aramaic. Look at the subsequent commission Jesus tells Peter that the gates of hell will not prevail against it. And whatever you declare bound on earth is bound in heaven and whatever thou looses on earth will be loosed in heaven. A rebuke followed by giving such authority or a commission followed by giving authority? Sounds like authority. The same authority with which successors approved the Christian Bible around 389 AD. No authority no Bible. Jesus ' authority given to the Apostles, given to their successors who had authority to approve the Bible of 389 AD. What authority the New Testament has is derived from Jesus bestowing authority to his Apostles. And the gates of Hell will not prevail against it.
  • Carl baker on Romans 15:10
    Until i was Born Again, i never thought of Israel but now I find that i love Israel and pray for Israels peace and Salvation. God,s will be done in Israel and I will rejoice with them and thank God for them. Jesus was a Jew and now i am grafted in! And again I say rejoyce!!!
  • Octavio on Psalms 124
    We r in the palm of His hand and in the refuge of His embrace,the beloved of the lord,tenderly loved,thereby the lord resisting the proud waters for us,as we believe and rest,believe and rest,just as He rested in the boat,being cradled in the hands of love and mercy of a loving daddy
  • Amass on Philippians 4:13
    Know you can,believe you have it, because Christ himself is in you so you can do all things in Jesus ' name. Amen
  • Paula on 2 Samuel 1:26
    I truly love what Gene had to say,but the bible doesnt say for women it says of women which changes everything. I too like Gene have longed for and dreamed of a love such as the one that David and Johnathan had. I searched many years.Got married had children ans still I searched,and then I found that love. Jesus Christ.
  • James on Acts 7
    Our God is awesome and his Plan always GOOD. I want say to all that, don 't feel alone our God is not dead.

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