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  • Okuta emmanuel on 2 Chronicles 7:14
    For sure the love of God is beyond human understanding coz however sinful we are ,He still loves us call us His people only wants us to humble before Him with prayers repentance and confession the we are sure of receiving back our lost image.Oh what awonderful Lord of love,grace,mercy slow to anger. Let us waship Him in truth and spirit.
  • Kinshasa on Psalms 37
    Psalms 37 is awesome!!! It 's my life insurance policy!
  • Lili on Genesis 3
    Adam and Eve were not hungry when they were tempted by the devil through the serpent. Eve should have never walked alone and wondering around by herself, especially after they were warned. She should have stayed by her husband 's side and together they could have overcome the temptation, but being by herself she was easily deceived and the devil played with her feelings and emotions resulting in her fall. Adam had no choice but showed her love for her, knowing Eve was going to die he would rather partake of the fruit also. In other words, Eve was deceived but Adam did sin knowingly. They both failed the test of faith in God and obedience to his word. Despite their disobedience to the word of God, God is love! Verse 15 gives Adam and Eve hope that someone will die for them and the human race. Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world. That is the gospel good news for those who believe in Jesus Christ.
  • MockingBird on 2 Chronicles 7:14
    1. I am called. God called me. I am His child. 2. I should humble myself unto Him. 3. And then pray !!! 4.. Seek His face.5. When I make that contact with God then I will turn from my wicked ways realizing his way is Best . 6.Then my Lord will hear from me and forgive my sin. 7.He will heal my land. 7 is a divine number. You can 't ask for anything better than God 's way.
  • Blessed on 2 Chronicles 7
    GOD delivered me out of sin with this chapter and verse 14. This chapter and verse14 helps us stay prayful and humble. Thank you GOD.
  • Memory Sabada on 1 Peter 3
    This verse is very clear and changing. it only takes a woman who wants her relationship to be changed and enjoy heaven on earth.the word of God is for doing, man need their honour, the word submission has no conditions, it means what it means. this is the greatest medicine to cure one 's marriage. praise be to God who builds us through His beautiful word. attitude, character and behavior and sacrifice also contribute to a successful marriage. glory be to God.
  • Portia on 2 Chronicles 7:14
    It 's very encouraging to always find out that our GOD is mindful of us and nothing can separate us from HIS love.prayer, faith and the joy of the LORD will keep us going. JESUS IS LORD.
  • Jane maina on John 16:24
    very greatiful to the Lord Almighty.what i underastand in John 16 24 is we should have omega faith when praying and all our desires will be fullfilled.praising his name and beliving in his name.
  • Jacob on Luke 15
    I discovered that God is always searching for the backsliden christians to forgive them of their sins irrespective of the type and the gravity of sins they have comitted. Now in the verse 24 the father seeing the child coming far off did not wait for him to come to meet him at where he was standing or sitting but the father moved with a great compassion to meet the son on the way then fell on his nek and kiss him. Now the bible says when the son came to himself he said how many hired servants of my father have food enough to eat and I am here dying out hunger . Then he said i woul go but this tim not a son but a servant . But when arived the meal the father has prepare for him before was what he ate. The dresses and the jewellry and the shoes he has not been given by the father were what he was given to wear. LESSON YOUR SINS WOULD NOT CHANGE YOUR SONSHIPE TO SERVANTHOOD. John 1 11 12 GOD ALWAYS FORGIVE AND ACCEPT US AS A SON NOT A SERVANT
  • BSP on Hebrews 11:6
    When we approach God in prayer we must believe that he exists and not only that, but that he is able to reward us for seeking Him. We have to have full confidence in God in order for our prayers to be answered.
  • Blessed on Hebrews 11:6
    Moses asked GOD who shall I say sent me GOD answered him and said I AM THE GREAT I AM. THIS SCRIPTURE SAYS FOR HE THAT COMETH TO GOD MUST BELIEVE THAT HE IS. THE GREAT I AM 'IS ' a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. The great 'I AM IS ' an deliverer, healer, heart mender, provider, HEAVENLY FATHER WHO LOVES CONTINUALLY LOVES US. THANK YOU FATHER HALLELUJAH.
  • M. k.k. on Jeremiah 33
    this is a powerful verse and so so true.the Lord has indeed shown me mighty and great things which i didn 't know now i know how to pray and what to pray about. Lord i love you for your powerful revelations in my life.
  • Sophia on 1 Chronicles 28
    I love how the Bible is its own interpreter. Notice the two phrases before that one "if thou seek him, he will be found of thee ... then it says "but if thou forsake him,he will cast thee off forever. In this verse David is talking to his son Solomon who is to come up after him. He is giving him some instructions. I believe the phrase "cast thee off " is referring to distance. Meaning as long as Solomon would seek the Lord he would be close to Him or we could say "in tune or sync ", So much so that he knows right where God is, but if Solomon chose to walk his own way and not seek after God 's way and will, there would be "distance " between him and God. It 's like that verse in the Bible that says " draw nigh unto me and I will draw nigh unto thee. We are either close to God or we 're not! What creates distance you ask? ...SIN... even though God loves and is love God is also Holy,Just and righteous.
  • Blessing Gedematu Dominic on Psalms 91
    This very scripture contains two different information a task and a promise. It is very funny to hear christians declaring the promises forgetting the task in the first verse. The promises made, belongs to only those who dwell in the secret place of the almighty as proclaimed by the first verse. This scripture simply means that, those who endeavour to do the will of God are those who will inherit the promises but not any kind of person. So, we should not be glad because of the promises but try as well to do the will of God. God bless us all.....
  • Crystel on 1 Peter 1:22
    In the study of this passage, I noticed that the Lord 's intent is for the Body of Christ to see the correlation between honoring God 's Word by the power of the Spirit unto unabashed continual love of God 's people. We are to be patient and kind and long suffering with one another, as the Lord is with us. It is through the example of how we love one another, that the unbeliever, sees the love of God born out in this world. When we love one another with fervent vigor, we are living testimonies of the great and unconditional love that God has for all of mankind. The passage can be broken down into 5 sections Seeing that ye purify your souls HOW? in obeying the truth VIA the Spirit RESULTING IN unto unfeigned love of the brethren FOCUS ON seeing that ye love one another HOW with a pure heart fervently The purification process begins with obeying the truth, by the Spirit of God which links to loving the brethren unconditionally. We can do all things through Christ, Who loves us!
  • Catherine on Isaiah 25
    The whole of Isaiah Chapter 25 is my best. when you are going through any challenge in life, just read Isaiah 25. It gives you courage, hope and your life will be rekindled.
  • Tim George on Ezekiel 1:16
    This passage speaks of the four living creatures who stand before the throne room of Almighty God in heaven as a wheel in the middle of the wheel. The justiceof God moves slowly in the earth, but it will come. Just wait on the Lord and He shall strengthen thine heart.
  • Trenice on Psalms 103
    It rejoices my soul letting me know He cares for me. And that nothing can separate me from His love and kindness I love Him.
  • Elsabe on Isaiah 35
    Dear Donna, I am so happy to give you a testimony of how God healed my knee. I had torn the cartiledges and the doctor said I needed a surgery. I could not put any weight on my left leg. So I stood in faith on the Word of God that He is our Healer and that "by HIs stripes we were healed " 1 Peter 2 24 . One day I was worshiping in church and the power of God came through my leg like electricity, healing me instantly. There was no more pain and I haven 't had any problems since. This is 19 years ago. I have since seen many people healed of knee problems. Nothing is impossible with God. ONLY BELIEVE! Mark 9 23 .
  • Pamela on 2 Corinthians 10:4
    Paul is speaking to a rebelious people about the reality of warfare. When we believe in Jesus with all our hearts we must also believe His word which in John 16 33 says that in this world we will have tribulation but be of good cheer I have overcome the world. Wow! Jesus assures us that we need not fear about the logistics of how we will overcome our adversity but that through Him we have blessed assurance that victory is ours. 3 things pray seek God 1st the bible says in James 4 7 Submit yourself to God resist the devil and He shall flee. 2nd Allow the Word of God to work in You like never before surround yourself with psalms when you feel defeated ignore that and resite I am more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus who strengthens me. 3rd have faith! It is impossible to please God without faith. Face your enemy head on and know that Through Jesus we wear the victors crown! Be blessed.
  • Rochelle on Matthew 6
    God is good and there is no word to describe him and he will do just what he says all you have to do is to be patient and have faith and he will deliver on time and the Lords ' prayer is my salvation and my strength and my way of life God is a merciful God and a Glorious God he is the way and the only way I love him
  • Danielle on Philippians 4:8
    I like the verse. We are always going through something, we must learn to cast our cares on God. Inspite of what we are going through God is still good!
  • Dikachi on Psalms 91
    That He 'll be with me, even in time like this.
  • Stephen ki maiyo on Proverbs 1
    knowledge is a reward for following Jesus and meditating on his commmandments
  • Shirley mayfield on Psalms 91
    Psalms 91 has been my most cherished chapter in the bible for about 20 years now It brought me through the worst storm of my life and I know it will carry me through until GOD and his son JESUS CHRIST takes me home GOD BLESS EVERYONE
  • Blessed on Genesis 1:1
    GOD created the earth and he spoke and it was so is so phenomenal GOD S word is real He said I am prosperous I am prosperous GOD said I am healthy I am healthy GOD SAYS my soul continously prosper my soul is eternally his and he knows best I love you JESUS
  • Rev. Dr. Emmanuel KADRI on Psalms 102:13
    What a wonderful promise to the Church The word of the LORD is quick power and direct message to the Church My Set Time For Favour is Now Because Faith is Now Amen
  • Timothy Wayne George on Genesis 6:3
    When God gave the people 120 years to repent this was an example of how long God strove with Moses as he lead the children of Israel out of Egypt into the wilderness Moses died 120 years old and his eyes where not abated The mercy of God is forever but is patience is limited We must never presume upon the patience of God because He is ever merciful Therefore the Spirit says now is the day of salvation and when you hear His voice listen less your heart becomes hardened Noah listened to God and he and his family were saved
  • Daniel Lemon on John 17
    Jesus is W0W He is so loving and kind and forgiving and strict and loving and peacefull and Marvelous and gracious and Beautiful and Everlasting and loving and love and perfect and Holy I love chapter 17 of John because the One shows His love for His and let me know that if obey and believe that i too can be one of His and abide in Him and the Father love and be blessed I am so happy i got saved Thank You Father God for sending Your Beloved Son Jesus to purge me of my nature and allow me to be free and holy in Him The Holy Spirit is always comforting me and Blessed God bless the poor the needy the widows the have nots the lost the hungry the lame the shut ins and may God bless this page in His Wonderful Son Jesus name amen
  • Anonymous on Romans 3:31
    Our very need for grace is an admission that the law still stands When we reach out and by faith take a hold of grace we are establishing the fact that the law still stands If the law were voided we would have no need for grace Recently there was the story on the news of a policeman who pulled a young man over for having the registration on his car expired The man admitted he was wrong but told the policeman that he had no money to renew the registration He had to choose between feeding his children and registering his vehicle The policeman gave him a ticket and left The man opened the ticket and found where the policeman had put in a hundred dollar bill to pay his fine and to renew his registration By paying for the man s ticket grace the policeman established the fact that the law that says your registration needs to be current was still in effect Grace was shown to the man by paying the man s debt that the law required thus establishing the fact that the law was in effect

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