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  • Chiboni on Luke 1:37
    Indeed whatever you ask. For as long as you claim what God has promised... nothing is impossible with him.lets dwell in his word friends... whatever challeng you maybe going through be it school, work ,disease relationships with God all good things are possible... Remember with God. Let him be your friend.
  • Kayla B on Psalms 103:5
  • KJB on Acts 2
    Why aren 't "WE " pious. Take a look at the sermons of Jesus and Paul and see that they used "YOU " instead of "WE ". Lets not offend anyone now. They thought Jesus could have been "Elias, and others, Jeremias, " Matt 16. Read Jer. Chapter 23 and compare it to Matthew 23 and see the resemblance. Having said all that, Paul had to straighten Peter out on his doctrine, see Galatians 2 verse 11 and Jesus had to get him straight several times see Matthew 16 verse 23. Having said that, Peters message to the JEWS is not for us today. By Acts 15 he had found out it was by FAITH and no works. I hope you believe that. ACTS 16 verse 31 will help.
  • Dharam on Matthew 11:30
    It pays to serve God for he will never give you more than you can bear. God always rewards those who faithfully and diligently work for him. Never stop serving the Lord for that is the reason why you were born.
  • Nonjabulo Nikwe on Psalms 36
    I surely shall trust the Lord my God in every situation, when things seem impossible, when insecurity arise. Through His loving kindness, i 'm safe, nothing planned in the kingdom of darkness can prevail over my life and my family bcoz the Lord is my refuge, under His wings m protected. I thank God 4 his unconditional love, endless mercy, guidance and evrything that I have through Him.
  • Rob on Psalms 84:10
    The best single day of my life was the day I was saved. More memorable than any day with friends, events, fishing trips, or nights out was the day that I began fellowship with the LORD. Knowing that GOD cares enough about me to send me a rescue party of signs and wonders is unimaginable. I will cherish and build off that night forever. Thank you Jesus! Amen.
  • Jon on Psalms 69:1
    This is messianic psalm of David.It speaks of Christ pouring his soul to God the Father in the face of impendind death for the salvation of me and you. If christ the Son of God was able to pray to his Father, what makes you and me not to come boldly to the throne of grace to find mercy and grace during the times of our needs? Indeed the Father saved the Son from the sinking death and grave.Can our God stands afar from your grievous and sinking situations? Not at all. Those who has acknowledged and accepted Christ as their Savior, the Father surely will meet their needs.
  • Christine on Matthew 6:7
    I just say matthew 6 v9 because God already know what I want and need so I say this pray and gives thanks to the king of king and lord of lords.
  • Gloria on 2 Chronicles 20
    Losing both of my parents in a 2 mos period has drawn me to Trust God HE ALONE is bigger than the devil and his army. My EYES are UPON THEE! gem
  • Ronnie on Proverbs 1
    I like to read the bible
  • Sebati Dingwe on 1 Kings 2
    We prosper and mature much when we are obedient to the Lord
  • Anna on Ephesians 3:20
    This is my favourite bible verse. God can do far more than we can ever imagine, only if we allow Him to. That is to trust and believe that He is able and willing. I can testify that I 've been through situations that I though I would never make it. But God is always faithfull, He rescued me every time. I know He can do the same for you. All of you who are going through difficulties and trials that I 've read, simply trust. Dear brothers and sisters, have faith and trust in your Heavenly Father. Remember that Abraham did not recieve his promise in day. But he kept on hoping and giving praise to God. PRAISE Him in trials, He 's closer to you than you think. God bless you!
  • Blessed on 2 Corinthians 5
    When we seek GOD we live to decrease that he might increase. No longer I but the Christ within me. To be absent from the body is to be present with the lord. The Temple of GOD is within us. More GOD less us. Means we are in GOD and GOD is in us. As we grow in grace and in the knowledge of our lord and saviour JESUS CHRIST the word of GOD becomes alive within us and eternal life is even real to the flesh. Since the flesh is weak and the spirit is willing, the more spirit GAL. 5 22 23 the more GOD. HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH.
  • Janet on Genesis 2:18
    I agree and belive that God will send someone to me cause I lost my love in 2009.
  • Harry Collins on Ezekiel 18
    This bible passage has really shown me that God never wished to see any of mankind going to hell.It made me also to understand that no matter how grievous our sins and iniquity might be that he is ever willing to forgive us as far as we are honestly ready to repent from it all.
  • Barbara Holder on Psalms 4
    Psalm chapter 4 verse 3 I really love that verse it a reassurance to know that while you going through your tribulations he is always there, because we set apart we belong to him, he his there to protect us. Is so sweet to trust in jesus just to take him at is word 's.
  • Chidi gaius on Jeremiah 32:27
    He is not a man that he should lie, neither the son of man that he should Repeant..........
  • Dharam on Jeremiah 29:11
    God 's ways are higher than our ways and his thoughts are higher than ours. He always sees the best in us and he will definitely help us to see it become a reality.
  • Esther Joy on Psalms 3
    He is our Rock and Fortress and our Strongtower! If God be for us he is more than the world against us. God already sees what we are facing and it is his will to sustain us as he brings us out. Lift up your head and be encouraged today that we serve a mighty God and he cannot and will not fail! I pray the Mighty Blood of Jesus over all of us and our circumstances. God will deliver his people because he is a Good, Gracious and Almighty God.Jesus died on the cross for us and rose on the third day! He is our Shield our Glory and the Lifter up of our head! Let us Run into his Great big Arms he cares for us.
  • Joel Kamau Kariuki on Matthew 4
    Jesus Christ is the Head and pioneer of all Christian Ministries. As a Christian to be effective in a given Ministry, ask in Jesus ' Name for empowerment and God the Father will affirmatively answer.
  • Debbie Hoyett on Psalms 51
    Psalm 51 is a powerful prayer for every one.I know i can have a pure and clean heart everday and the lord will be with me every day and i can be strong in the lord he can take my hamd and lead me on thanks Debbie Hoyett May peace Grace be with you in Jesus Name.
  • Doris on Jeremiah 29:11
    Glooory, Glooory, Hallelua To The Highest. You Are Holy, Holy and Worthy to be Praised. We Love You Lord. Amen.
  • Felicia on Psalms 91
    I love psalms 91 because when I 'm feeling discourage and feel as the enemy is taking over me. Psalms 91 reminds me that I 'm covered in the blood of Jesus and no weapon formed against me shall not and will not prosper. Thank you Jesus!!!!
  • David Chapman on Matthew 4
  • ANNETTE on Romans 10
    What a mighty God we serve . His word is Spirit and Life....As I read it is as a tremor in my soul. HALLELUJAH !!!
  • Danny Douglas on Genesis 45
    As I have gotten older the view of the blessing in my life has gotten clearer, now I see God mightiness in my life and all that surrounds me, it is very hard to get the fullness of it, because it is so big,he bless big and God is sure!!!
  • Aniekan on Psalms 16:6
    Am so glad and thankful for this verse, this is God 's word for the redemption of my family... Praise be to God Almighty!
  • Shirley Collins on Psalms 37:4
    Delight comes after trust, for if we first trust in the Lord then will we delight or be glad in Him as He gives us the desires of our heart.
  • Blessed on John 3
    Verse29 speaks of the bridegroom and the friend of the bridegroom. John speaks of his relationship with JESUS. JESUS and John were close this John baptized JESUS with all humility. He said he wasn 't worthy to latchet JESUS shoes. JESUS is the bridegroom and we are his friends when we listen to him and do what he does.
  • Moses kariuki gachiri on Romans 1:16
    is true,because without gospel of Jesus, no salvatoin

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