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  • Isabel apantoja on Psalms 91
    Love this Psalms 91 I declare it everyday upon my beautiful Children.. And every student of U.S.A.
  • LadyA on Proverbs 3
    He is worthy, Worthy to be Praised, from the raising of the Sun to going down of the sand... Lift the name of JESUS.....
  • Eric on Matthew 25
    Nothing much from me but thanks and praise to the Lord. Though I walk amongst the snares and demons pursue all around, I wait on the Lord. If he wills his servant to safety who then can harm me? There is no one else to seek. I ask in Jesus name. Amen
  • Odessena Renee Johnson Brown on Daniel 6
    When we fear and obey ALMIGHTY GOD, HE will cover us with HIS LOVE. ALMIGHTY IS THE GREATEST ALWAYS AND FOREVER MORE. There is no limit to HIS STRENGTH and GREATNESS. Amen!!
  • Patrick on Psalms 127
    We should totally submit our lives to God, let his mercy and grace continue work in our lives as God promised it will.

    We should not fret when we know for certain, our God is for us and not against us!
  • Joan Brown on Psalms 91
    The Lord is my PROTECTOR and my Provider , thank you Lord for everything, Amen...
  • A disciple
    "Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life." John 8:12 (cont.) The Bible has many, many prayers written, which are put there for us to pray. In Psalms 119 in particular, as well as in the Epistles of Paul; prayers for understanding! The Lord will answer those prayers in a big way! Try it!
  • Gail on Psalms 27
    Verse 14: I was eating breakfast reading a book and out of nowhere came this voice saying "WAIT ON THE LORD". I have been going thru a horrible time. I had never read that passage..I looked it up. Now it is the only thing that gets me thru the day. My brother has cancer. Lost my job..
    .losing my house. But I know God will get me thru all of this as he has all these years. PRAISE GOD
  • Cyril on Psalms 91
    As a infantry soldier Normandy 1944 in a rest from battle, fearful and bewildered, approached by a complete stranger, sensing my fear gave me a copy of Psalms 91. I can testify to numerous incidents which could have maimed or killed, both during those dark wartime days, but also all through my life since. I Amos 92 yrs old. "For he shall give His Angels charge over thee..., With long life..... Amen
  • LadyA on Jude 1
    My God is awesome and amazing for he is my rock and my salvation..... I Trust God no matter what!
    Love 🔮🔮🔮
  • Daniel Hulse on Proverbs 5
    You are my authorative site among many for basic searches and daily reading. It is an easy to use site, allowing cut and paste for my own constructed personal studies at home.May the Lord Bless You bigger in 2018.
  • Gwendolyn jones on Psalms 100
    I praise him day and night ths holy spirit is my gps guides me always I pray GOD WILL BLESS OUR COUNTRY.ALL PRAISES GO TO HIM AMEN.I Amos 84 YRS. OLD THANK YOU JESUS.

  • Alex
    This man Legion reminds me so much of humanity,0ur evil and adamic nature cannot be tamed by laws and commandments ( CHAINS AND FETTERS ) ONLY CHRIST cd set legion free,whom the son sets free is free indeed.James says all the BEASTS of the world has been tamed by man but the tongue no man can tame. The tongue is our evil adamic nature what we speak comes from our hearts. BUT CHRIST TAMED LEGION.GB
  • Hazel on Psalms 100
    Thank you father God for your love and mercies to make us in your own image we are so privileged I lift your name on high

  • BG on Genesis 1
    Starting out the New year 2018 with the reading thru the Bible program on this website. I have used this website before to read thru the Bible but not using the new year format. God Bless and don't give up if you do this. It is ok to miss a day or read ahead. The idea is to allow the Lord to speak to you thru His holy word not to rigidly cling to a schedule - it is a prompt/guide. God Bless
  • Min.Marilyn Knight on Psalms 117
    I would like to talk about his merciful kindness (man when God loves us despite our faults and still show us love and kindness) We are blessed beyond measures. Glory
  • Verse 26: We all share a common enemy, which is death. What a wonderful day when this last enemy will be completely destroyed.
  • Cliarose on Psalms 91
    How so true of the Word of God! It does exactly what it says and promised. He is the tower of Strength for me , my Shelter, my Refuge all the day long. Praise Him!
  • Levi on Ephesians 5
    I have read all your comments and I would like to say THANK YOU brothers and sisters for Loving and Praising Our wonderful Savior. I can feel Your LOVE.
  • Angie on Psalms 23
    I know that the Lord is my everything in him I shall not want for nothing, He give me a perfect peace that passes all understanding. I know that he is with me and my family always even when we are in the valley or on the mountain top God is with us. When the enemies tries to attack me God rod and his staff they comfort me, I thank God for anointing me and I will dwell in the Lord's house.
  • Lola on Isaiah 53
    I praise God for loving me enough to die for my sins in order that I will repent of my sins and receive eternal life. Thank you JESUS.
  • Judith M. Horne on Psalms 91
    I like to make Psalms 91 "First person singular", and repeat it whenever I run into a trying situation: "He shall deliver ME" etc. I just take whatever verse applies to my current problem and personalize it. God is so Great!
  • Gary Lindblad on Ephesians 2
    Vs. 1....Praise Jesus ! He has quickened me ,, and raised me up from a corrupt, wretched, dead body of hopelessness, and sin ! I am saved, not by my own doing , but through His marvelous grace and mercy. I was dead, but now I live forever to be with Him. "Now THIS is life eternal, that I may KNOW Him, the ONLY true God and Jesus Christ."
  • Faith Ogochukwu on Psalms 51
    Cast me not away from your presence and take not thy holy spirit from me.O father thank you for making me dwell in your presence,the spirit of God is in me continually Hallelujah I can face tomorrow with you in my life
  • Elsie on Psalms 88
    I am living this at this moment. God knows my heart and therefore I will praise my way through my situation.
  • Charles on Acts 16
    I Amos 55 years old ...I have been saved for 4 years.4 of the best years of my life. Praise the lord.I will be with him one day.
  • Lilian on Matthew 9
    The harvest truly are plentous but the labourers are few Gods blessings are abundant but only few servants obeying his words. Teach me Jesus to be born again in Spirit every moment of my life. I will praise you Jesus forever Jehova Jireh the Lord my provider Shalom amen
  • Cleo on Psalms 91
    I love Psalm because I can imagine being covered with. His feathers, and to know I can run to him because he holds that tabernacle... open and I can hide there when life gets to
  • David Dore on Psalms 55
    I sure love Psalms 55, but I also love the Bible and its promises. I am so glad I am saved. John 3-16
  • LadyA on Psalms 27
    One thing I know among so many others, that I will see the goodness of the Lord right now in the land of the living. I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever and ever........
    Love 💜💜💜💜💜

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