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Ecclesiasticus Chapter 38
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1 Honour due to the Phisitian, and why. 16 How to weepe and mourne for the dead. 24 The wisedome of the learned man, and of the Labourer and Artificer: with the vse of them both.

1 Honour a Phisitian with the honour due vnto him, for the vses which you may haue of him: for the Lord hath created him.

2 For of the most High commeth healing, and he shall receiue honour of the King.2

3 The skill of the Phisitian shall lift vp his head: and in the sight of great men he shalbe in admiration.

4 The Lord hath created medicines out of the earth; and he that is wise will not abhorre them.

5 Was not the water made sweet with wood, that the vertue thereof might be knowen?5

6 And he hath giuen men skill, that hee might be honoured in his marueilous workes.

7 With such doeth he heale [men,] and taketh away their paines.

8 Of such doeth the Apothecarie make a confection; and of his workes there is no end, and from him is peace ouer all the earth.

9 My sonne, in thy sickenesse be not negligent: but pray vnto the Lord, and he will make thee whole.9

10 Leaue off from sinne, and order thy hands aright, and cleanse thy heart from all wickednesse.

11 Giue a sweet sauour, and a memoriall of fine flowre: and make a fat offering, as not being.11

12 Then giue place to the phisitian, for the Lord hath created him: let him not go from thee, for thou hast need of him.

13 There is a time when in their hands there is good successe.

14 For they shall also pray vnto the Lord, that hee would prosper that, which they giue, for ease and remedy to prolong life.14

15 He that sinneth before his maker, let him fal into the hand of the Phisitian.

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16 My sonne, let teares fall downe ouer the dead, and begin to lament, as if thou hadst suffered great harme thy selfe: and then couer his body according to the custome, & neglect not his buriall.

17 Weepe bitterly, and make great moane, and vse lamentation, as hee is worthy, and that a day or two, lest thou be euill spoken of: and then comfort thy selfe for thy heauinesse.

18 For of heauinesse commeth death, and the heauinesse of the heart, breaketh strength.18

19 In affliction also sorrow remaineth: and the life of the poore, is the curse of the heart.

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20 Take no heauines to heart: driue it away, and remember the last end.

21 Forget it not, for there is no turning againe: thou shalt not doe him good, but hurt thy selfe.

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22 Remember my iudgement: for thine also shall be so; yesterday for me, and to day for thee.22

23 When the dead is at rest, let his remembrance rest, & be comforted for him, when his spirit is departed from him.23

24 The wisedome of a learned man cōmeth by opportunitie of leasure: & he that hath litle busines shal become wise.

25 How can he get wisdome that holdeth the plough, and that glorieth in the goad; that driueth oxen, and is occupied in their labours, and whose talke is of bullocks?25

26 He giueth his minde to make furrowes: and is diligent to giue the kine fodder.

27 So euery carpenter, and workemaster, that laboureth night and day: and they that cut and graue seales, and are diligent to make great variety, and giue themselues to counterfait imagerie, and watch to finish a worke.

28 The smith also sitting by the anuill, & considering the iron worke; the vapour of the fire wasteth his flesh, and he fighteth with the heat of the furnace: the noise of the hammer & the anuill is euer in his eares, and his eies looke still vpon the patterne of the thing that he maketh, he setteth his mind to finish his worke, & watcheth to polish it perfitly.

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29 So doeth the potter sitting at his worke, and turning the wheele about with his feet, who is alway carefully set at his worke: and maketh all his worke by number.

30 He fashioneth the clay with his arme, and boweth downe his strength before his feet: he applieth himselfe to lead it ouer; and he is diligent to make cleane the furnace.30

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31 All these trust to their hands: and euery one is wise in his worke.

32 Without these cannot a citie be inhabited: and they shall not dwell where they will, nor goe vp and downe.

33 They shall not be sought for in publike counsaile; nor sit high in the congregation: they shal not sit on the Iudges seate, nor vnderstand the sentence of iudgement: they cannot declare iustice, and iudgement, and they shall not be found where parables are spoken.

34 But they will maintaine the state of the world, and [all] their desire is in the worke of their craft.


Ecclesiasticus Chapter 38 Sidenote References (from Original 1611 KJV Bible):

2 Or, a gift
5 Exod. 15. 25.
9 Esay.38.2.
11 Or, as a deadman.
14 Or, curing.
18 Prou.15. 13. and 17. 22.
22 Or, the sentence vpon him.
23 2.Sam.12. 20.
25 Greeke, of the breed of bullocks.
30 Or, tempereth it with his feet.

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