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  • Ken Maina on Isaiah 64:4
    It is reassuring to know that there is God and that His thoughts toward us those who wait for Him are unfathomable by mankind including ourselves as mortals. How wonderful it is then to rest assured that in all things He will come through for us. Praise be to the Most High God.
  • June Pizana on Mark 5:26
    I love all the verses that speak of the many miracles that Jesus performed during his short life.I myself have been totally blessed by him for he has performed many miracles for me.
  • Yaw Asiedu on Psalms 99
    The Lord is great and mighty especially when we sing praises and worship to tell his marvellous and wonderful works.to adorn and extol him.to bless and magnify him, to appreciate his love and kindness then he will rise up with open doors. yes the doors of your finances, breakthrough, annointing,freedom, prosperity etc
  • Vetres Hagwood on Galatians 5
    This scripture was meant for me. I needed to read this scripture. I need to walk in the spirit
  • MockingBird on Romans 3:23
    Before I asked the Lord to come into my heart and to make me new I sinned continually That was all I knew to do.I committed sin on a habitual basis Now that I am a new creature in Christ I do not habitually sin I sin but I do not stay in it .I have the right to get out of it through Jesus Christ.1John 3 all of it . Especially v. 9. Sin is missing the mark it is death Seperation from God. To be separated from God is Hell. I would shutter at the though that I would ever be separated from my Lord Jesus Christ. I am not a sinner. I am a Christian that sins but when I recognize that I have sinned or willing sin I immediately turn around. I am not a habital sinner any more !!!! Praise God !!!!
  • Keisha on Psalms 91
    I read this scripture everyday not a day goes by without me reflecting on this chapter. It is powerful and keeps me, especially in my darkest times.
  • Sithandazile Dube on Psalms 127
    I love this verse it uplifts me especial in these trying times am in.
  • Olaniyan sharapha on 1 Corinthians 2
    God is good to me all the time,his manual is always set me free,being execising faith in him and his Son Jesus Christ is the best decision i ever made .GLORY be to the Most High God
  • Nelene on Psalms 91
    Psalm 91 means if we trust in the Lord and keep his commandments. He will keep us from all harm and dangers. He will be there to comfort and strengthen us. He is our bullet proof vest. No weapon directed towards us shall shall prevail.
  • Kayla on Genesis 1
    I LOVE GOD SO Much!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sonja on Psalms 91
    I love the Lord He saved me. and when I read the devil can do nothing to me, unless the Lord let, him,So therefore I know Jesus and His father God is in control and the Holy Sprit
  • NISHA313 on Luke 1:37
  • Nichthebeast1 on John 15:13
    this verse is the verse that got me to repent.
  • BSP on John 13:5
    This really shows how humble and loving Jesus was. He performed the work of a lowly slave in washing the feet of each of his disciples. He showed love in even washing the feet of Judas even though he knew he was going to betray him. Jesus is truly worthy of our love and we should try to imitate him in our dealings with others.
  • Okorom Chikezie on Jeremiah 32
    God power is supreme and nothing is too difficult for Him to do
  • Paul Yero on Philippians 4:13
    Such a powerful scripture letting me know I can be who I want to be, I can achieve greatness in this life. How? Through Jesus Christ who enables me.
  • Rev. Sharin' Grace on Philippians 4:13
    It has been assumed that CHRIST and Jesus, the man who REALIZED his Oneness with Source Father are one and the same. Jesus is a person, like you and like me, who totally understood that he and his father are one. The CHRIST, is not a person, but a "consciousness. " It is the spirit that is within all of us. If only we but REAL EYES that TRUTH, we will do what Jesus said "You will do greater things than I have done! " I understand that our small minds cannot conceive this. And as the translations continue the words are changed. King James is the version that has not been tampered with..... "I can do ALL things through CHRIST no mention of Jesus "which " strengthens me. not "who " strengthens me This does in NO WAY minimize Jesus as he REALIZED his CHRIST consciousness and oneness with Our Father. WE ARE ALL ONE in SPIRIT! That is why it is imperative that we Love one another and that forgiveness is the second most important thing that we do. By forgiving, we open the channel of the CHRIST to manifest and work through us. May this season of Easter be a time that you REAL EYES that you are a Child of the Most High God and that CHRIST in you is your hope of glory! Peace be unto you.
  • Cathey on Psalms 103:3
    I have a 17 year old grand daughter. She is in children 's hospital in Oklahoma city, ok. She has been there for three week 's so far. Her doctor say 's she has been diagnosed with Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis or HLH, it is very deadly. I am standing on Psalms 103 3 I believe God 's word and I know it 's the same today, yesterday and forever, please pray and agree with me in prayer for my grand daughter, her name is Ashley. I know she is healed and I give God all the glory, all the praise!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i
  • Taiwo on Psalms 91
    Effective, powerful and strong chapter for protection and preservation. Assurance from God that the enemy and wicked people will fall for mysake and their plans will not overcome me, also that the angels are watching over me and my household.
  • Flo on Psalms 57
    Our God is all powerful and Supreme. His love for us is boundless and He is always available to give us all we need to win the battles of life. All we have to do is just place all our trust in Him I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, Phillipians 4 13
  • Chuchu on Hebrews 12:2
    Those who looked at the lifted surpent when bitten by poisonous snaked did not die but lived so if we look at the lifted jesus we shall live.so look and live.
  • Ezekiel Onyemaechi Kenneth on 1 Samuel 4:9
    A coward dies many times before his actual death. 1John 4.18 says that fear has torment. We don 't have to be afraid of anything or anyone as far as God is with us.
  • Dahlia Purvey on Matthew 10
    I like reading Matthew chapter 10, we can applied this chapter to our daily walk with God and his precious son Jesus Christ, God has given us that same power, that no matter what we might be going through, we are able to heal the sick, raised the dead, if we have Faith and believe, that what ever we ask in Jesus name it shall be done unto, Hallelujah, praise God, remember that God is the I Am Dahlia
  • Janice Traylor on Philippians 4
    In All Things let your request be made known unto God,..God cares about every aspect of our lives!
  • Mockngbird on Philippians 4:8
    Think on things that are True Jesus Think in things that are Honest Jesus Just Jesus Pure Jesus Lovely think on things that are of Good Report Jesus And if Virtue Jesus and if any Praise Jesus Think on these things Jesus is all of these. He is the Word. I am more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ which strengthens me.
  • Andy florencio on Ephesians 3:20
    god 's perfect timing. i was listening to a radio broadcast and the pastor mentioned ephesians 3 20 i search it on the web and chose this site. i am struggling on what direction to take business wise and this verse just calm down the storm within me. he truly is an amazing God.
  • Samuel Morrow on Psalms 37
    Extremely powerful and comforting, I believe every individual should read it and concentrate on it and I believe it will literally direct our path. It is food for the soul.
  • Tim Hyslop on Psalms 23
    This beautiful psalm once preserved my life, I believe, and the lives of another 20 people when held up at gun point for three hours by bandits. I said this psalm softly to myself over and over again. For some reason this prevented them from carrying out their threat to "kill them all " I know it was the presence of God and His angels that saved us. I give thanks every day for the extra life I have been given to see the world in a new and beautiful way. Every day I try to remember to say this psalm at least once.
  • Brendon on Hebrews 11
    God is stll there for us and by faith we shall resist sin and by faith we are goin to see him on his second coming. Amen I jst love u lord
  • Cliff tomlinson on 1 Corinthians 6:3

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