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  • Troubled on Ecclesiastes 5:4
    If you do make a vow and break it more than once do you think God will forgive you? Please, someone please help me understand!! I 'm afraid that maybe I have doomed myself! I have promised the LORD that it will never happen again and I mean to honor this vow until my last breath. Could someone please help me understand??
  • George calvin on Ecclesiastes 5
    I get the impression from Solomon that it is good for me to eat, drink and be merry because by doing so I will be enjoying the fruit of my labor. After all, he said, this fruit will not go with me to my grave. Hence, the best way to make use of it is to enjoy it while I 'm still alive.
  • Benson Wafukho on Ecclesiastes 5
    Christians today pray conditional prayers like father if you bless me l will built your church,l will do this and that only to get blessed and forget about the vows they made to God. Christians are too fast and never ways the impact of the words that comes from their mouths,such words will bless or will curse one 's life. Rich people no longer values the work of God other than increasing their wealth and becoming the masters.
  • most of our dreams, and certainly most of what we say, is based in vanity. we want this, we desire that. we dream of riches, we dream of fame, beauty and what are these things but vanity? remember above all to fear God.
  • Beth Wicker on Ecclesiastes 5:3
    The more businesses one has the easier it is to support a ministry, rather then to depend on people to provide the funds through giving.
  • Vivian on Ecclesiastes 5:7
    I think it teaches us to be care of the way we make use of vows inorder to prevent the wrath of God upon us
  • Richard Glyn on Ecclesiastes 5:1
    'Watch your step when you enter the temple of God, meaning any and everywhere. Be more ready to LISTEN than to make the token sham of the thoughtless, for they have not yet realised their sham and thoughtlessness is more akin to wickedness than to holiness. '
  • This verse shows that it is important to watch our conduct when we are in the house of God. We want to show the utmost respect when we meet together in our places of worship. It is not enough just to go to church, but also to act in a proper way when we are there.
  • ANTHONY S on Ecclesiastes 5:7
  • Concern Sister on Ecclesiastes 5
    This comment is in response to Lois 9/19/2012; hope this will also help you understand about verse 3 of this chapter. I would like for you to read also ( Job 33:14-18). I think this scripture will help you to understand also that sometimes God is wanting to get our attention about things we may be doing or into that we should not; but we're not paying attention to those gentle nudges that comes; so He sometimes gets our attention through our dreams where there is less distractions so you can hear his voice. Now that what I got as I read ( Job 33:14-18). I pray that you will write down your dreams and then pray and ask God for the meaning of those dreams. Amen? Love you with the Love of Christ!!
  • Ngel Ukoh on Ecclesiastes 5
    In this chapter 5, I think we should worship God in truth and in spirit, because God is not mocked. Fast to hear and not fast to speak. Eat enough and enjoy the fruit of your labour.
  • My Brother's Keeper on Ecclesiastes 5
    Lois, Andre. This is a very practical chapter about hard work and labour. I believe the correct meaning to verse 3 is this; The wisest man that ever lived explains to us that the only way one can achieve a "dream" or a desire in life is through a "multitude" or much hard work (business) and not through just talking too much (verse 2), "...therefore let thy words be few". In contrast, the foolish man is known for not working hard, talking too much, and not getting too far. Basically "all talk, no action". Hope this helps. MBK
  • André on Ecclesiastes 5
    @ Lois,
    ''For a dream cometh through the multitude of business; and a fool's voice is known by multitude of words.''
    It simply means that the more you concentrate on something, the more likely you are to get a dream out of it. Because as mind continues to function even when we are sleeping, thoughts that we had before sleeping will remain present in our mind and are more likely to become a dream.
    I believe this helps.
    GOD bless you
  • I would like to know if someone could tell me what verse 3 means. thank you
  • For the fact that I engaged in something productive during the day, God will reward me with a pleasant rest for he gives his beloved sleep Psm127:2c
  • Donnaconyers on Ecclesiastes 5
    Verses 1-7, tells us that we should honor God in all things. We should be careful with the words spoken from our hearts that comes out of our mouths. We should never promise God something and fail to perform it. Our God knows everything, he knew when we made the vow to him that we would not keep it. I thought of all of us this New Year. We will make vows to God and not honor them. We don't have to do that, just asked the Lord for HELP this coming year and always and he will do it. You didn't make a vow that you didn't /or couldn't keep. You asked your father for help in this coming year and he will complete it!

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