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  • Yvonne reeve on Psalms 66
    Dear Mike My heart goes out to you for you have and are being sorely tried Think ofJob who lost everything only because God knew he could prove to Satan that this man s trust in him was real and what did Job say when he was at the end of his tether Though He slay me yet will I trust Him Job13 v 15 and how could he say this He knew that his redeemer was alive Job 19 v 25 see verses 26 27 28 As a believer I have experienced awful tragedies one being death of a daughter and suicidal death of my sister my trials are nothing compared to what my Saviour went through when He bore the wrath of God for me on Calvary s cross All things do work together for good to them that love God Romans 8 v28 We may not see the good down here but believe it for God says it and it is impossible for Him to lie Hebrews 6 v 18 I am so sorry your wife is terminally I ll but Mike remember this if your are both saved by God s grace then down here is not your home You will be united for all eternity in Christ your Redeemer s presence Read John 14 I go to prepare a place for you The Lord bless you
  • Frimpong on Proverbs 31
    a virtuous woman maintains and holds fast to her christian world view She is not easily persuaded by excessive demands of the apparent post modern woman s rights and equality she respects Biblical authority and is governed by the principles of God s eternal wisdom
  • Abiodun on Genesis 1
    It shows God s perfection It makes me understand that am serving a God of all possibilities with him all things are possible He is supernatural
  • Robert D on Ezra 7
    I will served the Lord God who made the heavens and the earth for the rest of my life to the best of my ability Just as Ezra did
  • Yamu on Psalms 23
    My best and comforting chapter in the bible No matter what i go through in life My God is always with me A VERY calming chapter Thank you God for your love in Jesus s name
  • KISSA IRENE on Jeremiah 29:11
    This verse gives me reason to move on even when am in the deepest valley of my journey I know the end of my sufering and trials will come to an end because God has a good plan for me Plans of prosperity joy and happiness Thank you Lord for loving me
  • Blessed on Matthew 6:20
    The word of GOD says first seek ye the kingdom of GOD and all it s righteousness and all these things will be added GOD said vengeance is mine I will compencence This tells us that we are not to seek revenge Because what GOD has in store we can t even begin to understand His thoughts are not like a ours Like the sky is above the earth so our his thoughts above us Pray for forgiveness for your self and the perpetrators That your love of GOD is spread abroad And the good news of the gospel is given to everyone Pray saints pray pray talk to GOD
  • Bill Groves on Psalms 91:1
    For me personally it is that quiet place when we find peace and rest from the storms of life and his prescence is so strong it causes me to weep with tears of gratitude that he chose me to die for The choice is mine to accept this sacrifice his mercy and grace God bless those who chose to accept and enter the SECRET PLACE his loving arms
  • John on Genesis 1
    Genesis 1 is one of the exciting and famous chapters that is well read by people from all historical times It always reminds us of where we come from and how the universal creation came to be It is imperative that we read this chapter and meditate or ponder it in our hearts to understand its deep implications I m an old earth creationist because I believe that scientific evidence of what we know about the origin of the universe perfectly corresponds with the chronology of Genesis 1 account What s even more remarkable is the fact the author whom God used wasn t even educated about the scientific facts of nature but nevertheless this only shows how powerful the God of the bible is and how truthful His Word is Praise Him people
  • Arlene Brock on Matthew 4
    I do believe in the bible I believes in Jesus with all my heart and I have faith that he will heal me of my Gout of my feets and clot arteries and diabetes heal my one kidney and take away the arthritis thru out my body give me good health so I could lives a good life and be able to serve him more
  • Elizabeth on Revelation 1
    All i got to say is wake up to people of this world These are the last days and Jesus is soon coming back see whats going on in asia Jesus is soon coming back wake up repent deny yourself and take up the cross of Christ
  • Neels on Matthew 10:34
    Amen Nora be faithful to Jesus He is coming back
  • MockingBird on Genesis 1:27
    God formed man from the dust of the earth God took a rib from Adam and made he a woman and brought her to Adam We women were taken out of man What a miracle in itself that God did We both are created in the image of God in His likeness Without him we cannot exist Let God teach you
  • Susan on Jeremiah 32:27
    For sure there is nothing too hard for the Lord this raises my spirit for I know he will solve my problems AMEN
  • Fridah on Ruth 4
    This chapter of Ruth shows us that when you remain faithful to God he will always reward you when Ruth said your God shall be my God and your people shall be my people she showed her faithfulness Her faithfulness and obedience is rewarded in this chapter after her obedience to her mother in law to all the instructions she gave her We even see her getting into the lineage of Jesus after she begat obed the father of Jesse the father of David You never know what God has in store for you remain faithful and obedient as Ruth
  • Allan on Galatians 2:20
    The old person is replaced by the new sin have now no dominion over your life because of what CHRIST did at the cross of calvary
  • Sondra Prosser on Isaiah 53:5
    I love these scriptures and I use them daily God bless you and keep up the great job You re in my prayers always Your Sister In Christ Sondra Praise the LORD
  • Anonymous on Psalms 1
    blessed is the man that mine stays on Jesus I have faith and believe that Jesus is our refuse in a time of trouble good times bad times God is always with us no matter what situation we go through he is there with open arms carrying us across trouble waters amen hallelujah
  • Mildred yates on Daniel 6
    i once was in a lion den like danail hopefulness lost thinking know one care for me until one iwas looking for my father on the internet and coulded not fine my birth father but talk to a nice lady long the way serching then something hit me as i was sad when u was going through a voice came and said iam your father i never lelf u or forsaking u i away be there for u
  • Rukenya on Exodus 22:18
    It is time we stopped leaning on our own understanding and take God at His Word The simplicity of the Word It simply means that I should not suffer at the expense of a witch He is caught guilty he dies in his sin period
  • Anonymous on Genesis 1
    I am thankful that we are part of the creation and it give me comfort to know that we have a living purpose in this life to care for each other with love just like God cared when he created such a lovely earth and such beautiful birds and animals
  • Darlene on John 8:32
    I know that the truth will set you free I am a living witness to this
  • Naomi on Isaiah 1:18
    God is a poet He gently invites communion back to Him with love peace and tenderness He demonstrates that He truly is a gentleman Slow to anger and patient for relationship His words paint a portrait in my mind as an artist expresses himself on blank canvas God truly is beautiful in mind and spirit alone apart from visualization
  • MockingBird on 1 Corinthians 2:9
    Mine eye has not seen nor my ears have heard the things that my Lord has in store for me I have tasted a small portion in receiving His salvation in His Son my Lord and Saviour Awesome that The Almighty God of all Loves me enough to send His Son to live and die for me My future is in heaven But I can only comprehend a small portion that is reserved for me I amm looking for the coming of my Lord soon Praise God
  • Debbie on Romans 2:9
    I will be mindful of wrongdoing and diligently seek Jesus in my everyday life i seek to please you Lord
  • Chidinma on Romans 4
    Glory to God this morning as this passage was just bringing life to my present situation that Abraham staggered not at the promise of God in unbelief but through faith believing in the incorruptible promise of God so friend no matter whats going on lets continue to believing the only true one who cannot lie or deceive Amen
  • Happiness on 2 Chronicles 7:14
    indeed humility is the key because God hate the proud so if we can bring down our selves no matter who u are in prayer and in supplication knowing fully well without Christ we are nothing to seek him in truth and in spirit repenting from our sins he will surely forgive us and heal every area of our life because this his promise to us his children
  • Patience Okafor on 1 Thessalonians 5:16
    Happiness is temporary depending on our circumstances but JOY is the fruit the Holy Spirit brings forth in us and it does not depend on what you re going through When we learn how to trust God then we will thank Him in every situation that confront us We have to understand because we re joyful God is working on our behalf and the enemy cannot stand that joy This true joy cannot be faked or make up it just comes up from our inside
  • MockingBird on Psalms 19:1
    I stand in Awe of the mighty works of God my Lord and Savior I am always looking at the sky The sky is the same but always different The painting has always a different shape size color and hue to it every day The world and that therein is totally majestic Even myself I am fearfully and wonderfully made Praise God
  • Rina on Luke 6:45
    If your heart is right with God you dont live in the flesh but in the spirit and it will flow out of your mouth God Bless Rina

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