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  • Suzanne on 1 Corinthians 13:13
    I am a baptized Christian and have been reading the Bible daily 4 over 25 years ,i know what i am and am not supposed 2 do and say and believe and every single day i am ashamed of myself for the things that i do and say and think and feel and all the things that i should have said and done ,in other words every day i sin and every day i am sorry and ashamed of myself 4 my sins .After all this time i think i should b able 2 go 1 whole day without sinning ,i am truely weary of my own sinfull self .I thank my God ,the Holy One of Israel ,and his sinless only begotten son ,Jesus Christ the Righteous for being so long suffering and generous and kind and mercyfull 2 me ,even though they know me and all my horribleness better than i even know my own sinfull self ,i am truely thankful that God is not like us ,he is perfect and pure and beautiful and faithful and mercyful and very kind hearted and understanding ,nothing like me !
  • Suzanne on Joshua 1:8
    Ive just been reading through comments and questions etc ,im not a great typist so please forgive me ,there is so much i could and want to say but i will stick to main points ,first if english is your 2nd language you really need to read the Bible in your 1st language ,second i have been reading Bible 4 over 25yrs every day and i know ive read it all over 50 times ,u must read it all ,i am still learning and discovering new things in it ,u will not understand everything immediately ,it reveals itself slowly and all of it is neccessary and it interprits itself ,u must b very patient ,determined and persistant ,your faith grows with your understanding .God is love .
  • Melidiya Haggai on Numbers 14
    love the app! Its amazing and wonderful.iI just love to read the bible and I did not know that we could read in a computer till i saw the app:)
  • Gary Lee - in Reply on John 10
    The King James version is the correct one. Use only the KJV. Do not trust any other version. Stay away from NIV or any other. There are errors in the new translations. Throw it in the dustbin. And get yourself a Strong's concordance based on the KJV. It will teach you the original meaning of every word. Read also John 17:6
  • Benjamin - in Reply on 1 Corinthians 7:8
    If money is your struggle, the Lord will understand if you don't have a ceremonious wedding. Also, dont get married under the law. Our system of marriage certificates is not Godly. Simply a commitment to one another is being married under the vision of God. Don't let yourself burn with passion if it will make you sinful.
  • Kristi Kristi on 1 Peter 2:24
    Thanks so much for sharing this Holy Bible Verse!! I love this!

    Love Always,YSIC o/

    Kristi Ann
  • Growing in Grace - in Reply on Philippians 2
    You should find the "Become A Christian" link on this website and compare your experiences with what it says on the total link.

    John 3, where Jesus is speaking to the Pharisee, Nicodemas: Jesus tells him he must be born again. When we are born again, we ask for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. He is the Spirit of Jesus Christ. He is available to be your personal Teacher. He opens up the Bible to you. As you are able, He explains your questions.

    It involves daily study of your Bible. Works best if you turn off media and listen for the Holy Spirits voice. It is not audible. He reveals Jesus to your born again spirit. With much practice, you will become more in tune to the Holy Spirits presence.

    It's more beneficial to begin in the New Testament, learning just who Jesus is. Once that foundation is secure; you'll understand the Old Testament in your study travels.

    Attend a Church that is teaching Bible Scripture. Some of them teach "works" or put more emphasis on counseling and relationships. You grow faster if you are learning scripture and how to enter into Gods Presence with praise and worship.

    Let us know how it's going, and if we can help more. Explore all the links out on the red links page. It's all good things to read.

  • Hannah on Revelation 22:19
    Jesus is coming
  • Abe rench on Psalms 119
    the lord is good,and his mercies are everlasting.
  • Eddie Clark on Ephesians 2
    God so loved the World that he gave His Only begotten Son Jesus Christ Born of the Virgin Mary

  • Renee Reed on Psalms 91:1
    Thank god for divine protection, definitely in this climate!!!
  • Jim E Scott - in Reply on Genesis 1
    Yes, you are right. These two commandments summarize the Ten Commandments. First, love God. To understand this, one must have the correct God, not a god we necessarily shape to conform to what we would like Him to be. Some think that God is not going to send people to hell, or that He will forgive everyone. They have created a god that does not exist in the Bible accounts. It is not my place to say who will and will not be forgiven by God, as He says "my thoughts are not your thoughts" and, frankly, He is so complex that I doubt anyone could possibly comprehend Him. The best we can do is know Him through Jesus, as Jesus said "he who hath seen me hath seen the Father." Hopefully, Jesus will be merciful to all and give the kingdom to all. Even though He said "the son of man must be lifted up that He may draw all men unto Him," so many other places indicate that the branches that do not bear fruit will be pruned off and cast into the fire, and new branches grafted into the vine (Him). We pray that God will be merciful and compassionate to us all for the sake of His Son. Nevertheless, we should keep His commandments. The 10 Commandments were not part of the law that was taken away at the cross. As you know, the tablets of the law were placed inside the ark, while the handwritten laws of Moses were attached to the outside of the ark and were called "the handwritten laws that were against us" in the Old Testament and in the New Testament. Those were the ones done away with at the cross. The Ark of the Covenant was a symbol of Jesus, His eternal unblemished nature (gold), His mortal body (acacia wood), His Word (manna), His resurrection (Aaron's rod), and His not breaking the 10 Commandments (unbroken tablets). These things were in the ark. So, we should endeavor to keep the sabbath, honor our parents, etc. as He would have us do. This is how we express our love for Him.
  • Steven Spencer on Numbers 28
    This is a wonderful site due to the great teaching here, When I first found it I was ambitious and eager to help defend the faith, but soon realized this site didn't need that from me, there's a time for that. I've learned to sit back and learn how to be still. There's a lot to learn from that. Thank you
  • Kay on Psalms 29
    Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord
  • Evans ayite on Isaiah 55:11
    Thank god for this great messages
  • Wanda S Williams on Romans 4
    I thank you for God's word released into my life, at such a time as this
  • David Coote on Daniel 3
    I hope these bible story encourage us to believe what God can do for us, when we are in difficult situtation in life. Dont give us God will come through for us
  • Italianna Linh on Genesis 2:9
    Wow, God is so amazing, he wants the best for us.
  • Donna Gregory on Deuteronomy 28
    I love learning Holy Bible King James Version Scriptures of Almighty God Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit and of His Life my Heavenly Father I Love
  • Bety on Matthew 5
    i love this thing i read the bible every day
  • Pastor Victor Rivera on Isaiah 20:4
    BUT GOD GRACE AND MERCY. To GOD be the Glory. Thank You JESUS. An encounter with GOD and JESUS. My Testimonial !. Must Read ! WOW !. I am a Vietnam Vet. This is very powerful. For I myself travel down this lonely road. The hurt , pain, sorrows, and no where to lay my head. over 20 years homeless, Lost everything:, Wife & Families. Gave up on life. Till one day GOD knock me down on all fours. ended up 3 months in a hospital. With gangrene .Leg to be amputated . A hospital Chaplin came and prayed over me. For the very 1st. time I tasted DEATH !. GOD showed me the bottomless pit. Never hit bottom; For it was bottomless, I was then lifted up by the right hand of GOD. From where I fell , I look across and saw 100s of people falling in to the bottomless pit. It was like a bad dream. BUT it was no dream. As I was going up toward the light, I felt a mist of running waters. Suddenly the pain on my leg left me, All of my sorrows vanish, It was a wonderful felling. NOW I WAS FRIGHTEN !. I look all around myself. A brightness like no other. To my left , 12 shadows of men putting my business out. Judgement Day. Judgement Day is no joking mater. To where yout own soul is your prosecutor. I was Guilty. Behind these men came a large ball of fire, Bright as the sun. I back up and looked into the fire. Just to see a man in the fire. IT WAS JESUS CHRIST !. Before me. in his full GLORY !. Trust me All knees will bow !. I threw myself on the floor. So ashamed of myself. Afraid to even to look and gaze upon his presents. Look down on the floor: Jesus came up to me. Place his feet under my face. WOW ! . JESUS is very real. Jesus shook his right finger down at me and chastised me. Then spoke these very WORDS to me ! YOU NOW WORK FOR ME.!. He love me so much that he forgave me. JESUS said to me . GO BACK AND TELL THE WORLD TO WHAT YOU HAVE SEEN .When I woke up, I was healed 100% . Doctors were baffle. Today I am on a mission for JESUS CHRIST as a pastor. It was the love of my savior. GRACE.
  • Chanice stevens on Psalms 25
    I love this chapter of psalm and I also the kjv bible.
  • Mild Bill on Psalms 20
    Grace is never servient to a formula. Mishael, A subtile twist of the parable of the sower, and you put forth the lie of salvation by works.

    In context, the sweetest thing heard by BI was written previously by KingsleyJim.

    The preparation of the soil for the seed was not gentle drops of kindness, but instead the turmoil of turning by the plow. In plain words, God only, prepares souls for the word/seed to flourish, not a plan by other people, saved or otherwise. The plowing is sometimes where the shallows are revealed, and also where nearby everpresent thorns take root. The over abundance of seed/word is evident and no "good ground" is missed. Despite the fowls, enough seed is fruitful, and thus harvested.

    Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity. Matthew 7:22&23 Salvation by good works is iniquity.

    Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God. Psalms 20:7 To remember, we must first know God's name/character, and recognize his sovereignty in salvation, specifically ours, and also towards others. Believers serve God, only because he first saved us, not because we "deserve". But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound. Romans 5:20 The seed/word of God and grace, the inexhaustable expressions of God. Grace is never servient to a formula.
  • A friend on Hebrews 12:17
    Give it to God stop seeking answers from anybody else people even with the best intentions can you scripture tell you the wrong answer even when they think it's right only God knows you situation your future plans Etc nobody even comes close to having an understanding like God there's only one unforgivable sin God loves and forgives all of his children Jesus frees you this death and Sacrifice by his blood because of is as Father's Love When You Believe in except this can you love God does it mean to take the easier they almost always get harder especially when you can't forgive yourself let go of your past trust in him let him have control deny own understanding and have faith pray to God about it and that's God take care of it his will be done it's only one unforgivable sin God might want you to start a new life being born again a new plan a new marriage and happiness cetera or he may want to restore what you had or the one you have everything is going to be okay and no matter what I may have decided and does for your life it will be good let go of everything set your eyes on God heaven give it all to him ask forgiveness and repent you can start anew if that's what he wants for you and can be free of all the things that he removes and let's die on the cross with the old you honor all of what you receive to the best of your ability don't expect things to be easy perfect are for you not to have to make a serious effort be grateful and thankful even though you've really been saved by grace and not by works love God with all your heart and soul love others do your best to follow the Commandments even though your free of the law
  • Rob - in Reply on 1 John 1:8
    With God all things are possible, said Jesus .

    With out God there is not a man that has not sinned . Said Solomon in the Old Testament.

    Practicing sinners don't go to heaven .

    There is forgiveness, and you must be born again of the Holy Spirit . This can be found at the cross , can you die to everything and follow Jesus ? This is the meaning of baptism. There is a cost . It's not easy believing only . But it's through faith not works . You must know who Jesus is , He is the son of God sent into this world to save sinners by the Father that loved the whole world that they may be saved by total obedience to turn from sinning and to God by faith in Jesus for what he did on the cross on your behalf .

    Except his death and leave your sins there with him on the cross and except new life in Him by his resurrection life that is now yours freely to live with out sin . But you still have a sinful flesh nature , but you are not under it's domain by faith . Weak faith struggles with the flesh .

    Apostle Paul said the cross is the power of God to those that believe.

    More could be said I hope this helps . But God must lead you in repentance first and draw you to Christ or it will never work . Earnest prayer is a good place to begin seeking Gods mercy . He desires that all would be saved so He is on your side ! I'm very thankful for His love . And patience with me ! Amen I hope this helps someone !
  • Mart Marie on Deuteronomy 29
    God is good so worship Him from the bottom of your heart
  • Ibe Jack Mbara on Revelation 4:11
    He is worthy to be praised, morning, afternoon, night and everybody minute of our lives.
  • Susan on Jude 1
    How wonderful to know ,that JESUS is able to keep us from falling,but,then HE presents us before the presence of his glory with exceeding great joy.Now,today,in this very moment.Let's bow before Him in thanksgiving ,let us worship him.
  • David Brown on Romans 12:21
    Honestly speaking, it doesn't matter how much evil is going on in this world, we just need to make sure we do not walk along with this evil and don't join in on it because it's easier to get judged by god if you're a Christian than if you're not. To all Christians, it is more dangerous to walk in evil than for non-Christians because they were taught so much about God and all the things he does to people who do evil. Christians get in more trouble cause they should know better cause they were taught about what to do and what not to do. A Christian doing evil is like lying to God with your actions.

    I might be a 14 year old but that doesn't mean I don't know my information about the Bible. I admit that I have done a lot of wrong in my life but trust me, I am trying my hardest not to do wrong but I am struggling. The problem is that I believe to myself that my ways to accomplish things is easier cause I do not like working to accomplish something, but I learned that the hard way cause I have been dealing with challenges and none of my ways are working. I do not like dealing with these problems without my ways working but I don't know any other ways to fix them. All these problems are problems that I have been working hard on and I noticed that with all the problems I am working hard on, I am actually doing better with fixing these problems than when I used my ways, now that is just the power of God I know for a fact. He has been giving me ways to to fix problems and he has showed me that not all my problems can be fixed my way and he has showed me that in order to deal with these problems, I am going to have to work for my accomplishments.

    If you read this, Thank You
  • Norman Walker Butch on Genesis 1
    Thanks so much for everyone that has helped me answer questions I just could not get a handle on. I love this site it is the best I have ever seen once you learn how to use it all!

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