Chapter 23

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Why is Ecclesiasticus shown with the King James Bible?

1 O Lord, Father and Governor of all my whole life, leave me not to their counsels, and let me not fall by them.

2 Who will set scourges over my thoughts, and the discipline of wisdom over mine heart? that they spare me not for mine ignorances, and it pass not by my sins:

3 Lest mine ignorances increase, and my sins abound to my destruction, and I fall before mine adversaries, and mine enemy rejoice over me, whose hope is far from thy mercy.

4 O Lord, Father and God of my life, give me not a proud look, but turn away from thy servants always a haughty mind.

5 Turn away from me vain hopes and concupiscence, and thou shalt hold him up that is desirous always to serve thee.

6 Let not the greediness of the belly nor lust of the flesh take hold of me; and give not over me thy servant into an impudent mind.

7 Hear, O ye children, the discipline of the mouth: he that keepeth it shall never be taken in his lips.

8 The sinner shall be left in his foolishness: both the evil speaker and the proud shall fall thereby.

9 Accustom not thy mouth to swearing; neither use thyself to the naming of the Holy One.

10 For as a servant that is continually beaten shall not be without a blue mark: so he that sweareth and nameth God continually shall not be faultless.

11 A man that useth much swearing shall be filled with iniquity, and the plague shall never depart from his house: if he shall offend, his sin shall be upon him: and if he acknowledge not his sin, he maketh a double offence: and if he swear in vain, he shall not be innocent, but his house shall be full of calamities.

12 There is a word that is clothed about with death: God grant that it be not found in the heritage of Jacob; for all such things shall be far from the godly, and they shall not wallow in their sins.

13 Use not thy mouth to intemperate swearing, for therein is the word of sin.

14 Remember thy father and thy mother, when thou sittest among great men. Be not forgetful before them, and so thou by thy custom become a fool, and wish that thou hadst not been born, and curse they day of thy nativity.

15 The man that is accustomed to opprobrious words will never be reformed all the days of his life.

16 Two sorts of men multiply sin, and the third will bring wrath: a hot mind is as a burning fire, it will never be quenched till it be consumed: a fornicator in the body of his flesh will never cease till he hath kindled a fire.

17 All bread is sweet to a whoremonger, he will not leave off till he die.

18 A man that breaketh wedlock, saying thus in his heart, Who seeth me? I am compassed about with darkness, the walls cover me, and no body seeth me; what need I to fear? the most High will not remember my sins:

19 Such a man only feareth the eyes of men, and knoweth not that the eyes of the Lord are ten thousand times brighter than the sun, beholding all the ways of men, and considering the most secret parts.

20 He knew all things ere ever they were created; so also after they were perfected he looked upon them all.

21 This man shall be punished in the streets of the city, and where he suspecteth not he shall be taken.

22 Thus shall it go also with the wife that leaveth her husband, and bringeth in an heir by another.

23 For first, she hath disobeyed the law of the most High; and secondly, she hath trespassed against her own husband; and thirdly, she hath played the whore in adultery, and brought children by another man.

24 She shall be brought out into the congregation, and inquisition shall be made of her children.

25 Her children shall not take root, and her branches shall bring forth no fruit.

26 She shall leave her memory to be cursed, and her reproach shall not be blotted out.

27 And they that remain shall know that there is nothing better than the fear of the Lord, and that there is nothing sweeter than to take heed unto the commandments of the Lord.

28 It is great glory to follow the Lord, and to be received of him is long life.

Discussion for Ecclesiasticus 23

  • Stan L on Ecclesiasticus 23
    It said, the comments were about chapter 23 verse 18. I do not perceive a connection to the comments and the verse. I know it is easy to miss things, but I have no clue at all. True illumination would be appreciated.
  • Bob Hilt on Ecclesiasticus 23:18
    what is this BCE / CE vs BC or AD nonsense?

    BC stands for Before Christ and AD means Anno Domino or year of our LORD

    BCE means Before COMMON ERA as if the birth of Christ was common or vulgar.

    CE means COMMON ERA.

    From wickedpedia: "The term "Common Era" can be found in English as early as 1708,[7] and became more widely used in the mid-19th century by Jewish religious scholars. In the later 20th century, the use of CE and BCE was popularized in academic and scientific publications as a culturally neutral term. It is also used by some authors and publishers who wish to emphasize sensitivity to non-Christians by not explicitly referencing Jesus as "Christ" and Dominus ("Lord") through use of the abbreviation[c] "AD"

    Basically using BCE and CE is a DENIAL OF JESUS.
  • Chris - in Reply on Ecclesiasticus 23:18
    Bob, just another example of the anti-Christ spirit at work. Deterioration of biblical values & warrants everywhere & all in preparation for the revelation of the false Christ. I always make sure to use BC or AD in my references: not much of a witness I know, but if believers stood united in confronting the onslaught by wicked governments in every area of these concerted attempts to weaken the faith & devalue the Cross, then we have stood true to the Word and to the Lord.
  • Jesus was born that he might be multiplied as the stars of heaven, that was the great Promise i will multiply thy seed as the stars of heaven,Thats y the sower will go forth and sow his seed in humanity that it might initiate a Birth of Christ in us, a baby Christ the SON OF MAN THE GRANSON, The beginning of the ISRAEL OF GOD, A LIL ONE SHALL B/C A THOUSAND AND A SMALL ONE A STRONG NATION thats the Israel of God ya remember God almighty swore by his very self,its he that wants a Posterity,but God is spirit thus the Israel of GOD ARE SPIRITS THAT ARE GONNA BE BORN IN US,GIVING us, a new heart and a new spirit WHICH IS THE H.G. OUR NEW INNERMAN, My lil children of whom i travail in Birth till CHRIST IS FORMED IN YOU, see his seed the WORD is gonna impregnate this whole world,27 times in the O.T. the prophets saw the world in travail and birth pains , his mission was not just death but multiplcation as the Stars of Heaven,when a seed dies it multiplies thus much fruit ( THE SON S OF GOD The children of PROMISE THE GRANSONS THE Israel of God that are gonna be born in US sinners.Jesus cd not refer to the H.G as the Promise if he were not his offspring th granson th beginning of the Children of PROMISE. When JESUS breath on them that was his Seed , ,th WORD, NOT THE WRITTEN WORD but the living Words as my Words are spirit and life th very seeds of God , To whom the word ( his seed ) came it made them Gods. Smite the shephard and the sheep will be scattered THEN I WILL TURN MY HAND TO THE LITTLE ONES, HIS OFFSPRING our CHILDREN OF Promise . Thats y he he refers to himslf as the Son of Man ,man mankind is gona befruitfull unto God. They will know you by your fruits, the Manchild which is the H.G. as that which ii born of the spirit is spirit ( that good seed is the WORD which is spirit ) thus the Child is God as God is spirit.tHE. The God head is a trinity of father son and granson How else cd God tell Moses his name was abraham issac a Jacob lest his kingdom was a trinity
  • Johnson emile on Ecclesiasticus 23:18
    that still doesn't answer my question I ask is Mary's son in the flesh who is call Jesus is he God
  • Mishael on the Son of Man - in Reply on Ecclesiasticus 23:18
    When Jesus began his Ministry he called himself, THE SON OF MAN.

    His blood HAD to be pure from all sin. Mary was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit (who is Spirit and invisible). Jesus's blood was NOT connected to Mary's blood supply. The spark of life began to grow, by the power of God.

    Even tho Mary was married to Joseph, they did not have marital relations till after Jesus's birth. That's scripture.

    You can Google ancestry charts on Mary and Joseph; which is very interesting! Both were descended from King David. Jesus had "half" brothers and sisters. No connection by blood or "DNA".

    In order to be The Lamb of God, he had to be pure from sin running through bloodlines; he had to live daily without committing any sin, for 33 years.

    The Son of Man hung on the Cross as the perfect, sinless; without spot or wrinkle; Lamb of God. After he died, the HUGE Room-sized veil in the Temple was torn from top to bottom. Not bottom to top.

    That was Him saying the Old Covenant was replaced by the New Covenant.

    Who is this Son of Man who gave himself fully for mankind? He never sinned. We can trust Him with our souls. He wants to be our Lord. Through Him, anybody can be saved; born again. John chapter 3.
  • Chris - in Reply on Ecclesiasticus 23:18
    Johnson, you've started a new thread & not written your question to your ongoing thread. But anyway, I apologize for not answering your question as you wanted. When I read your question, I understand it like this: is Jesus, the Son of Mary, also God?

    If that is your question, then I responded, 'Yes, Jesus is God' & I gave a lengthy description as to how we arrive at that understanding. If that is not your question, could you re-phrase it another way?
  • Johnson emile on Ecclesiasticus 23:18
    is Mary son that is call Jesus is he God
  • Chris - in Reply on Ecclesiasticus 23:18
    Johnson, that is correct, Jesus was born of the virgin Mary for the purpose of God's entrance into Earth's realm. Mary 'knew' no man, she was a virgin, especially chosen of God (Lk 1:26-32) to bring forth God's Word (Jn 1:1-14) into the World for the sole purpose to preach about God's Kingdom & to lay down His Life as a Sacrifice for all of us.

    So we say that God is a Triune God, because God reveals Himself to us in His three Personages (NOT three gods): God the Father, God the Word (His Son, Jesus Christ) & God the Holy Spirit. (1 Jn 5:7: "For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one"). This is a difficult concept to understand, but it's like saying that you are composed of three parts: your body, soul & spirit; if one part is taken away, then you are incomplete & not the true complete YOU. The Sun has three parts: its substance/matter, heat & light; it wouldn't be the sun we know, if a part of it was removed. In like manner, God is perfectly God only in His three-fold personage & nothing else.

    Just as Jesus came to the Earth to die for our sins & in our stead, so that all who repent & believe in Him will not go to Hell, so God's Spirit is also here now in every believer to give him/her a new spiritual birth, to empower them to live this new life, & to share this wonderful news to others so that they too can be saved & become a part of God's family.

    So, Yes, Mary was especially chosen by God to bear Jesus, Whom the Prophet Isaiah spoke of in Isa 7:14: "Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel". Jesus came in fulfilment of that prophecy & also read Isaiah chapter 53 and the Messianic Psalm 22, both showing His agony at the Cross.

    I hope you can see that Jesus wasn't just a Prophet or just a good Man - He IS God's Son, being taken into Heaven after His Crucifixion & burial, showing our acceptance by God.


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