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  • Andrew - in Reply on Ecclesiasticus 43
    The apocrypha is a selection of books which were published in the original 1611 King James Bible. These apocryphal books were positioned between the Old and New Testament (it also contained maps and geneologies). The apocrypha was a part of the KJV for 274 years until being removed in 1885 A.D. A portion of these books were called deuterocanonical books by some entities, such as the Catholic church.

    Many claim the apocrypha should never have been included in the first place, raising doubt about its validity and believing it was not God-inspired (for instance, a reference about magic seems inconsistent with the rest of the Bible: Tobit chapter 6, verses 5-8). Others believe it is valid and that it should never have been removed- that it was considered part of the Bible for nearly 2,000 years before it was recently removed a little more than 100 years ago. Some say it was removed because of not finding the books in the original Hebrew manuscripts. Others claim it wasn't removed by the church, but by printers to cut costs in distributing Bibles in the United States. Both sides tend to cite the same verses that warn against adding or subtracting from the Bible: Revelation 22:18. The word 'apocrypha' means 'hidden.' Fragments of Dead Sea Scrolls dating back to before 70 A.D. contained parts of the apocrypha books in Hebrew, including Sirach and Tobit [source].

    Keep this in mind when reading the following apocryphal books. Martin Luther said, "Apocrypha--that is, books which are not regarded as equal to the holy Scriptures, and yet are profitable and good to read." (King James Version Defended page 98.)

  • Ms.Taylir on Ecclesiasticus 43
    Why I can't find Ecclesiasticus /Sirach in Kng James Bible, what Bible does this come from
  • Mishael - in Reply on Ecclesiasticus 43:11
    Look for APOCRYPHA. This website has a link that says that: on the red link page.
  • I have a few KJV Bibles and none off them show Ecclesiasticus 43:11. What ISBN# can you provide of a bible which contains this. Thank you, Teresa
  • Mishael - in Reply on Ecclesiasticus 43
    1Go back out to the RED link page

    2Click on the Apocrypha link

    All the Books of the Apocrypha are listed

    Pick the Book (Link) that you want to read

    Books of the Apocrypha that are on the Apocrypha LINK

    1 Esdras

    2 Esdras



    Additions to Esther

    Wisdom of Solomon



    Letter of Jeremiah

    Prayer of Azariah


    Bel and the Dragon

    Prayer of Manasseh

    1 Maccabees

    2 Maccabees
  • Grace,

    The only possible reference to Jesus having a beard would be found in Isaiah 50:6 which reads, I gave my back to the smiters, and my cheeks to them that plucked off the hair: I hid not my face from shame and spitting. This is from the King James Version.

    Using some of my bible software, I did a side-by-side comparison of various English Bibles. The New King James Version, NIV, ESV, New Living Translation, Amplified Bible, Holman Christian Standard Bible, and a few other English translations use the word beard.

    The New King James says, "I gave My back to those who struck Me, And My cheeks to those who plucked out the beard; I did not hide My face from shame and spitting."

    In those days, Plucking off the hair on a man's face was a form of punishment that the Jews would use. That can be found in Nehemiah 13:25.
  • Did Jesus have a beard chapter and verse please ?
  • Theresa Smith on Ecclesiasticus 43
    How do you know if the Holy Spirit is talking to you.
  • Chris - in Reply on Ecclesiasticus 43
    Michal was one of Saul's daughters; the other (older) one was Merab ( 1 Samuel 14:49). Then we find the love she had for David (from 1 Samuel 18:17 onwards, into the next chapter).
  • Sheila Pressley on Ecclesiasticus 43
    Where does the story of David and Michel take place in the bible
  • Barbara - in Reply on Ecclesiasticus 43
    I agree with you. It was so special and very apt.
  • Chris - in Reply on Ecclesiasticus 43
    Hi Arthur, Ecclesiasticus is part of the Apocryphal (or, Deuterocanonical) books that were kept out of the present Canon of Scripture that we have. Some Bibles have those books in them & they would either be added on to the existing Bible of found in-between the Old & New Testaments.

    Those who determined which books were acceptable to be included in the Canon of Scripture used various criteria (e.g. authorship, doctrinal errors/differences, unknown names & places, etc.) in their studies. So, such important matters such as human contribution towards salvation, purgatory, & so on, figure in those books, as well as some worthy useful information. One has to be very discerning when reading from them.
  • Chris - in Reply on Ecclesiasticus 43
    Hi Denise, many folk as yourself have brought up this query on this Website as a result from listening to the funeral service of HRH Prince Philip. We understand that the Dean was reading from the Apocryphal Book of Ecclesiasticus which is not the same book as Ecclesiastes in the Bible we use. The Apocryphal books are found in some Bibles, chiefly the Roman Catholic edition, where those (extra) books are accepted as part of God's Word.

    However, when the Bible was canonized (i.e. all the available Scriptures were examined in detail & placed into the Bible we now have), those other books (the apocrypha) were left out because of doctrinal & other problems (authorship, inconsistencies of events, etc.). There is still much good, useful content in them, but one would have to be very careful in reading from them & be able to clearly pick up on the errors.
  • Denise Currington on Ecclesiasticus 43
    As far as I know, there is no book of Ecclesiasticus in the KJV of the Bible. Chapter 43 was read at the funeral of Prince Philip. Can you tell me what Bible they would have been reading from.
  • Arthur tembo on Ecclesiasticus 43
    its my first time to see this book in the bible Ecclesiasticus, is it a special version of the bible ?
  • Wow ! What a Blessing - Sooooo Special .....
  • Barbara Gunther on Ecclesiasticus 43:27
    1.In my King James Versio Ecclesiastes has only 12 chapters. Today at Prince Phillip's funeral the 43 rd chapter was read. I found it in a Catholic bible: what happened.: why is it not in th King James version?

    2.Also: I read mostly the German Martin Luther Bible: I find no Ecclesiastes there at all

    3. What does the word Ecclesiastes mean? ecclesia= church

    Thank you for your help
  • Richard in Christ - in Reply on Ecclesiasticus 43
    Hello Julia,

    As someone else asked a question "why were these verses read" which I cannot say. Though I very much like the chapter in that book of Ecclesiasticus 43(link for you). Which is not Ecclesiastes but that the names are so close it is not hard to get confuse the two.

    Ecclesiasticus is a Apocrypha book and has been removed from most Bibles. Though on this site, on the bottom, there is a link to them all.

    God Bless.

    Ecclesiasticus 43:30-33. When ye glorify the Lord, exalt Him as much as ye can; for even yet will He far exceed: and when ye exalt Him, put forth all your strength, and be not weary; for ye can never go far enough.

    Who hath seen Him, that he might tell us? and who can magnify Him as He is?

    There are yet hid greater things than these be, for we have seen but a few of his works.

    For the Lord hath made all things; and to the godly hath he given wisdom.
  • Adam - in Reply on Ecclesiasticus 43
    The book you were reading is from the Apocrypha, whereas, Ecclesiastes is from the Old Testament. This is usually the source of confusion. I don't know anything about what others read. Link God bless...
  • L Pitts on Ecclesiasticus 43
    Why was verse from Catholic Eccliasticus 43 read during an Anglish service of Prince Philip?
  • Julia Willingham on Ecclesiasticus 43
    My NIV study Bible does not have but 12 chapters in the book of Ecclesiastes and I am looking for chapter 43: 11-26 read at Prince Phillips funeral. Please reply.
  • James Weldon Bell on Ecclesiasticus 43
    Verses 27 thru 33 hold all we can understand with our poor undeveloped mines. I have held this passage to be a truth since I first read it 15 years ago.
  • Douglas Turner on Ecclesiasticus 43
    Beautiful. Verses 27 to 30 inclusive. e.g.Verse 28. "How shall we magnify him...? A question which touches the very heart of the mystery of God. How can we magnify his incomprhensible love, power, and creativity? Beyond human understanding but revealed to us in and through the prophets and Christ.

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