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  • Victorie on Malachi 3
    I truly believe God works in miracles when u do tithe,av tested God in this am alive today,healthly strongly because of trying his words. At first I took this tithe for useless but after a certain teaching on this topic,here I am glorifying God 's faithfullness
  • Patsy Wolfe on Proverbs 15:23
    I really enjoy reading this book of proverbs as well as psalms which is my favorite. Thanks for sharing your site so that I may stay in the word where ever I may be. God be the glory amen.
  • Gracilla mcphee on Psalms 121
    Psalms,121 gives me the courage and strength that I need they today. it also lets me know that God care about each of us and let us know also that he 's there for us. and to look and call only on him!!!!! I just really feel great after each time I read it,and sometimes,I recited it in my own thoughts... Thanks Lord, for this message.
  • Joyce Wright on Job 1
    I have had the Job experience in my life it 's really awesome to have that kind of faith and trust in God. I didn 't handle it as strong and faithful as Job did, I complained and told God that I was done and He put me here just to suffer when in all actuality All God is doing is strengthening me, settings stable immovable foundations in my life, I never had as much as Job did but now I know why, it 's because I couldn 't handle it before now. Now I have the full concept of seeking first the Kingdom of God and all of His righteousness. God is truly ajjealous GOD and he makes no mistakes, that 's why we are not to lean on our own understanding but in all our ways acknowledged Him, we cannot trust in thing or other people, only GOD can save our souls and bless us to spend eternity with Him. God just want to know that He can trust us to be good Stuarts over what He gives us on this earth. Don 't let things make you, be defined by who you are in CHRIST JESUS and you SHALL have a great life. God bless all.
  • Peter Enya on Mark 8:36
    What is important is eternity. All the struggles, Hustles and Bustles of this life will fade away. Seek you first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and every other thing will be added to you. Beware!, the Bible warns, soon and very soon, time shall be no more when the trumpet shall sound. Work towards eternity.
  • Elvis on Psalms 23
    I love this, its simply saying I got your back son.
  • Abodunde S.O.T. on Romans 8:35
    Nothing compares to the love of christ
  • MockingBird on Hebrews 4:12
    The word of God will cut and the Word of God will heal. His word will also reveal to me the thoughts and intents of my heart that I do not know about as of yet. I praise God that He knows me better than I know myself. !!! Sometimes that is scary but Praise God when I allow His word to do what it is suppose to do then I will be Blessed beyond measure.
  • Sam Nakabaale on Psalms 70
    Very powerful prayer. It is helping me cope with a difficult situation.
  • Milly on Philippians 4
    I cant live my life without GOD, ITS IMPOSSIBLE to do so and every trial that comes our way he has already provided a way out now that takes abandoned faith.
  • Sandra E on Psalms 91
    Psalms 91 was my rock when my mother was being treated for lymphoma. I prayed this over her, and I felt the peace that comes from trusting God with all of your heart. He will never leave us nor forsake us. We can trust God and not lean on our own understanding. Praise God, she has been in remission for 11 years. I find great comfort in Psalms 91.
  • Anonymous on Ephesians 6
    It has helped me be a better parent
  • Ayomide on Isaiah 60
    The exposition of Isaiah 60 is a revelation of the latter glory that is incomparable with any form of affliction that we have passed through. God is affirmative that our weeping will only endure for a night, and promised us a glorious dawn. It further goes to state that the years that the cankerworm had eaten will be restored. The reference to this glory is described through the accolades that would be meted to us by strangers and their kings. The desolation of our lives is likened to the broken wall of Jerusalam, however, would be built by those who have mocked us in time past. More importantly, we are admonished that God always prepare us for glory, distinction and blessings through tribulations and afflictions. No wonder Apostle Paul said, "what shall separate us from the love of Christ?, is it tribulations, poverty, sickness or persecution, but we are more than conqueror ". Finally, the chapter revealed God as the master porter for our lives in the face of all challenges, turmoil, tempests, billows or tornadoes, to us the expected end, I mean the good end in our heavenly home above, On the one hand, the chapter affirms that the physical satisfaction of all our hearts desires and delights would be met. and on the other hand, the description of the glory to be revealed is a retrospection about the street that is paved with gold, where their will be no more weeping nor sorrow A place of enormous and divine tranquillity, this is a far more glorious benefits from the saviour ad the redeemer. We have absolute assurance that God is ours. Has God not promised to be with us in whatever situation in Isaiah 45 verses 1 5? Remain blessed, Shalom!
  • Olabode on Psalms 13:5
    If we trust in the Lord, he would has mercy on us and our heart shall rejoice in His salvation no matter the problems that are surrounding us, God will give us victory over them and we will rejoice over them if and only if we trust in him.
  • MockingBird on Psalms 13:5
    Truly God 's mercy is Great And yes my heart does rejoice in His salvation !!!!! I am so Blessed of God I make my boast in the Lord God Almighty. He is my salvation and my strong tower. I exalt thee O Lord.!!!! Great is thy name and Great is thy strength and power. You uphold all things by the word of your power. Praise God !!!! Praise God Forevermore !!!!
  • Blessed on Psalms 13
  • Medara Ime James on Psalms 7:1
    this psalm teaches us that there must be a personal relationship with GOD, and a deep confidence in HIS saving power before trouble comes. persecutors are those who have loss all forms of impressive convictions about the people they wish to pour their bitter and hateful actions and emotions upon.My prayer for those under the affliction of persecutors is that the GOD,they have so cling to and relied on will not leave them in the hands of evil hearted beings. He will definitely deliver those trusting in HIM.Cheer up GOD is your helper. Receive your help right in JESUS NAME AMEN!
  • M on Isaiah 54
    what a mighty GOD that we serve,HE let HIS children know that the enemy is going to come and and want to harm us with what ever weapon that they have but they will not be able to touch us because GOD have a hedge of protection around his children,when I read Isaiah 54 I think of how HE have protected me over the years and is still protecting me I truly do thank HIM for all that HE have done and is still doing.
  • Herbert on Isaiah 45
    There is a promise God makes that no matter what idols a person worships help come towards them, He is the only creator of heaven and earth so put your trust in him
  • Sandra maddox on Proverbs 31
    Im so amazed at what is ahead of my life being patient and knowing that my season is on the way and God hears my cry and prayer
  • Evangelist on Jeremiah 20
    Praise the Lord! When Jesus came into my life, crack cocain left. Reading his love for me in the bible burned out the addiction. Now only holy thing are allow to enter into me, and sometime it feel like fire, I run, I cry, I scream that through it all Jesus love me, he watch over me, and no weapon form against me shall prosper! No even crack coca in! I am healed. Thank you Jesus! Amen!!!!!
  • Chris on Psalms 18
    God 's word s are always truthful and beneficial to the reader if your believe, have faith and understanding
  • Jerri on Genesis 1
    What I learned about God from this book of the bible is what he spoke came into being. Words are powerful, we can destroy with them, or we can create. God is the creator of good things. In the garden, Satan lied to Eve and here we are today. God still had a greater plan he knew what Satan was going to do and he saved us from the foundation of the world. Just think, when the Lord created the earth, he had us on his mind. What an awesome God we serve!
  • Toni on Romans 6:23
    God gives us two roads life and death Deuteronomy 30 19 . If we reject Jesus and choose to walk in the pathway of unrighteousness, then the payment is death. God says why die before your time? Sin is sending people to an early grave and robbing people of true joy and peace. But then, after the physical death, will be that eternal death which is in hell. But, those who choose the right road, the road of Jesus Christ, who is the way, the truth and the liffe, they will experience joy unspeakable, full of glory. Life will be joyous and peaceful when we walk with the Lord. Then, after this life is over, we are guaranteed eternal salvation to be with God forever and ever. Amen
  • MockingBird on Romans 6:23
    God has made a way through Jesus Christ that sin should not have dominion over us me Jesus conquered death through the cross. Praise God through Jesus Christ I do not have to sin any longer I have eternal life through Jesus Christ my Lord.
  • Hilda Mathye on Psalms 103
    Psalms 103 6 blesses me so much. he will ecxecute righteousness and Justice for all who are oppressed so he can see when we are oppressed, wow what a good God we have.
  • James omondi on Proverbs 20:9
    Am a siner was nt able to clean ma self bt Jesus maks me white without spot
  • Roselea laufenberg on Genesis 1
    I love every book of the Bible KJV. I would like to know if you send out daily chapters to help us read the entire Bible? I am interested in a daily Bible reading. t.y.
  • W. A. Moore on Psalms 91
    Psalms 91 is my favorite Psalm, I try to read it daily, as it gives me BLESSED ASSURANCE. It 's open in my home and car. It makes me feel so safe. "HE WILL GIVE HIS ANGELS CHARGE OVER THEE TO KEEP THEE IN ALL THY WAYS ".....Amen!
  • Christi on Proverbs 13
    Lord, please help me to not be a sluggard, even though I am ill. Help me to not expect everyone to wait on me hand and foot. Also, remind me that you love me, even though I am weak and ill, just like the song I heard even as a young child, ie "Jesus loves me "

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