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  • BSP
    We should focus on our blessings and what we can do and not on what we don't have as verse 9 encourages us to do.
  • Irene123
    Truly wise people who happen to be rich - are very seldom - joyful. To keep their wealth they have lots of 'concerns', and it's HARD to trust people with their business, embezzlers, bad advice, etc. Oh, they can laugh at a party, but it's not in their eyes. Earthly riches does not bring happiness. Many of their children die from drugs, and other bad judgment.
  • Irene123
    Delores - Solomon began good, but because he was blessed of God, above all men, in wisdom 'n riches - he gradually turned from God. He was lifted up in pride. His many women turned him to idol worship; he sacrificed children (pass through the fire) to the idols of Chemosh, Molech, etc - in the 'high places'. 1 Kgs. 3:3; 11:10; Deut.17:14-20. No, he never repented or God's word would say so.
  • Delores Harrison
    Solomon had riches and wisdom. He had it all. Why did he allow women to make him lose his soul.? Or did he?
  • Searcher

    Dear Kabarie,,

    The best interpretation I can put on this verse is that if a man works hard and overcomes adversity to create benefits for himself and his successors, what he creates, including monetary wealth, should be available to him to enjoy, not to some other person who has done nothing towards the creation of the benefits, e.g., immigrants ('strangers').
  • Irene123
    To Joel 4 mos. ago -read 1 Kgs. ch.11 .....? This will explain his depression.
  • Noe
    This book in the Bible teaches one how to live, think, speak, God's perfect wisdom, not human errored and sin-filled way of living. Praise almighty Jesus.
  • Joel
    Solomon has got to be the most depressing author in the scriptures. With all his riches, his wisdom and a united kingdom laid at his by his father David, he seems to lack any joy.
  • Omoniyi Akinrinsola
    seek thou which is the kingdom of God and his righteousness and every other things shall be added
  • Kabarie fofanah
    can you please give me an explanation of what verse 1 to 3 means
    From the book of Ecclesiates I gathered that un guided life is calamity and destructive ,things should be done with God,s directive and guide line, He created the earth and knows how you can savely live on it without blame.
  • George v
    Praise the Lord,through Christ our Saviour . Ecclesiastes is a wonderful chapter, as it teaches to be seeking the spiritual part of out life on earth for the soul to prosper for life hereafter, But To seek material wealth and filled with all its glory is never satisfied or contend. Seek thee the kingdom of God.
  • Nohemy
    I think that Solomon is trying to explain how wealth,and richness can lead us to condamnation if we do not make use of it wisely.Making us understand that being under the sun,where the supposed "good life " is known to be "swell ",will make us lose reason the purpose of our creation which is to bless the Lord with what he gives to us , making us realize that in the end Wealth,glory power are materialist things vanities we should be focusing on our relationship with Christ,rather than trying to become rich instantly.
  • Wayne kaseba
    I think he cautining us that we should seek the kingdom of God first because everything under the sun has an end help me understand more please.
  • Samyriah owens
    i loved reading ecclesiastes chapter 6 it touched me
  • Ressa
    Ecclesiastes teaches us how to be patient and wait on the lord. In his word he said he will give us our heart desire and that more. Let's not always look for the blessing but seek the blesser--- from which the blessings come from.
  • Wessy
    Its gud 2 serve him with our wealth. He is the Jehovah jireh; our provider. Why do we want blessings and not the blesser? I will serve him with all my wealth!
  • Evans
    God gives you everything we desire but he lets us to decide what to do with it wheather we want to serve him with ourwealth or we spend in acorvous way but it is wise and accepting to serve God with our wealth

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