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  • Timothy Wayne George on Psalms 86:9
    This is a messianic Psalm as it looks forward to the day when all nations shall come to worship the Lord Jesus who created them, and give Him all the glory that is due His holy name.
  • Edward Muvhango on Psalms 103
    God is my pillar of strength,he is the merciful gracious God who cares for us deeply, He just want us to believe in him that is the healer of our illness, praise his holy name in Jesus name and ahmen.
  • Marvn Mathews on Proverbs 16:7
    God is awe inspiring, good, and gracious beyond our wildest dreams and imaginations. He is the chiefest among 10,000! To know Him is to be drawn to Him in Awe and Wonder!!! So when we truly behold Him in His Word, and the Holy Spirit helps us to be transformed into His Image by beholding Him in all things, and we begin to have an experimental knowledge of God in His Thoughts, Words, and Actions providentially in our daily lives, we become transformed into Him, and are growing up into the fullness of the measure of the stature of Christ which God has graciously allotted to each of us. Then others will see that we have been with Jesus. Like Daniel of old, they will see that there is an excellent Spirit of God in us. We will consequently be admired, and trusted by others. In other words, God will put His Comeliness on us and we will be God like.
  • Richman on Isaiah 53:5
    I agreed dat by his strip I was healed and made perfect in his love. Amen
  • Doslin Green on Luke 24
    Luke is one of the easiest book to understand. Whatever Jesus said always come to pass. He said this temple Him Jesus will be broaken down in three days die and buried but will be rebuild in three days raised from the dead and yes He did. He appeared and eat with them in the flesh. So yes thank God Jesus Christ the Lord rose from the dead for all of us and He is alive today for who believe and who believe not. Too bad for the unbelievers but, for me praise God He 's coming for me!!!!!
  • Stevie on Isaiah 48
    May God bless the reading of His Words. AMEN.
  • Kouma Mzee on Joshua 1:5
    No matter what God will not depart us.
  • Kouma Mzee on Joshua 1:8
    The word should remain our daily bread and it gives us hope and life
  • Amelia Greenwood on Psalms 91:2
    Psalm 91 is a very powerful psalm, of protection I meditate on it day and night cause when you abide in the secret place of the most high nothing will or can befall you.
  • REGENIA LEE on Psalms 63
    The joy of the Lord is my strength! I 'm so glad to know when I am weak He is strong! Praise Him in the morning, noon day when the sun goes down! HE IS WORTHY TO BE PRAISED!!!
  • Darky70 on Psalms 103
    he makes my thoughts be still praise god
  • Aswile Kangele on 1 Peter 2:24
    I am now saved and blessed at Christ 's expense.
  • Cecelia England on Job 22
    God is gracious and loving to forgive our sin once we confess to Him. Believe His every word trust Him. He never fails. Ask and you will receive. I love Him because He first loved me.. Amen.
  • Shirley Stephens on Deuteronomy 1:17
    Whatever you are facing bring it or take your problem unto God and he will fix it I am a living testimony for him.
  • LILLIAN on Proverbs 3:2
    When we live as God said we will have peace and joy in our life live by the word of God
  • Chris on Isaiah 54
    I agree with Robbi. We are given a blessed hope. No matter what challenge we face. He is the to protect us. Fear not because he there for us. Verse 17.
  • Lorraine Levi on Acts 2:47
    I God for the book of acts 2 47 for favor.I thank God for blessed me with his favor every day of my life and on my job and at chucrh and at home,I thank Jesus for favor were every i go and with other people in Jesus name
  • Blessed on Isaiah 55
    Isaiah 55 8 9 can tell you how to solve all your problem. Leave them to GOD he got the answers. First seek ye the kingdom of GOD AND ALL HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS..... In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy path. GOD GOT THE ANSWER. COME UNTO ME ALL YE THAT LABOUR AND ARE HEAVY BURDEN AND I WILL GIVE YOU REST. TAKE MY YOKE UPON YOU ANDLEARN OF ME . FOR MY YOKE IS EASY AND MY BURDEN IS LIGHT. HALLE LUJAH HALLELUJAH
  • Jim Frick on Romans 8:39
    Its literally a life saver. God put those words into Paul to let us know his determination. We serve an AWESOME GOD. A WONDERFUL GOD. HE IS THE GREAT IAM AND EVERYTHING THAT IS MIGHTY,PURE AND HOLY.
  • Toni on 2 Timothy 1:7
    In fear, there is no love, no joy, no peace. God does not give the righteous such an ungodly spirit. But instead, He gives His people the spirit of strength. God 's people are fearless. They are strong. They have power over the devil. They have that Holy Ghost boldness to look the devil in the eye and tell Him to get behind. God 's perfect love casts out fear which is from the devil. God 's people are filled with the spirit of Christ, so they have love, peace, understanding, wisdom and knowledge. They have the truth, which tears down the strongholds of Satan. This is only for the righteous. Those who sin and leave out Christ, they are going to be filled with fear and trepidation. In fact, the wicked, God said He will even bring their fears upon them. The righteous are free from fear because fear torments. 1John 4 18
  • It is true that there are many pastors of today who are scared to preach the word of God. Pastors preach the gospel as it is given to you. Do not be afraid of loosing your people in the church. Preach deut 22 5 as the way it is. It is simple and understandable
  • John martyr on Amos 1
    Jesus fulfilled the law. You can 't mix two covenants. The righteous anger of our Father is poured out in the last days because people have rejected the work and sonship of Jesus. Our love has waxed cold. Our hearts are dull from the effects of sin. When are we gonna remember that Jesus paid for all sin, one time for ever, for everybody? Gods wrath is coming on those who reject Jesus and who are persecuting His children.Gods wrath will come..... and many of us will be killed for our faith in Christ..... but our Dad 's anger will destroy our enemies and we will get to work helping our Lord restore all things. Praise God. Our Dad is so awesome!!!!
  • Doris on 2 Timothy 1:7
    God did not give us the spirit of fear, His promises to us, He says i will be wth you wherever you go, no need to fear, God is wth us all the time, love you Jesus.
  • Joel sammy on Isaiah 3
  • Ophelia Bannerman on Mark 1
    I just got baptized today, and after baptizing, the first book i opened was mark and it is an amazing book of the lord.However,i will read more to comment on my reading later. thanks for this internet study.
  • Sam.B on Isaiah 26:3
    The best!!! I am a strong man! so I thought. People have consistently let me down but God never has. So often I find my self caught up in the things situations that people create and even sometimes that I create I am a work in progress not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but I do try. Anyway, This read is just what I need today and every day.
  • MARILYN D on Psalms 91:2
  • Jackson on Isaiah 53:5
    am thankful for through His wound i live.Thank Jesus
  • Gie Padilla on Malachi 4
    Praise the Name of The Lord who will reign forever. His Word is a light and life for those who believed in Him. God is the rewarder to those who put his trust in Him. He is a God of miracles. Let us all give honor and glorify the author and perfector of our faith. To God be the Glory. Amen and Amen.
  • Kenneth on Psalms 91
    This passage was reintroduced to me after many years. This will be an anthem for restoring my trust and faith in The Most High.

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