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  • Sandra Powell on 2 Chronicles 7:14
    All I can say is Jesus is Real! And I love Him!
  • Adam on Mark 3
    I love Jesus and am inspired by his character. I want to be like Him!
  • Jayden Gaines on Matthew 24
    I love the lord
  • Carolyn Jordan on 2 Chronicles 7:14
    God is amazing, He open up his hand and satisfied the desired of every living thing, Glory to his name. He also searches heart and he knows the mind of the spirits. He all knowing. Bless his name. He the father of glory. I just can't stop praising him.
  • My brother, please reconsider your views on this. Jesus is our role model. We must study the life of Christ and how he walked this earth. Jesus taught us that we must love as he did. Pray as he did. Help as he did. Jesus himself was baptized Matthew 3:16 - Matthew 20:22&23. As you mentioned, we must believe Jesus is the way. You must also understand that Baptism is necessary for the Christian that once you believe on Jesus and accept him, baptism is a symbolic act of you dying to the world(self)of sin, and resurrecting in the new life of Jesus. 2 Corinth 5:17 Says if you are in Christ you are a new creature. Baptism symbolizes that newness. Grace gives you a right to salvation, have to earn it.
  • Vanessa on Philippians 4
    we cave into mortal ideas and then we open a door for the devil to come in, we are now seeing the evil at work but the good thing is we have a Father who loves us, and if we would humble ourselves with humility, and give thanks to Him for he works all things for the good, repent of our sins, He will hear us and answer our prayers, kneel down and pray, and if He is your Lord God Almighty, He will never leave you nor forsake you, trust in Him, He fights our battles, this is a wake up call. Our God is more powerful then he who is in the world, no evil can remove Him who dwells in us, He walks with us. Fear not for He overcame the world and so shall we. He gave us His peace, believe have faith
  • AleranderJim on Proverbs 4:7
    your day of love may bring the gratitude of others for life.
  • ClassyMama on Psalms 20
    This scripture was given and it truly speaks in this time !
  • Tommie lacy on Psalms 91
    i truely love psalms chapter 91 (God is good).
  • Robert DeHaan on Ephesians 3
    O Lord the depth of your love continues to amaze me. Help me to love as You have loved me. Thank you Holy Spirit as you love me as I search the fullness of the Fathers love. For there is none like You O Lord. I desire to Praise you more than I have. May the Joy of Your salvation renew my Praise O Holy Name most Precious! Jesus you are all I need. Nothing touches me like you love. Rejoice in the Lord, I say Rejoice O my soul.
  • Samuel Taylor on Psalms 91
    This book of the Bible Psalms 91 is a great peace to my life I always read it before I pray or sleep just the same ways that I drink water every time of my life when ever I am downhearted this passage of Psalms 91 gives me peace and hope in his word I am so greatful to Christ Jesus for his word that's gave peace and hope to his people that's believed in his words all Glory ? be to God almighty Amen!!!!!!!!
  • Diana Green
    I'm renewed every morning knowing God is really my Heavenly Father, and find so much comfort that I cannot be UNBORN. I really think if his children would believe and see him as our father, just as we respect our earthly dads, and not want to disappoint him, we would serve him more out of love, not fear, because he first loved us. And his blessings are given to us daily as we need, his peace of mind, contentment with his word as he speaks to us this way. So much I could say, but I hope this helps someone to look on our holy God as truly our Heavenly Father.
  • Jan on Psalms 91
    Where would I be if it wasn't for my Father God , Jesus and Holy Spirit. I can't even imagine !!!
    This psalm brings such peace , rest, strength and hope . And the presence of Our God is always in His Word and in this Psalm. When I read it and take in the truth of what GOD is saying, when I'm stressed or anxious it is a hiding place where nothing can hurt or harm us !!
    What a beautiful place to be hidden from all our enemies . Oh what a God we love and adore ... Not enough of words to convey what an all powerful, faithful, awesome God He is 💕
  • Phillip E Gallegos - in Reply on Psalms 91
    Our Lord God Almighty is our strength
  • Shannion Ferrell on Psalms 91
    The most beautiful thing I have ever read in my life time. I read it all of the time. When I am down it brings me back to the place I am supposed to be. Back to Jehovah. Thank you Jesus for everything you have given us to keep us safe and strong.
  • Phillip E Gallegos - in Reply on James 1
    Taking part in these discussions is in a big way doing the Lord's work. Two Christians discussing the Word is a Church.
  • Fred Scanlan on Revelation 1
    This would be a plea for all the churches that are in Christ. Come to Christ today, these would be the days.The redemption that is found in the shed blood of our Lord and Savior. If you are reading these words today, you are indeed blessed to know that he comes for his church, if you believe and are baptized you will be a part of it. I plead with the world that prayer and supplications be made for all mankind 1 timothy 2:1 This we should do considering the times that are upon us.God bless us o lord and forgive us our sins for Christs sake.
  • Fred Scanlan on 2 Peter 1
    Strict interpretation of Gods word is the fulfilling literally of Gods prophecy.New believers are subject to many distractions when coming to the truth. Christ declares these truths in the parable of the sower. A believer is one whose soul is anchored in the word of God. this website is that place(KJV).This becomes a light unto your path.Once the soul unites with the vine,the revelation of his love will give you joy unspeakable! You become a new creature. IN AN EVIL WORLD , thats what our God has made us in HIM.Like apostles and prophets we inherit the grace needed to exalt Him. This is when the holy ghost begins his move, as moved in the O.T..
  • Willie on Romans 8
    Romans Chapter 8 is the expression of the unconditional LOVE which is given to us thru Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour.
  • Eric Garrett on 1 John 1
    Thank you Jesus for saving me
  • Loved and Saved - in Reply on Psalms 116
    Thank you Jeffer for sharing your Heart Commitment to the Lord with us. We indeed do have a very Loving and Compassionate Godhead. Our Abba Father gave His All for us yes His much Loved Son Jesus our Lord and Saviour who is One with Him in Spirit and with The Holy Ghost 1John 5:7 and Jesus our Good Shepherd also chose to die for us even knowing He would be Seperated from His Father because of our Sin, He could have asked to be rescued but He also Loved us Greatly and knew there was no other way for us to be with the Father and be saved.
  • MarilynT on Daniel 3
    What a Mighty God we serve. This is the same God who took 3 men into a fiery furnace and brought them
    out without no harm. Praise God for being in the fire. Today God is with us too if we trust, keep and honor
    his word. God will protect his children and angels will follow God s commands. We should live the life that
    God honors so when we need God he rescues up. Thanks God for your words and promises.
  • Hazel Carty on Psalms 107
    On Lord my God and father I love you Lord I give you humble thanks and praise for wonderful work your loveingkindness and all your blessings on me and my family
  • Amazed on 1 Samuel 17
    I am truly amazed at the divine power that God gave to David. Remember 1 Samuel 16:7 states that Goliah's spear's head weighed six hundred shekels of iron. David is just a lad and Goliah's spear is awful heavy, too heavy for David. Yet, David used Goliah's spear to cut off his head. Has anyone thought of this! It had to have been the power of God to give David the strength to even lift the spear. What an awesome God we serve. There is nothing to difficult for Him. Hallelujah!
  • Joe Kessler
    Love learning the word of God
  • Di on Psalms 91
    I love this psalm, and read it often. It gives me great comfort.
  • Fred scanlan - in Reply on Exodus 12
    When you confess Him and you recieve his body and blood in faith, your sins are washed away and you are a born again child of God! We In fact are redeemed from sin and death, Christ having become our sacrifice, while fulfilling all righteousness .Our atonement for sin,our "passover lamb". You need only to believe. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Behold I stand at the door and knock. Open your heart and let him abide. Trust in Him and lean not unto your own understanding! All your ways acknowledge HIM! Salvation is yours, and fades not away, it is kept for you! These promises of salvation are sealed,with his BLOOD! Recieve HIM today!
  • Cathryn - in Reply on Hebrews 11
    Amen brother I too love the KJB also Amen brother and I love all of you az well. :
  • David Sykes on Hebrews 11
    I love the KJV and also the words of Hebrews. The entire Bible contains The words of GOD. Praise the Lord!!!!!
  • Pat on Psalms 88
    What a powerful chapter! Touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes.

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