The bullock; place of heifers. (1.) Chieftain or king of one of the Moabite tribes (Judg. 3:12-14). Having entered into an "alliance with Ammon and Amalek, he overran the trans-Jordanic" "region, and then crossing the Jordan, seized on Jericho, the" "city of palm trees, which had been by this time rebuilt, but" "not as a fortress. He made this city his capital, and kept" Israel in subjection for eighteen years. The people at length "cried unto the Lord in their distress, and he "raised them up" "a deliverer" in Ehud (q.v.), the son of Gera, a Benjamite." "(2.) A city in Judah, near Lachish (Josh. 15:39). It was "destroyed by Joshua (10:5, 6). It has been identified with Tell" "Nejileh, 6 miles south of Tell Hesy or Ajlan, north-west of" Lachish. (See [173]LACHISH.)

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Definition of Eglon:
"same as Eglah"